About us

Who we are

YourBoatHoliday, travel portal dedicated to the sea and its lovers was born from the desire to transmit and share a passion, that has transformed itself in a professional and qualified service of boat booking. Thanks to our enthusiasm, to our experience, due to our ownership and management of several boats around the world and to our thorought knowledge of nautical market, we realized a charter company that supports the boats rental and the organization of travel by sea, overall and anywhere in the world. That’s our ability, to offer more than 18.000 boats, of different types (motor boats, sail boats, catamarans, gulets and luxury yachts) all year long. So we can share our tips and direct our followers to the choice of the vessel that best meets their needs. We support our customers in terms of logistics and organization, providing them all kind of informations, starting from the boats types and characteristics, to the landscapes and cultures of any destinations untill the safety, professionality and warranty provided by our team, and so provided by your services.
Our aim is to make our customers live fully these experiences, suggesting itineraries and warmest and less rainy months, telling anecdotes and curiosities about the locations, the islands and the coasts. Destinations that have to be tasted, by flavors, fragrances and cultures.

Our mission statement

To create perfect journeys, that let you live the seas and the world, for real.
To create your perfect journeys, sailing seas, around the world.
To create your perfect journey, travelling the world, by sea.

Our Manifesto

Being able to sail, to permit myself to leave the everyday life, it means being able to open and enlarge my points of view. Able to sail, able to live. Able to taste da nature, to live the sea, to see the world. Able to be where i want to be. To travel, to sail, to enjoy.. Safely and with professional trainers, without thinking about any single detail, except to relax and have fun.. Enjoying the services, comforts and luxuries available on my vessel, while i’m living my boat holiday, my life moments..