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Boat charters in Greece and the Greek Islands: yacht charters in these crystal clear waters have an irresistible mystique that is difficult to explain. Maybe because of the history, the marvelous climate that always allows the tourists to enjoy mild and excellent weather conditions, or the warm hospitality of its people that portrays this image. 



It is all the above for the sailing enthusiasts plus the eternal intimacy between Greece and the sea. Sailing the Greek Islands conjures many pros: visions of deep blue skies, clear azure waters, enchanting and breathtaking scenery, white villages, fabulous nightlife, exquisite local food, and dining in seaside tavernas. Greece Yacht Charter: Greece Sailing Holidays are not only possible but affordable. The Greek islands are ideal for summer holidays, and the best way to explore them is by boat.


Greece Yacht Rentals


Greece has many beautiful archipelagos and coasts to discover. Visiting the Cyclades, you will see beautiful white stone walls that look as if they are a part of the hillside. The turquoise blue seas are a wonderful backdrop for all of this beauty when you are aboard a yacht in Greece. The Sporades is an excellent place to venture out into the sea. Admire the clear blue seas and the panoramic views of charming little villages.  The clear, azure waters on the Ionian Sea are well known worldwide. The blue caves near all of the Ionian Islands are worth visiting, which must be done by boat. Or the Dodecanese (Related: Rhodes boat charter), with the mild climate, soft breezes, and bright sun on crystal clear water, is a pleasure to sail in. You can take in all of the natural beauty that this area offers while you are on the sea.

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Greece Boat Charter Experts

Our experienced and world travelers Greece Boat Charter managers regularly visit our selected yachts. We offer you transparent, tailored, and professional advice for your Greece yacht vacation. Our twenty years of experience in yacht charters, developed in Greece and the Mediterranean, enabled us to create close, enduring relationships with our clients, investing directly in our yachts and services.

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Greece Charter Top Destinations


Greece Sailing Itineraries

Once chosen Greece and its unique Islands as your vacation destination, deciding where to go is essentially a matter of preference. The options are endless and endlessly beautiful in the Greek Archipelagos. You can choose between the striking Cyclades Islands and the Ionian or discover Crete and its mythological culture. Below is our selection of suggested routes for your luxury charter in Greece.

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Cyclades Islands


Day 1st Paros
Day 2nd Sifnos
Day 3rd Sifnos to Serifos
Day 4th Serifos to Syros
Day 5th Syros to Mykonos
Day 6th Mykonos to Naxos
Day 7th Naxos and Naussa
Day 8th Naussa to Parikia

Ionian Islands


Day 1st Athens – Corinth Canal
Day 2nd Galaxidi – Kefalonia
Day 3rd Kefalonia – Lefkas
Day 4th Lefkas – Ithaki
Day 5th Ithaki – Zakynthos
Day 6th Zakynthos – Killini
Day 7th Killini – Nafpaktos
Day 8th Nafpaktos – Athens

Our recommended charters in Greece

Crewed & Bareboat Catamaran in Greece

Talk about luxury cruises, and crewed catamarans are the first thing to pop up. With the panoramic view of the scenic Greek islands, a sail on these grand vessels 24/7 will be an experience to behold. Besides, Mediterranean cuisine served on board by the Chef would unify this land’s traditional richness with your cruising mood.

While crewed catamarans are for the sophisticated kind, for the free souls that love to get a first-hand experience, a bareboat catamaran entirely satiates their craving for cruising around Greece. Sail your way through the Greek islands like Sporades, Andros, Naxos, Kos, Rhodes, and others wherever you please. Only make sure to have a sailing license which is a compulsory requirement from our end.


We host a fleet of catamarans with efficient hulls for partial or complete water displacement to sizes suitable for sailing or rowing. Rent from these cat models like Aquila, Bavaria, Lagoon and Catana among others to sail through the Greek archipelago. Moreover, our services for cruising around Greece are designed to suit your budget at pocket-friendly rates.

Crewed Motor Yacht in Greece

Motorboats can be your ideal choice when travelling with a group of friends. These yachts can sail up to the speed of 50 knots giving you an enthralling experience of brackish air ruffling against your face, hair and clothes. The paddle wheels fixed to them help you navigate through shallow waters easily. The small watercrafts are designed to carry 1 to 5 people with lengths spanning up to 100 to 150 feet.

If you are looking for a week-long cruise or more, going for the larger variants with a crew aboard is the viable option as long voyages call for luxury and relaxation. As you pass through the picture-perfect islands towards the sea, witness the ancient villages & stunning bays giving way to sparkling turquoise water aboard a motor yacht charter in Greece.


Rent our motorboats and tread through the alluring islands making it an exquisite round trip up to Santorini and back. We have captains who have sailed through the Mediterranean waters for years. So, a voyage aboard a crewed or skippered motor yacht charter in Greece with these veterans is sure to keep your friends and family safe while giving an enthralling experience throughout.

Skippered & Bareboat Sailboat in Greece

Welcome to a world of lavishness and luxury! The sophisticated sailboats have spotless white masts helping them glide through the aquamarine sea. Sailboats are a symbol of magnificence and affluence combined. Their broad decks give you the perfect spot for lounging amidst the Mediterranean waters.

A skippered sailboat allows you to sink in the Northern winds with calming quietness. You can sail entirely ignorant of the safety woes with veteran skippers on board. Besides, these monohull models like a cutter, schooner or a dinghy with one to multiple masts are designed to give high-spirited sailing experiences to guests. Their stable hulls with clear deck plans along with personalised interiors add a touch of sophistication. Let your dreams subtly fall in place with an outstanding Med cruising.

When it’s about chartering a bareboat sailboat, a mere thought of handling this lavish vessel on their own and changing the directions against the trade winds is sure to excite the adventurous lot. Sail through the unknown waters of the Mediterranean on our bareboat sailboat and soak in its essence.


Hiring a sailboat is all about experiencing a slow-paced cruise of extravagance. It is meant to tickle your senses and bring out the sophistication. Our sailboats are, thus, intricately designed with an elaborate refinement of interiors. It all begins with the suave planning of our esteemed architects and ending with an ultimate execution for an enigmatic cruising around Greece.

Top Greece Yacht Charter Destinations


Situated at a distance of 37 nautical miles south of Athens, Kea is a tiny island with picturesque views. Nikolaos Bay is a popular attraction here for being a pirate stronghold during the 13th century. The island is also famous for remains of the ancient town walls along with the Sanctuary of Apollo. Towards the north-east end of Kea island is a lion structure carved out of a native rock. A day to be well spent on, it should end with a visit to the enthralling view of Poleis anchorage.



A yacht charter in Greece is incomplete without a visit to the most popular island in Cyclades group – Mykonos. At a distance of roughly 12 nautical miles from Kea Island, Mykonos is a frequent sailing destination for cruising enthusiasts. It boasts of a vibrant night-life on the pristine beaches. So, when cruising around Greece, a night spent at Mykonos will prove to be worth the stay.



Another island in the Cyclades group, Naxos is blessed with a mountainous landscape, having traditional European villages adorning the flatter lands and valleys. Here, you will also witness the prettiest of golden beaches found all over Europe, with superfine sand particles giving a cushion-like feel as you walk barefoot. These breathtaking beaches stretch up to 98 kilometers along the Mediterranean shore.



Last among the cruising destinations around Greece from where you can head back straight to Athens is a well-known land with unique settlement found on mountainous cliffs – Santorini. It has an interesting history of a volcanic crater formed as a result of explosion, consisting of Santorini (also known as Thira) and other small islands like Aspro and Thirasia. Near the middle of this landmass, a few hot springs and gas emissions still bear witness to volcanic activity in its center. Profound with an unmatchable beauty, Santorini is full of breathtaking sights. So, wait no more to plan a charter for the Greek islands, and book your favorite cruising vessel with us today for a spectacular seafaring experience.


All you have to know about sailing in Greece

Greece – Beyond all those historical significances, delicious food and culture lay the endless blue to escape from the urban cacophony.  Rich in mythological history, this Southern European country is blessed with numerous ports, making it one of the choicest spots for yachting. The waters are excellent playgrounds to every type of sailor (novice or expert). While warm waters and light winds of the Ionic Sea are quite inviting, be ready for some real adventure in the Saronic Gulf.

A perfect sailing destination adorned by the Mediterranean, Greece has more than 2000 islands, coves and bays. Cruise along its 8000 miles of sprawling coastline and soak in the magnificence of the Greek ambiance aboard a yacht charter in Greece.

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