Undecided from which Greek island to sail next summer? Choose Milos and discover the Cyclades archipelago by a boat!

Due to its volcanic origin, Milos is considered a rarity among the Cyclades islands. Its coasts made of rocks where splendid beaches and cliffs overlook the sea, combined with Greek typicality, its history, and traditional white houses, make it an island sought after by thousands of tourists every year.

The island navigation is also particularly convenient thanks to the protection provided by its gulf, a huge natural harbor that provides shelter and therefore welcomes a large number of boats all year round.


Where is Milos located?

Milos is an island of Greece and is located in the Aegean Sea. It is in fact part of the famous Cyclades archipelago, composed, among the numerous islands, also by the famous Santorini and Mykonos.

In particular, Milos is the inhabited island of the Cyclades located further west, symbolically placed halfway along the sea line that separates Athens (Greek capital) from Heraklion on the island of Crete.


How to reach our destination?

It is not possible to reach Milos by direct flight as the island has only a small domestic airport. To arrive on the island by air, it is, therefore, necessary to make a stopover in Athens and then take a direct flight.

A valid alternative to the local flight is the numerous ferries that connect Milos daily with Athens or with Santorini, which also has an international airport.



What is Milos’s main marina?

The main tourist port of Milos, also the destination of the many ferries that arrive on the island every day, is that of Adamas.

The marina of this small town is located in the shelter of the Gulf of Milos, a natural inlet embraced for three quarters by the coasts of the island and therefore, an ideal place to sail.

The Adama’s marina offers 50 berths up to 50 meters long and a maximum draft of 5 meters.

Here are available various services such as water supply, ATM and car rental. The marina also offers a bar and a restaurant but our advice is to taste the typical Greek cuisine in one of Adama’s restaurants.


What attractions to see in Milos?

The most important village on the island is Plaka, characterized by classic narrow streets with whitewashed houses and colored doors and windows. It extends on the sides of the hill overlooking Milos and on the top of which stands the wonderful Venetian castle of Plaka, a must to enjoy a breathtaking landscape.

Among the archaeological finds of Milos, its catacombs stand out. Built around the first century AD and rediscovered in the 19th century, they were used as Christian cemeteries during the Roman domination. It consists of three catacombs interconnected through hundreds of narrow corridors.

On a hill not far from the catacombs stands finally the ancient Roman theater of Milos. Built and used by the Romans, it still resists although the signs of the passage of time are clearly visible on it. Even today it is used by the inhabitants to host various cultural events.



What are the beaches not to be missed in Milos?

Their volcanic characteristic makes Milos beaches particularly unique, thanks to the extraordinary colors and interesting rock formations that surround the coasts.

Sarakiniko beach is probably the most famous and photographed on the island. Don’t expect to find classic sand or pebbles here. It is in fact a very suggestive almost lunar landscape made of long horizontal rocks that stretch towards the sea.

Tsigrado bay, southeast of Plaka, hides a small sandy beach surrounded by huge cliffs and bathed by enchanting waters.

A short distance from Tsigrado is Firiplaka, a small and long beach with soft sand, also surrounded by huge rocks.

What could be an itinerary to discover the Cyclades?

Your Boat Holiday organizes for its customer’s different types of charter boat itineraries in Greece and in the Cyclades islands. For example, here is one of the possible 14-day routes:

  • Day 1: Arrival in Milos and acquaintance with the crew;
  • Day 2 – 3: We set sail! Let’s circumnavigate the beautiful Milos island;
  • Day 4 – 5: from Milos to Santorini island;
  • Day 6: from Santorini to Ios island;
  • Day 7 – 8: from Ios to Naxos island;
  • Day 9 – 10: from Naxos to Mykonos island;
  • Day 11 – 12: from Mykonos to Paros;
  • Day 13: from Paros to Antiparos island;
  • Day 14: from Antiparos back to Milos island;

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