US Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

The US Virgin Islands are a part of Virgin Islands and are situated in Leeward Islands section of Lesser Antilles. These US Virgin Islands is located south of the BVI in the North Atlantic Ocean. Christopher Columbus named this island during his second visit in 1493 after Saint Ursula and her virgin followers. Throughout the years the islands changed hands from Spain to Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Denmark-Norway and were finally purchased by the United States in 1917. Tourists staying here need to get yacht rentals in US Virgin Islands in order to see the three main islands of Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, and Saint John. Other adjacent islands include Vieques and Isla De Culebra.


Leatherback sea turtles at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge are one of the attractions at St. Croix. Magens Bay beach in St. Thomas is open all year round for tourists who like to spend time at the beach and enjoy the tropical sun. People who like hiking can take the pleasure of Reef Bay Trail in St. John. Kayaking in St. Thomas Mangrove Lagoon, snorkeling in Caneel Bay with sea turtles, or even gambling in several casinos, which are some activities, that tourist can take pleasure of.



People that like a little bit of speed immensely cutting through waters can go for motor yachts. Motor yacht rentals in US Virgin Islands are prevalent and a useful way to travel around the isles. Their higher speeds are primarily due to their compact size. Even with their compact stature, they deliver extraordinary comfort and luxury as well.



Sometimes size is a more significant requirement than speed for certain people. In this situation, catamarans can be their best option. These are double-hulled massive vessels that are spacious and can comfortably accommodate a large group of people. This is why catamarans personify a luxurious and relaxed travelling spirit in these islets.



The glorious appeal of sailboats makes them a prime choice of numerous voyagers. They can cut through winds and water with ease while conveying magnificence. Some like to use sailboats to travel greater distances, while others like to just anchor it in the middle of the ocean and rejoice the sun and weather of the Caribbean Sea.



Our array of US Virgin Islands boat charters come either with a crew or bareboat depending on the preference of the customer. A crewed charter consists of a skipper, a chef, and few other personnel. On the other hand, tourists holding a nautical license with other official documents can hire a boat and drive it as they deemed fit.


24/7 Assistance and free charter quotes

We hold no limits in offering our complete services and assistance to tourists. We provide every kind of support to tourists so that they can have a better time during their stay in these islands. Our customer service is always here to help tourists in any way possible so that they don’t face any issues.


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Crewed or bareboat charter in the USVI?

Our catamaran US Virgin Islands boat charters can be availed in both crewed or bareboat form. Crewed catamarans come with all the necessary staff to fulfill all kinds of requests by you. Bareboat catamarans can be hired by visitors who want the entire boat to themselves to get the most out of it.

Recommended: MY Ultra 630 for Charter in the Virgin Islands

The Best Charter Itineraries

Yacht rentals in US Virgin Islands are of paramount importance if tourists want to visit the other islands. Tourists can visit the Buck Island Reef National Monument near St. Croix to see what is called as one among the finest marine gardens in Caribbean Sea.

Tourists can also visit St. John island and enjoy the Virgin Islands National Park or to St. Thomas to experience the Coral World Ocean Park and Lindquist Beach.

7 Days Itinerary


Day 1st St Thomas to St John
Day 2nd Waterlemon Cay
Day 3rd Coral Bay
Day 4th Congo Cay, Carvel Rock, Mingo Cay
Day 5th Magens Bay
Day 6th St. Croix
Day 7th Buck Island

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14 Days Charter


Day 1st Tortola to the Bight, Norman Island
Day 2nd / 3rd / 4th Cooper Island
Day 5th Saba Rock, North Sound
Day 6th Virgin Gorda to Anegada
Day 7th Anegada
Day 8th Anegada to Marina Cay
Day 9th Trellis Bay
Day 10th Cane Garden Bay
Day 11th Jost Van Dyke
Day 12th Jost Van Dyke to Great Harbour
Day 13th Soper’s Hole, West End Tortola
Day 14th Peter Island

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Top Destinations in the US Virgin Islands


The languid appeal of the US Virgin Islands floats into the minds of holiday makers as they relax on the sunny beaches or take a slow voyage on their catamarans. It is the reason why so many people from different parts of the world visit the Caribbean, the beach haven of the world.


Enjoy your Boat Rental in the US Virgin Islands

Enjoy the tropical and sensational Caribbean weather with the deep blue ocean that wraps you in its arms. Your family, friends, and loved ones will have a guaranteed great time with our services. Our charter services are made for you to have fun and get more out of your vacation.


USVI Yacht Charter Experts

Our yacht rentals in US Virgin Islands not only come with exquisite boats but also with expert advisors that can make your trip even more delightful. They have a profound knowledge of the entire islands and can provide you with all helpful suggestions. We can help you pick which places you should visit to make US Virgin Islands your best travel destination.