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Italy is the ideal place for sea lovers. The wide variety of its beaches makes it perfect for every type of vacationer in search of nature, fun, and rest and relaxation. The Italian coast, with its countless gulfs, coves and inlets, touristic ports and long, sandy beaches, is truly adapted to the water lover’s every demand.

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Italy Yacht Charter: Italy is the country of the sun and sea, picturesque little islands, sunny beaches, unforgettable sunsets, spectacular sea cliffs, exclusive bays, crystal clear seawater and romantic inlets. The Italian sea is a synonym of all this. Thanks to its climate, the perfect period to enjoy your Italy Sailing Charter is from April to October. A Italy yacht charter vacation brings this central Mediterranean country’s amazing culture and scenery to life. It’s possible for you to experience a variety of aspects of Italy, including colour, art, history and the eateries in the relaxation of your favourite luxurious charter yacht on the Adriatic and Mediterranean shorelines. The famous Italian places you can explore comprise Naples, Portofino, Amalfi, Capri, Sardinia, Sicily, Aeolian Islands and Venice, to name some.


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The Italy yacht charter holidays with family or friends to discover an ancient sea, ploughed by experienced sailors, an unbelievable heritage. It is chock-full of fishing villages, and coastal cities with sea resorts and day beaches, as well as fishing villages, and is easily reachable by vessels large and small. Italy Yacht Rental: From North to South, East to West, this mountainous land slopes into the rocky, indented coasts of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas in the west, and toward the softer, sandier shores of the Adriatic in the east. From these seas that wash up upon the “beautiful country” surge two magnificent islands – Sicily and Sardinia, worldwide known for its exclusive Porto Cervo – in addition to numerous tiny archipelagos (as Olbia, Cagliari, La Maddalena, Caprera, Carloforte, etc). These include the Tuscan Archipelago, to which Elba belongs; the Archipelago of the Maddalena in Sardinia; the Campanian Archipelago with Ischia and Capri; and finally the Pontine Islands off the southern shores of Lazio. Between the coasts of Tunisia and Sicily, we also find the Pelagian (Lampedusa) and Aeolian Islands embarking in Milazzo – with two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano – and the Aegadian Islands, a natural reserve. Last but not least, in Puglia, there are the splendid Islands of Tremiti.

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Our experienced and world travellers, expert Italy Yacht Rental Managers visit and sail aboard our selected yachts regularly and are perfectly placed to offer you transparent, tailor and professional advice for your Italy boat rental. Our twenty years of experience in yacht charters, developed in Italy and the Mediterranean, enabled us to create close, enduring relationships with our clients, investing directly in our yachts and services for your Italy boat charter.


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Choosing the right yacht for your perfect boat hire is not easy. If you prefer relaxed, comfortable cruising holidays, a sailing yacht would be the perfect choice for you. A motor yacht, on the other hand, is the best choice for all speed loving people who love the luxury and greater comfort. Find out which boat is best fit for your Italy yacht rental.


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Italy Yacht Charter Top Destinations


The choice of where to charter a boat is based on a handful of factors: your sailing skills, experience, wether you prefer to relax and sunbath on the yacht and take relaxed days trips or are you the adventurous type who enjoys being active while on vacation and thinks every day is a great day for a new adventure! Have a look at our most popular Italy yacht charter sailing destinations. Many Italy and Amalfi yacht charters start in Naples. Naples is a city with a distinct energy – disorderly yet enchanting, cluttered yet delightful. Rather daunting to the virgin eye, Naples has a way of losing your inhibitions, to present a vibrant and proud culture, with an alluring cordiality. Naples is the gateway to the Amalfi Coast and Capri and the yacht charter hub of southern Italy. The Isle of Capri and Amalfi present a number of the most breathtaking shorelines of the entire Mediterranean. A yacht charter in Italy must comprise the stunning Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi coast is around a day sail south of Naples. Amalfi and Positano, like Capri, attract visitors and charter yachts of the peak stature. The 50 kilometer of the Amalfi coastline stretches primarily from Sorrento to Salerno. It remains a place of beauty that is rare and incredible. The hillside towns are a truly spectacular show of structure and Italian engineering. Buildings and patio houses cling to steep cliffs, rising from the coastline. A yacht charter in Sardinia, Italy is rather an experience. It is an island of Italy, where the local language is incomprehensible to any or all other Italians. An isle with one of Europe’s most stunning coastlines; it is waters teem with fish; it is golden sands evaporate into oceans of blue; it is rugged mountains are covered with herds of sheep creating cheese so pungent, your palate will never forget.
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And Even More Places for your Italy Boat Charter


Italy Sailing Charter itineraries

Once chosen Italy and its islands and coasts as the destination of your vacation, deciding where to go is largely a matter of preference. The options are endless and endlessly wonderful. You can choose to sail in the Amalfi Coast, discovering Capri and the Naples Gulf or in Sicily, choosing between the Aeolian and the Aegadian Islands. Or to charter a yacht in Taormina. Enjoy the nightlife in the Emerald Coast. Below our selection of suggested routes for your Italy Yacht Rental.

Aeolian Islands


Embark in Milazzo
Day 1st Vulcano
Day 2nd Lipari
Day 3rd Panarea
Day 4th Stromboli
Day 5th Salina
Day 6th Filicudi and Alicudi
Day 7th Lipari

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  • Week-End Charter Italy
  • Italy Yacht Week
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The Amalfi Coast


Day 1st Naples and Ischia
Day 2nd Ischia
Day 3rd Ventotene and Ponza
Day 4th Ponza and Capri
Day 5th Capri
Day 6th Salerno and Amalfi
Day 7th Positano and Sorrento
Day 8th Pompeii and Naples

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