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You’ve many reasons to get excited about a luxurious yacht charter vacation in the Cyclades. Recognized as one of typically the most popular destination areas on earth, the Cyclades offers an abundance of all you can expect from a relaxing, exciting, adventureous and luxury Mediterranean vacation and perhaps more. Recognized for sundown eden Santorini and blowy Mykonos, combined with the other beautiful islands – finishes a spectacular sailing vacation.
 Greece has been a popular vacation hot spot for a great number of holiday designs. The ill-famed Aegean and Mediterranean seas are boasting with hundreds of exceptional islands – little and big, full of rich history, a varied culture, savory cuisine, peerless natural beauty and a plethora of actions accessible to holidaymakers from around the globe. Regardless of which decade, Greece and its own islands stay on top lists for the best destination get-a-manner. There are two ways to take pleasure in the treasures of Greece. Either by hiring a private yacht charter in Greece from any one of the major ports.

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Santorini Yacht Charter

The wildness of the landscape, the breathtaking view, the multicoloured shores formed by the volcano’s lava along with the deep blue Aegean Sea combine a picture of proud, wild and imposing beauty.

On a donkey, sit comfortably from Skala, the chief harbour and climb up to Fira, the capital. Experience this enchanting town with its magnificent view of the bay and its old Frankish quarter where you can see Kamenes, two miniature islands made of lava. Thirassia is also worth seeing, the next largest island left from previous eruptions.
But apart from the gray sand and pebble beaches and the many archaeological sites, make sure you also see with a fascinating town close to Fira, Oia.




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Close your eyes and imagine being onboard a luxury yacht to call home, with five-star service and luxurious comforts at your fingertips. The red-sand beaches and sun drenched shores are calling your name. From the nightlife of Mykonos and Ios, to the seclusion and privacy of the Tinos and paros, we’ll customize your unforgettable holiday of a lifetime. Fill the form for the Santorini yacht rentals, or get in contact with our expert Charter Managers.

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The Mediterranean Sea is wonderful no matter where you charter a luxurious motor or sailing yacht. You can have long romantic nights on the yacht, and adventure filled days on the island. You may enjoy the nightlife and sleep in on the yacht the following day, no check out times. You will have even more relaxing time should you employ a crewed yacht.









Flying to Santorini from Athens and many other cities is the most convenient means to enjoy a true Santorini rite of passage, although to get here, opt for the Santorini boat charter, which supplies a dramatic introduction.

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Santorini consists of three islands: the Aspronisi, Thirasia and Thira. Your trip in this isle, the southest island of Cyclades, will be unforgettable. You will admire the scene, you’ll take pleasure in the walk through the narrow courses, you will see ancient Thira and you will swim in the crystal clear sea. Santorini is distinct from the remainder of the Cyclades group by virtue of its interesting geological structure, the end result of the eruptions of an inactive volcano. The landscape is exceptionally demanding on the western side of the isle, where little white houses perch on top of massive, steep stone that drop abruptly into the ocean. In contrast to the steep cliffs on the west, the shore on the eastern side of the island has never-ending expanses of beach with sand or shingle.

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A nearly endless choice in route combinations and destinations, travellers can plan, and at sea, sailors can actually enjoy an unforgettable Santorini charter boat. Our Greek Islands yacht charter can be found from the various islands. Enjoy the island of the winds in Mykonos as well as the renowned sunsets in Santorini. With its close proximity to the Cyclades Isles and Turkey, the Dodecanese is an ideal starting point and offers many itinerary collections to select from. Let us not forget about the entire world renown islands of Corfu and Zakynthos where there’s something for everyone. Whether amazing nightlife picks to still waters and peaceful bays and coves, the Ionian islands are an excellent alternative to the Cyclades that is quite gusty during Meltemi season in late June, July, August and early September.

Santorini Yacht Week


Day 1st Paros
Day 2nd Sifnos and Serifos
Day 3rd Milos and Folegandros
Day 4th Santorini
Day 5th Naxos
Day 6th Mykonos
Day 7th Paros

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Crete & Santorini Yacht Tours


Day 1st Athens
Day 2nd Mykonos
Day 3rd Patmos and Kusadasi
Day 4th Rhodes
Day 5th Crete
Day 6th Santorini
Day 7th Santorini to Athens

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Santorini can be a unique boating experience. All sorts of boat trips are on offer – you can surely sail around Santorini island, take a day Boat trip to the Volcano, enjoy a Sunset Cruise to Oia, explore the underwater stone shelf and swim in the Hot springs. Santorini is on the southernmost fringe of the Cyclades, between Ios and Anafi. Luxury Yachts, sailboats & speed boat charters take you sailing around the Greek Isles or any other destination in Greece and East Mediterranean. Yachting in Greece and Santorini yacht rentals can be a mesmerising experience…

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