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A selection of the finest sailing and motorboats in Capri

The small italian isle of Capri, jewel of the region Campania, is just a few kilometers from the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Capri is known throughout the world for its charming stacks, that represent its natural and dazzling beauty. In the Ancient Greek, Capri was known as the Isle of the Sirens and also, for long time, it has been the favorite resort of the Roman Emperors.

Another symbol of this wonderful island, used as bath since the Roman period, are the clear waters of its Blue Grotto: the turquoise hues glimmering in the water and against the rocks are a gift of nature. The mountain plunges steeply into a sea, creating charming coves, deep fjords, cliffs, caves, bays, natural arches and small golden beaches: an enchanting landscape, where you can feel the scents of cytrus and taste delicious fresh food, admiring picturesque villages and diving into clear waters.

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Yachting in Capri

The best way to enjoy Capri is absolutely aboard a yacht. A dip in the hidden coves, a stop in less known caves, lunch at the exquisite restaurants.

The fascinating seaside getaway is an enchanting and picturesque island made of limestone rock; the town is set of shiny white houses, tiny squares, and narrow medieval alleyways hung with flowers. It rests on top of rugged limestone cliffs hundreds of feet above the sea.

An exclusive experience, admiring unforgettable sunsets, a few minutes by boat boat from the Amalfi Coast and Ischia, Procida and Naples.

Why to enjoy Capri Boat Charter


Chartering a yacht in Capri and sailing Amalfi Coast for a weekly or prolonged period, or even for a daily excursion, is a fabulous way to see the wonderful coasts, visit deserted coves or explore the smaller islands.
Our team perfectly know all the yachts available in Campania for rent and can help you select your perfect Capri yacht charter vacation.

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Explore the top destinations around Capri


Capri Boat Itineraries

Once chosen Campania as the destination of your vacation, deciding where to go is largely a matter of preference. The options are endless and endlessly beautiful. Embarking for your Capri yacht rental you can start from the Surrentine Peninsula, discover Sorrento, Positano and the magic Amalfi.

Or you can opt for the Phlegraean Islands, Ischia and Procida, reaching the Naples Gulf.

Below our selection of suggested routes for your Capri Boat Charter.

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1 Week Charter in Capri


Day 1st Positano
Day 2nd Gallo Lungo, Rotonda, Castelluccio Islands
Day 3rd Capri and Ischia
Day 4th Sorgeto and Sant’Angelo
Day 5th Procida
Day 6th Amalfi and Punta Campanella
Day 7th Pandora and Marmorata

Week-End in Capri


Embark in the Amalfi Coast, spending there the first day and night. Sail north to Capri and relax on the enchanting Island. Enjoy the last night in the Island of Procida, one of the picturesque Phlegraean Islands, in the Gulf of Naples.

Daily Excursion in Capri


If you start from Capri, for a daiy cruise excursion, you do a tour of the Island and visit the turquoise Blue Grotto, then sail through the unmissable stacks, alternating baths in clear water, majestic landscapes and tastings of local cuisine.