Caribbean Yacht Charter

The Caribbean Sea offers more than 700 islands to choose from and to sail around during your next Caribbean boat charters experience. Sailing the Caribbean caters to all tastes.

Explore the finest white sandy beaches and hidden coves, the most transparent blue waters on the Caribbean boats that make feel you more comfortable.


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A Caribbean boat charter always reserves you to enjoy a 5 stars resort atmosphere, while also being able to enjoy and deeply explore the nature and secrets of the various islands in the area. Every paradisiac island, atoll, and beach of the Caribbean is an excellent option, wherever you will sail, the Caribbean will reserve you your lifetime yacht charter.

You can choose to cruise in the enchanting British Virgin Islands, embarking in Tortola, or to hire a yacht in the Windward Islands, better known as Dominica, St Lucia, Grenada, St Vincent, and the Grenadines and Martinique. Sailing west you will encounter the fascinating Cayman Islands, close to Jamaica and Cuba, where you join Havana or Cienfuegos. While the southern and eastern coasts of Antigua and the striking Barbuda are enclosed by corals, ensuring ideal conditions for shallow diving and extraordinary snorkeling. The same coral reefs that once wrecked ships, now attract snorkelers and scuba divers from all over the world. And separated by just a few miles off the coast, Barbuda's fascinating little island.



The most luxurious and extraordinary new private super and mega power yachts are available for exclusive crewed charters in the Caribbean. Select the motor yacht charter in the Caribbean that suits all your demands: hire a yacht with water toys, chef, jacuzzi, helicopter, fitness center, and diving courses aboard. Enquire now about your private yacht charter Caribbean.



Bareboat, skippered, and crewed catamaran charter the Caribbean for the day, 5 days, week, and 14 days catamaran rental Caribbean. Luxury and fully equipped catamarans up to 110 feet, spacious and comfortable, with flybridge, cook, hostess, jet ski, and air conditioning all-inclusive Caribbean yacht charters. From 4 to 10 cabins catamarans for your best Caribbean sailing holidays.



Sailing the Caribbean aboard new boats in top conditions is a must: we provide the best bareboat, crewed and skippered sailboat rental Caribbean sailing vacations from 30 feet to 200 feet and 6 guests cabins. Caribbean sailing cruise aboard monohull Caribbean boats from the main bases of Leeward, Virgin and Windward Islands.



The best selection of yachts for Caribbean boat charter includes extremely luxury cruises aboard power and sailing vessels with crew, for the most extraordinary, prestigious and regal experiences, getting the most exclusive services from your impeccable staff. Or opt for freedom and rent sailboat or catamaran in bareboat for your next sailing trips Caribbean.


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Share with your charter broker's team all your necessities about your next Caribbean sailing vacations: period of the year and duration of the cruise, sailing or power yacht, number of guests and type of charter. Our experts are glad to assist you by phone, email, WhatsApp, and in person, reserving you the most appropriate yachting proposals. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and have you aboard our exclusive Caribbean charters.


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Your yachting vacation in the Caribbean


Experience the boat rental Caribbean of a lifetime aboard our ultimate selection of luxury, comprehensive, professionally crewed catamarans, sailing or power charter yachts in the Caribbean. We will suite you with a charter yacht that best matches your budget and all the needs of your group. Our yacht charters permit you to enjoy everything from line-of-sight sailing in the Caribbean's clear turquoise waters. Or if you are looking for bareboat charter Caribbean, enjoy the freedom of a self-captained sailing vacation in the Caribbean calm waters. Board your luxury plot your course, catamaran, and island-hop through paradise at your own pace. Create your private own charter experience, aboard your high-performance sailboat or catamaran.

Caribbean Yacht Charters Itineraries

During your Caribbean yacht cruise itinerary, get to Grenadines and Saint Vincent, just the name evokes visions of exotic island and beach life. Close your eyes and imagine a stretch of white sand and crystal clear ocean, just you and your loved ones. Or sail in Antigua, enjoying sunsets and breathtaking views. Or if you are looking for the most exclusive Caribbean yacht charter destinations, cruise to St Barth and St Marteen. For some time the Caribbean has been the charter destination, a park that promises steady trade winds, warm seas, sparkling colors, and, of course, as many variations of rum punch as there are beachside bartenders to mix them.
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British Virgin Islands


Day 1st Norman Island
Day 2nd Cooper Island
Day 3rd Baths, Bitter End and Virgin Gorda Day 4th Beef Island
Day 5th Great Harbour and Jost Van Dike
Day 6th Peter Island
Day 7th Tortola

The Grenadines


Day 1st Martinica
Day 2nd St Lucia
Day 3rd St Vincent
Day 4th Bequia
Day 5th Tobago Cays
Day 6th Union island
Day 7th St Vincent

Top Destinations in the Caribbean



Enjoy your Yacht Rental in the Caribbean

You will enjoy excellent weather, breathtaking sights and a culture that encourages smiling, relaxation and romance. You, your family and loved ones will have a great time while also enjoying plenty of opportunities to sneak off alone and enjoy each others.

During a private yacht charter in the Caribbean, each Island is a breathtaking and lifetime surprise, always different and more exciting than the previous one. One island leads to another. Breathtaking, serene, and a vast expanse of lucid blue waters that let your eyes travel beyond and afar – such is the charisma of a Caribbean yacht charter voyage. 5,000 idyllic islands adorn the place in endless clusters.

Discover the hidden archipelago of Cuba or enjoy the 180 miles of the white sand beach of Abacos! The Caribbean hosts a number of tropical islands such as Bahamas, Barbados, Leeward Islands, Caicos, Windward, and Turks islands. The Bahamas itself hosts 700 islands, and Antigua comes with 365 beaches. Every island boasts a unique culture and portrays vibrancy in its landscapes. Moreover, travelers shall also get to savor the multifarious cuisines in these places, each more delicious than the other. Most of the islands host hidden beaches, dive shops, and sheltered anchorages. The Virgin Islands, Grenadines, Nevis, St. Martin, and Anguilla are popular spots to hit on a vacation. So? Wait no more and set sail ASAP!


Catamaran Charter in the Caribbean

One of the most popular modes of embarking on a yacht charter in Caribbean Islands is a catamaran. These catamarans, giving a luxurious feel, offer extensive platforms coupled with private en-suite cabins for the guests.


They also possess easy access through sugar scoops to the water and many luxurious indulgences such as shaded cockpits, forward trampolines, and in some cases, bridge decks in the upper fly as well.
If you want solo cruising, then bareboat catamarans are the best! Why? Because they allow much more freedom to move around the deck and along the islands!
Moreover, they consist of seating aft, thus, providing enough space to relax. With your sailing license, get set for your voyage soon!

When you have decided to opt for a yacht charter in Caribbean Islands, we promise that our rental services won’t squeeze your pocket! We provide a wide range of catamarans of every size and model to fit your requisites. Sail to your heart’s content and explore the exotic islands of Barbuda and Antigua, the US Virgin Islands and more.


Super Yachts in the Caribbean Islands

When it comes to crewed motor yachts, we know how deluxe your vacation needs to be! Sail away in the gorgeous turquoise blue Caribbean waters by chartering our crewed motor yachts and enjoy the five-star resort experience. You shall cruise comfortably, and your crew including the captain & the chef will assure your voyage to be an unforgettable one!
The small motor yachts are perfect for a one-day cruise and can speed up to 40-50 knots. The larger ones are suitable for a 7 days Caribbean yacht charter itinerary.


Here, we have an expert team of veteran skippers who ensure that the voyage is safe. Be it with your friends or family, hire our motorboats and visit the best of the Caribbean islands such as Trinidad, Tobago, British Virgin Islands, St. Barts, Jamaica, and many more.


Sailboat Charters in the Caribbean Islands

Powered by sails using the wind force, sailboats are referred to as dinghies, yachts as well depending on their sizes. They carry a cadence of heritage in their tenure. They range from light-weight dinghies which are 7’9” to superyachts that are about 200 feet long!


Imagine sailing on the transparent blue waters, the long wooden masts looking surreal in the setting sun’s scarlet hue; this is an ideal voyage for every wanderlust. You can witness such majestic scenario when you hire our bareboat sailboats as your Caribbean yacht charter. The wheel will be in your expert hands, and as you whisk away amidst the surging waves, your holiday only gets more enigmatic. However, if you are foreign to these waters, then we suggest you opt for our skippered vessels where experienced professionals will guide you safely.

Considering your vacation requirements, we provide you with sailboats that have been intricately engineered as per voyage tenures. Our vessels are designed by acclaimed architects; so, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that you will be safe on the water. We house a troupe of experienced skippers who have extensive knowledge about the locales you choose to visit!


The Bahamas

The Bahamas should be a must-visit place for any adventurous soul who is also keen on history. This is an archipelagic state with many islands that cover over 470,000 square kilometers of ocean. It joins the Caribbean with the United States’ coastal reached and especially Florida. This place sure has an intriguing history that tells how the British ousted the cunning pirates from its shores. The walls of Fort Charlotte and the neoclassical patterns of Bahamian Parliament are wonders to look at.


Turks and Caicos

The Cockburn Town’s salt-washed jetties, idyllic Providenciales, 300 mini islets placed amidst the Lucayan Archipelago and what not! What else could you find in this intrepid island? This U-shaped land portrays pirate carvings that date back to the 19th century. Its sprawling coral gardens are the perfect scuba diving spots. Many of the islets are mere sandbanks or even rough rock pillars which rise above the Caribbean Sea waters.


Antigua and Barbuda

Any yacht charter in Caribbean Islands will take you to these places for sure. Located in the middle of Leeward Islands, this duo quips for being one of the most favorite tourist spots in the Caribbean area. Pearl white beaches of the Shirley Heights Lookout located in Antigua along with its soothing palm forests indeed make this colonial town a serene place to hop in. As for enjoying solitude in real bliss, Barbuda proves to be the right spot for solo travelers.


Dominican Republic

Stretched across two-thirds of Hispaniola Island, the Dominican Republic is a convenient travel spot especially for North Americans. Santo Domingo, its capital, boasts a lot of attractions, and tourists usually flock in as they can indulge in many activities here! Arid deserts, lush rainforest and divine alpine ranges make this terrain an exotic and diverse spot to visit. The historic colonial architecture of this village and the remarkable mountain retreats are a vision to behold! If you stop in the capital for a day to two, then do relish the colonial-era relics of the place.



Adventure! This is the one word that defines Haiti. Unlike the other Caribbean islands, this place is all about exploring and experiencing nature’s best. The turquoise waters of Labadee, Jacmel’s palm-fringed beaches, Citadelle Laferriere’s juggernaut walls and many more places make Haiti a wild and adventurous zone for everyone. Thus, it becomes a must-go spot on your Caribbean yacht charter itinerary! Amidst the scarlet sunsets, pinkish dawns, and tranquil dusks, nature shall truly become yours when you set sail on the waters of the Caribbean.


Caribbean Yacht Charter Experts

The Your Boat Holiday's Caribbean Yacht Charter Managers check and update our selection of sailing and power yachts regularly, establishing long-lasting relationships with crew staff and local operators. That's the reason why our team is professionally placed to offer you tailor-made and transparent support for your boat rental Caribbean. We developed more than twenty years of charter experiences in the Caribbean Sea, which allow us to achieve always our customer 100% satisfaction and to maintain fruitful cooperations with our highly qualified partners.

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