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Bahamas consist of 700 islands and islets, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida, north of Cuba (and therefore the rest of Caribbean) i, and west of the British dependency of Turks and Caicos. Discovered by Christopher Columbus during his first trip, the Bahamas ended then in British hands and turned, for centuries, into a den of pirates. Today, paradise destination for worldwide tourists, the Bahamas, enchant with their incredibly transparent and crystal clear sea and the beautiful coral reef. The archipelago of the Bahamas offers wonderful sixteen main islands and countless paradisiacal atolls.


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Your Boat Holiday is the best yacht charter company for your Bahamas boat charter: excellent cruises, for day, week-end, weekly and prolonged period. You can select boats available in bareboat or crewed, choosing between luxury motor yacht, a sailboat or a comfortable catamaran.
The sailing cruise is an excellent way to enjoy the wonderful coasts and deserted coves, exploring the smaller islands.


Luxury Yacht Bahamas


Not surprising that in the Bahamas is possible to practice all kinds of water activities; the ocean around the islands is transparent and clear, perfect for diving in the third largest reef in the world, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, manta rays and huge shoals of fish, to sail the sea on a sail or motor yacht, to cross the mangrove forests, and of course to relax along some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Among the most beautiful beaches there is definitely Cable Beach, with it indescribable breathtaking beauty. Deserve to be discovered also the Treasure Cay Beach (Out Islands), considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world and the charming Harbour Island, Eleuthera, with the picturesque sandy pink. Are you ready for your luxury yacht Bahamas boat rental experience?

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Your Boat Holiday visit, check and cruise aboard the yachts regularly and is perfectly placed to offer to its custmomers transparent, tailor and professional services. Our twenty years of experience in selected yacht charters, developed in the Caribbean Sea, enabled us to create close, enduring relationships with our clients and partners, investing directly in our yachts and assistance.


Bahamas Top Destinations



Bahamas Boat Charter Destinations

A yacht charter in the Bahamas enables one to enjoy the maritime tropical climate of this island at its best. Scuba diving and snorkelling becomes a whole new affair when exploring the massive Andros Barrier Reef, and the black-coral garden of Bimini. Owing to its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, winters here are quite pleasant with temperature rarely falling below 15°C. Hence, December to April is the peak season when visitors flock to this place. Sailing regattas, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, and Pro-Am Golf tournaments are only a few of the major events every calendar year.

Not-to-be-missed: 7 Days Yacht Charter Itinerary from Nassau

1 Week Charter


Day 1st Nassau to Highborne Cay
Day 2nd Normans Cay
Day 3rd Warderick Wells
Day 4th Staniel Cay
Day 5th Staniel Cay
Day 6th Eleuthera
Day 7th Nassau

Miami & Bahamas


Day 1st Miami
Day 2nd Bimini and the Gulf Stream Islands
Day 3rd The Berry Islands
Day 4th Abacos
Day 5th Exuma
Day 6th Eleuthera and the Out Islands
Day 7th Nassau and Miami

Our recommended charters in the Bahamas

Catamarans in the Bahamas

The term catamaran which means “two-legs-tied” refers to multi-hulled vessels. Conventionally a catamaran features two parallel hulls, with spacious decks and cabins and can carry up to 16 passengers. A catamaran’s sleek design and use of sails make them fuel-efficient. Its bi-hulled structure results in minimal beam-to-beam motion, making it suitable for families and friends alike for its supplementary stability on the waves. Additionally, salons in a catamaran are on the same level as of the cockpit, which enables maximum natural lighting.


A crewed catamaran can be as bounteous as a luxury resort. A team, consisting of a captain, expert chefs, bar tenders, waiters, etc. always await to serve you. A bareboat on the other hand presents you the opportunity to conduct everything on your own.

Whether you go for crewed or bareboat service, we will ensure you have an indelible voyage. When you opt for a yacht charter in Bahamas from our organisation, you will have the option to choose from a wide range of vessels starting from 15 feet all the way to 51 feet long catamarans.


Super Yachts in the Bahamas

Ideal for island hopping, chartering a motor yacht will enable you to experience everything the Bahamas has to offer even with a packed trip itinerary. Motor yachts come in multiple styles, from conventional cruising yacht to ultra-modern, express style power yachts.


Most of these vessels are two-storied and comprises of cabins with glass panel on all sides. With a crewed motor yacht you enjoy ample private luxury, and service of a small but efficient crew. We will ensure you the facility of the crew, who can customise their services according to your needs. Our motor yachts start from 50 feet and goes all the way up to 120 feet. So, avail our chartering services before you set out for yachting in Bahamas.


Sailboats in the Bahamas

A sailboat can be the perfect choice anyone looking for comfortable and relaxed cruising. Cruising in the clear seagrass bed of the Abaco Sea is best done by a sailboat. One can feel the rhythm of the ocean and the warm tropical breeze while cruising. Sailing is the most ancient of ways of voyaging in the oceans and translates into a tranquil and serene experience.


One has the choice to go with skippered or bareboat sailboat while availing a yacht charter in the Bahamas. With a skippered sailboat you emancipate yourself into a truly tropical vacation, as you overwhelmingly try to sense everything around you. An expert sailor will navigate the vessel through the water effortlessly, as you simply bask in the sun and replenish your Vitamin D levels, which is also known to boost happiness levels.
With a bareboat, comes the freedom to customise everything. Anchorage points destinations, path, route, activities. But an ample knowledge of navigation along with a sailing license is compulsory.

We provide sailboats with exceptional stability so that you can have a leisurely time. Our skippers are experts in their craft know the waters around the Bahamas like the back of their palms. So, ask for our service when you head out for yachting in Bahamas.

Bahamas Top Yacht Charter Destinations


This city is in North East of the New Providence Island. Nassau is the capital of commonwealth nations of Bahamas. Enjoy walking through the tropical tree-lined colonnades. This city has a colonial charm to itself, with its 18th-century fortresses and old mansions. It best to visit this place during new year day, as the streets get filled with colours and rhythms of African music, in the celebration of Junkanoo.


Highborne Cay

Highborne cay is a small private island in the Northern Exumas. Dive into the waters and explore the staggering stromatolites in their ancient glory, they may just be more than a billion years old. These living relatives of the corals, and are formed as bacteria collection such as cyanobacteria.



Eleuthera is a long and thin island with a length of around 180 km. The Atlantic Ocean braces it on the east, and on its west lies the Great Bahama Bank. Wide rolling sand beaches and large outcrop of ancient coral reefs are unique to this island. Eleuthera is a haven for nature lovers. The new Levy Plant Preserve is an interesting place for all naturalists. Glass window beach is an exciting place where this island narrows dramatically. Here, it forms a bridge between raging Atlantic Waves and green shoals of the Bight of Eleuthera.


Allan's Cay

Follow the nature trails that lead to Bo Boo Hills, for a spectacular view of the island. Allan’s Cay is famous for its Iguana population. Iguanas are signature to the Bahamas, they are also known as “Bahamian Dragons”, they really do resemble the mythical creatures. These are endangered animals, so touching or feeding them is prohibited.


Shroud Cay

Situated in the northernmost point of the Exuma Cays National Park, this tiny cay is an uninhabited archipelago of rocks encircling a shallow mangrove marina. North of this island, you will find a river entrance. Revel in nature at its timeless overpowering plenty, from the sandy beaches to mangrove creeks and swamps. The Bahamas beckons. Plan your trip with us and go yachting in Bahamas for moments that can change you forever.