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Saint Barths is considered the French Riviera of the Lesser Antilles. Discovered in the sixties by the American billionaire David Rockefeller, St Barths is known for its beautiful bays, golden beaches, clear water and green hills. This paradisiac nature makes Saint-Barthélemy, for all St Barth, a true Caribbean gem always required by tourists from around the world.



The vital heart of St Barth is the small capital, Gustavia: the former fishing village is now a lively town of low houses with red roofs, wedges streets of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. The marina, elongated in a horseshoe natural bay protected from the winds welcomed by a myriad of sailing boats and luxury mega yachts. L'ile is a continuous surprise, a continuous up and down the roads that connect the hinterland with the coastal areas, dotted with beaches, coves and inlets.


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In the northern area, it stretches the Marine Park which protects turtles, whales, corals and shells. At the center of the area there is the wide bay Grand Cul-de-Sac, the lagoon that is colored with all shades of blue-green, that became the island icon. Continuing south, between Grand Fond and Toiny coves, the island reveals its most savage in a barren landscape, lunar, rocky, with the open moved by sea currents. Pointing straight toward the southwest, in the Colombier direction, whose beach is protected by the Nature Reserve and accessible only by boat, you get nell'Anse de Flamands, the largest island. Are you ready for your St Barts yacht charter experience?

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Our expert and world travellers, Your Boat Holiday's Charter Managers test and sail aboard our selected yachts regularly and are placed to offer you transparent, tailor-made and professional tips. Our 20 years of yacht charters experience, developed in Saint Barth and the Antilles, enabled us to create close, enduring relationships with our clients, investing directly in our yachts and services.


St Barts Luxury Yacht Charter Top Destinations


Alone, in pairs or with friends one thing is certain: there is no better way to discover the Caribbean Islands: a vacation aboard a cruise on a sailing or motor yacht. Your skipper and crew will accompany you throughout your St Barth yacht rental and you will appreciate the spectacular scenery, turquoise waters, white beaches for a truly extraordinary journey.

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St Barts Boat Itineraries

During the journey, made in the silence of the sea and the waves, you can discover the Caribbean Islands from different historical and natural aspects. Modern cities, linked to Europe by the colonial past and the present, where you can walk along the path of fashion and local worldliness but also pristine bays and a beautiful sea accompanied by unforgettable sunsets that only the Caribbean can offer. These islands are the perfect model of the "tropical island", from the white beaches to dense palm groves, coral reefs with colorful fish. There is everything that everyone dreams of finding in the Caribbean waters.

Anguilla, St Marteen & St Barts


Day 1st Anguilla
Day 2nd Road Bay, Sandy Island and Crocus Bay
Day 3rd Prickly Pear and Scrub Island
Day 4th Tintamare
Day 5th St Barts, Gustavia
Day 6th Colombier
Day 7th Fourche and Simpson Bay

Top St. Barts Yacht Charter Destinations

Catamarans for charter in St. Barts

St. Barts’ beaches and coastlines are a vision to treasure! Sailing on its coral blue waters on a crewed or a bareboat catamaran is something you should definitely try. Our concierge troupe will happily arrange your ocean voyage. Our crewed catamaran services take you to amazing snorkeling spots at Ile Fourche and exotic locations such as Saline beach, Flamands beach, and other secluded regions where you can enjoy solitude at its ultimate best.

Bareboat vessels are for souls with a thrill of adventure. If you take kids with you, they will almost feel like the mischievous pirates of the Caribbean. As you steer your yacht charter in St. Barts around the endless coves and atolls, life reveals a new dimension of freedom and ecstasy before you.


Going for a yacht charter in St. Barts won’t prove heavy on your pockets! Trust us to provide you with our dexterous rental services where an all-encompassing range of catamarans is available. Suiting your specific requisites, catamarans of every size and model are catered to make cruising in St. Barts blissful. Delve into fun activities and shop at Gustavia before cruising to Colombier.

Super and mega yachts in St Barts

Witnessing diverse cultures, watching sunsets on tranquil beaches and romantic dinners on a private yacht – sounds too good to be true? Nope! Our crewed motor yachts in St. Barts promise of experiences exactly as we mentioned. The crew will whisk you away to magical places like St. Martin where you can watch the evening sun go down in Grand Chase. If you are up for a beach party, Gustavia is the best. Our crewed motor yachts are designed to offer you a luxurious experience on board as our veteran captain takes you through the nooks and corners of the locales. They assure safety on the waters, and you can also savor mouth-watering delicacies prepared by the Chef on board. Our motor yachts speeding up to 40-50 knots can be the perfect vessels for a week-long tour.


Discover some of the most captivating beaches from privileged vantage points! Our veteran skippers will take you to hidden places that boast off a rich historical culture; essentially French and sophisticated ambiance that speaks of the bygone South France days. Our chartered yachts are over 100 feet and best for exploring the surrounding islands.

Luxury sailing yachts in St Barth

Sailboats or dinghies (depending upon the size)c are heritage vessels that use the wind force to sail ahead. They are relaxing and truly enjoyable. Rent for a sunset cruise, for a day, or even for a week-long vacation whichever you want! We have lightweight dinghies (7’9”) and also superyachts (200 ft).

You can go for bareboat sailboats for your much-awaited St. Barts yacht charter. Sail on the cobalt blue waters of the ocean, the wooden masts gleaming in joy as if trying to match your mood, the horizon pink with the setting Sun’s hue; a surreal voyage, isn’t it? On the other hand, if you are foreign to these waters, we would suggest you opt for our skippered sailboats in St. Barts. Handled by expert professionals who have extensive knowledge of the locales, you will be guided to numerous places safely.


Our vessels are innately engineered by award-winning professionals and designers. Protruding dynamic outlook that in the first impression makes a traveller go ga-ga, these yachts are designed with precision keeping your safety in the first place. You can opt for sporty ones and experience the thrill of high-speed on the transparent blue ocean waters.

Top St. Barts Yacht Charter Destinations

Colombier Beach

This beach is the only anchorage with moorings and is available on a first come first serve basis. Colombier Beach is one of the best places to watch a serene sunset! Furthermore, it proves to be a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving and is also known as the Rockefellers beach. It is about a half-day sail from Gustavia. Its calm waters are transparent and really eye-soothing.


Flamands Beach

Apt for sunbathers, the Flamands beach is one relaxing spot to hop in. Pearly white powdery sands abound this place and sunbathers soak in as much of Vitamin D from the Sun here. It is also known as the “Billionaire’s beach” as it is cascaded with private villas that are owned by personalities who have their name in the list of Forbes 500. The surf is a bit on the rough side here, so toddlers or kids are not to be encouraged!


Saline Beach

Known as the “jewel” of the south coast, this beach is hidden behind undulant dunes along with coastal cliffs. For people who are looking for seclusion, Saline beach is ideal for them. Away from the boisterous crowd of tourists, this beach is a solitary bliss for wanderlusts. Posing as a perfect romantic hub, it is a must-go place for couples!


Shell Beach

Dramatic cliffs, juggernaut mountains and a short walk from the capital city, Gustavia, the Shell beach is a spectacular vision. Small sea shells make up its beach sand for which the place acquires its unique name. It has gentle surf, therefore, proving great for kids. Moreover, having decent snorkeling facilities on both sides of the bay makes it an even more lucrative hub for tourists. As the merry Christmas bells jingle this year, make sure to pack your travel bags and set sail on this exotic island aboard a St. Barts yacht charter

What activities are you planning for your St Barts luxury yacht charter?

When you plan your St Barts luxury yacht charter, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. We endure you the best assistance and solutions for your activities on board and on the islands: family vacations, celebrations and parties, corporate events, and more. We customize your Saint Barthelemy yacht charter, to let you live the best sailing experience ever.

Cascading the Caribbean’s laissez-faire lifestyle, St. Barts (Saint Barthelemy) emerges as an overseas collectivity of France. Indigenous people call it Ouanalao, and this place has been a French commune for many years forming a larger part of Guadeloupe. This exotic island is located about 35 km southeast of St. Martin. It is the sole Caribbean island that had been a Swedish colony for a certain period. In fact, the Three Crown from the Swedish National Arms still finds a place in this island’s coat of arms to date. St. Barts hosts 16 diverse beaches, each of them protruding distinctive cultures. Travelers simply love these places as observing the translucent ocean waters from its beaches is an experience of a lifetime! Get set with your St. Barts yacht charter plan this year and set sail to this mesmerizing place.

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