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Mykonos yacht charter: Mykonos or Mikonos is an island of great charm and is part of the Cyclades. The Greek Island’s archetype, a granite rock, no trees, dotted with houses similar to sugar cubes and blue-domed churches, all immersed in a dazzling light. Mykonos is also known as “the island of the wind” for the “Meltemi“, that adds charm to the island thanks to the addition presence of numerous “Windmills”.


Many visitors feel that Mykonos gifts a sense of freedom, that is difficult to find elsewhere. You have to experience firsthand the beautiful beaches, the incredible nightlife of Mykonos, the party non-stop or just the living in relax. The island of Mykonos, is located near the sacred island of Delos and Rhenia. According to mythology, Delos is the birthplace of the god Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis, which you can visit the temple daily excursions to the ancient ruins of Delos accessible from Mykonos. The charming Cycladic architecture made of white cubic houses with blue and green doors and windows are in Mykonos perfect location.


Mykonos Boat Charter


In low season is quiet, romantic and relaxing, a real “must” for all those who want to discover the Greek islands. In the summer: lively and crowded: the ideal vacation spot for fun and meeting friends and people from all over the world. In July and August, the weather and entertainment are superb. Mykonos has the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea, a vibrant nightlife, a wide range of local, bays and beaches reachable only by boat in order to enjoy a wonderful relaxing time, and restaurants characterized by typical Mediterranean flavor. Are you ready for your Mykonos yacht hire experience?

Benefits of Chartering Yacht in Mykonos

The isle of Mykonos has come to be the most well-known of all of the Cyclades Islands, because of its glorious all-natural beauty, rich cultural history and cosmopolitan character.

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As owners, central agents and brokers of luxury yachts since many years, we are pleased and perfectly placed to provide excellent and professional assistance to our Customers. We ensure to our guests and partners the most qualified selection of sailing and motor yachts for Mykonos yacht hire, crewed by exceptional members, maintained in optimal conditions, efficiency and expertise. Your Boat Holiday is always by your side.


Mykonos Yacht Hire Top Destinations


The biggest of the islands, it’s also the most varied. Firstly, you’ve got to choose the islands you want to visit. The lovely islands open a door to another lifestyle that allows visitors get away from it all and escape from real life into somewhere they’ve always wished to be. This island provides great pursuits. These islands are an excellent destination if you’re trying to kick back and relax. Whenever you’re visiting the island of Tinos, it is a terrific chance for you to go to a number of the surrounding islands, called the Cyclades. Thanks to the choice of a Mykonos yacht rental, you are able to enjoy a number of the beaches without the significant crowds.
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Mykonos Sailing Charter Itineraries

If you’re planning to charter yacht Greece, then you have to stop by Mykonos and Cyclades Archipelago. If you decide on these destinations you will delight in visiting wonderful picturesque smaller villages, archeological websites, you will notice nice beaches and ports, a wonderful nature and clear beautiful waters for nice anchorages! There are several holiday destinations within this world where you could spend your holidays with your family members or friends. Because of its secluded nature it’s preferred as a sailing location. There are lots of places you are able to enjoy your Mykonos yacht rental, so you need to consider just what you are seeking in your vacation.
Travel Guide for Sailing in Mykonos for an exciting holiday on the waves!

Cyclades Islands


Day 1st Paros
Day 2nd Sifnos
Day 3rd Sifnos – Serifos
Day 4th Serifos – Siros
Day 5th Delos and Mykonos
Day 6th Mykonos and Naxos
Day 7th Naxos, Naoussa and Parikia

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Athens & Mykonos


Day 1st Alimos/Kalamaki
Day 2nd Kythnos Mericha
Day 3rd Syros Ermoupolis
Day 4th Mykonos and Delos
Day 5th Kea
Day 6th Sounion
Day 7th Alimos/Kalamaki

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Crewed & Bareboat Catamaran in Mykonos

A Greek gem in every sense, Mykonos is all for the romantic souls as it has some stunning sceneries to offer all those lovebirds. Mykonos sailing charter is widely available which you can book either for a day’s trip or to venture its neighbouring islands for a week or more. Catamarans have enormous living spaces, thus, making them ideal for sail along the Greek coastlines. While visiting for only a day, you can choose hauling points like Rhenia and Delos. Here, you will find astounding bays to anchor your vessel and swim your heart out in that cobalt and turquoise blue water. Couples can opt for a quixotic candlelight dinner on the deck of their catamaran and celebrate their vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


A sailing license is all you’ll need to book a bareboat catamaran with us. With ample spaces, cabins along with wide decks and large cockpits, our catamarans will give you the perfect cruising experience. However, if you want a crewed catamaran to sail through the magical Greek islands, then varying sizes are offered as yacht rental in Mykonos.

Crewed Motor Yacht in Mykonos

Let’s sail with panache! Let’s sail in motor yachts!

These have trailblazing designs and streamlined decks and are hot favourites among young explorers. The crewed motor yachts will offer you maximum luxury while you sail through these Cycladic islands and explore their backcountry allures. Sailors can relish their tours with lavishing dining scenes as chefs are at their disposal in all crewed motor yachts. Such vessels are also known for their high speeds and runs at 40-50 knots. Thus, it will pump up your adrenaline. Travellers can also cover maximum destinations in lesser time during their Mykonos yacht rental.


With 360ᵒ view from all its cabins and privatised luxury, yachting in Mykonos with our crewed motor vessels is a memory you will hang on forever! Our services bring the accompaniments of crew members who are professionally trained. They attend to all your requests and ensure your indulgence in the magnificence of Mykonos.

Skippered & Bareboat Sailboat in Mykonos

This exquisite Greek island holds 25 bravura and dazzling beaches with natural attractions. Thus, availing bareboat sailboat or even a skippered one will assist in covering these shores in harmony.

Psarou and Paraga are the hot picks for all beach-party lovers. Dropping your sailboat’s anchor in Elia while yachting in Mykonos; you can witness the longest white sand stretch of this isle. Kalafatis and Platys Gialos allow for some fun and adventurous water sports in its turquoise waters. You will get the essential gears aboard your sailboat. Contrarily, visiting the Fokos coves and pebbled Myrsine will satiate your longing to stray away from the crowd.


Navigating amidst the Mykonos water bodies on a sailboat will offer you refuge and seclusion from the jostling daily life. Our veteran skippers will take you to destinations that are unscathed of human settlements and activities. Book with us for the perfect Mykonos trip!

Top Mykonos Yacht Charter Destinations


It is a white island that’s wrapped in white monuments. Located at a distance of 2 miles from Mykonos, Delos is considered as the holiest Greek sanctuary. However, its history has changed numerous times before assuming its present status. During 2nd and 3rd century BC, it was a booming commercial port under the Roman rulers. Yacht rental in Mykonos will be incomplete without seeing how Delos is still enwrapped in a time capsule!



Paros will give you the exact impression of Greece that’s etched in your mind from the many movies you have seen and books you read! However, this trip will take a little longer to reach from Delos; but, you cannot miss this spot while you’re living your Mykonos boat rental! It’s a Cycladic architectural marvel with whitewash walls, blue doors, and flat roofs. So, harbour your vessel here and stroll through the cobblestones streets of this small islet.

While Paros is a secluded, quiet place during the winters, its summer streets look like a cosmopolitan market. Ensure visiting the oldest Byzantine Church from the 4th-century that stands tall amidst this town. This one was named ‘Our Lady of a Hundred Doors’ by the legends and has many intriguing stories that you can hear from the locals there.



It’s where Tom Hanks vacays!

Paros’ sister island and smaller in extension, Antiparos has an exquisiteness of its own. Anchor in this small hamlet while you’re yachting in Mykonos. Wonderful villas with outlandish aesthetic appeal are tucked in its rocky landscapes and look straight out of a storybook! When your vessel is hauling at this little isle, stopover at the Venetian Castle; it has a bucket of history behind its construction. It has a Gothic-designed entrance with two dozen houses surrounding that area.

Visiting the Cave of Antiparos will be an experience of your life as it houses stalagmites and stalactites from the ancient era. Book us for yacht rental in Mykonos for an enchanting cruising and holiday experience!

What are you planning for your Mykonos boat rental?

Besides numerous historical websites, Greece also provides a wide range of activities to create your Mykonos sailing charter full of adventures. There are plenty of cays and beaches to explore in addition to some extraordinary nightlife and lovely settings. Mykonos is where it is possible to find both history and the beauty: enjoy your Mykonos yacht charter with us!

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Weather and Climate

From spring to mid-autumn the sun is constantly shining and the sky over the island is blue and clear, making Mykonos weather ideal for a holiday that is unique. From January to March, temperatures in Mykonos Greece range from 5°C to 15°C. The months of May and April are between 15°C and 23°C. During June, July, August and September, temperatures vary from low 20s to low 30s. Are the spring ‘Scirocco’ wind. In August and July, the northern ‘Meltemi’ wind takes over. In winter, it’s usually powerful winds from the south that gust in the Mykonos area. Summer is relatively warm and dry while the winter is mild and wet. Humidity happens mainly in winter and early spring. The prolonged spans of sunshine throughout the majority of the year are other parts of Greece and therefore the island gets fewer rains. Let us not forget that the nearby isle of Delos was in ancient times the sacred island of the god of light Apollo. Mykonos is known as the isle of the winds, and there aren’t few who consider that this is actually the reason for the lack of trees from the isle. On the flip side, the existence of numerous windmills confirms the standing about the winds of Mykonos weather. The prevailing winds in summer are north and northeast (Meltemi) that mitigate the summer heat. North winds, up to quite powerful, predominate in winter while in February and March they may turn up even. At springtime south and southeast winds predominate while at fall winds of varied direction are calm. During the high season, so from July 10th to August 20th strong north and north western winds often prevail so in this age the island is perfect for Mykonos yacht charter.

All you have to know about sailing in Mykonos

Lying exquisitely at the centre of Syros, Paros, Naxos, and Tinos, the majestic Mykonos is a glamorous Greek island that enthrals visitors with its splendour. It is one of the 220 Cycladic islands that boast of its nightlife, picturesque corner streets, and vivacious marine experiences.  With clear blue waters and bronzed bodies that throng the populous and some less-crowded beaches, yachting in Mykonos will appease the traveller inside you! This small islet has an authentic cubist appeal paired with a Pinterest-kinda boutique and old-world charm.

July and August in Mykonos jostle with crowds on waters and the air pumps up with energy with relentless partying and lounging on its beaches. However, a serene and calmer environment can be seen during off-seasons with the boulevards all-empty for you to wander.

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