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Dubai! The very name brings astounding visuals of “ultra-modern roads, archeologically blessed buildings and Prussian blue waters” to our grey cells. Gaining prominence as the extravagant capital of the Globe, Dubai personifies mortal miracles on its golden sands. To apprehend this luxurious retreat and adorn the existence of manmade marvels, a yacht charter in Dubai seems to be an indubitable option. The city of Dubai comprises the Dubai-Sharjah metropolitan conglomerate and is currently the most populous area housing close to 3 million residents within its urban perimeters.

The city of Dubai is one of the prime tourist attractions, November to March being the peak season. Book a vessel when in Dubai and meander around the crystal clear beaches of the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi and the historic city of Sharjah. Pay a visit to the Emirates twin of Abu Dhabi and drop your anchor on one of the best World Islands at your will.
Indulge in a series of water activities including jet skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, banana boating and other water sports. You are sure to embrace the brilliance of Dubai without burning a hole in your pocket.


Hire motor yachts from us and plan your exotic day trip to the multitude of islands in Dubai. Motor yachts are crewed vessels that come with a chef, sailing crew and skipper onboard. Depict your sailing trail to our captain and cruise around this tourist’s abode in utmost luxury.


Catamarans are double hulled vessels meant for extensive voyaging over indented coastlines. A wide deck, stable contour and ample residential space make catamarans an ideal option to sail around the United Arab Emirates. In fact, when considering Dubai yacht charter prices, catamarans come in affordable packages which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


When going for languid voyages over the turquoise waters of Dubai, sailboats will be your best friend. In addition to their extravaganza, these vessels are visually awe-inspiring with their long drawn masts and varnished maple wood floorings. Hire a sailboat to experience this aureate legacy around the shores of Dubai.


You will receive a two-fold chartering option with us. If you wish to dictate the Emirates Sea on your own terms, simply hand over your sailing license and get your private vessels at disposal. Set your trail, fix your compass and cruise around the seas treating your eyes to this Middle East magnificence. However, our recommendation would be to hire crewed vessels and experience Dubai like never before.


Receive Our Assistance Whenever You Require

Making your yacht charter in Dubai a memorable experience is our responsibility, and our experts will cater to your every need and desire. Be it an Al-Fresco dining, state-of-the-art private terrace, guest cabins or luxury suites; you name it, we have it. Allow us to make your Dubai yacht vacation a precious lifetime memoir.

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Crewed or bareboat catamaran in Dubai?

The sand coastline of Dubai makes catamarans an ideal vessel to sail along. Their double hulls aid in cutting through shallow trenches and silted straits making your vessel ride comfortable. Moreover, our Dubai yacht charter prices are comfortably within the boundaries allowing you to make your choice of itinerary with ease.

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Dubai Sailing Charter Itineraries & Tours

Instigate your oceanic tale in Dubai by picking up your anchor from the port city and sail east towards Sharjah. Make a halt at this historic port town and hop over to explore the archeological heritages on foot. Do a pit stop at the Al Noor Mosque and take your boats around the Al Khan Lagoon before heading back to Dubai. Once there, sail west towards Abu Dhabi. Known as the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi will welcome you to its majestic beaches and mouth lacquering Awadhi cuisines. Culminate your trip with your final stretch to Dubai and meander around the World Island, Burj AL Arab, and Palm Jumeirah before dropping the anchor.

Choice of Sailing Destinations Around Dubai


Pick your destinations after closely considering your travel duration, budget as well as the number of heads on board. Your geographical presence will also play a significant role in deciding your final package. Consider Abu Dhabi and Sharjah as the prime destinations from Dubai. If you are an adventurous soul, then Doha in Qatar is not far away as well.

And Even More Places to Sail in Dubai


Enjoy your Boat Rental in Dubai

Make the most out of your yacht charter in Dubai by gifting yourself a luxurious sail. Embrace the warm northern gales in the morning and cold chilly winds post-dusk, while sailing around the golden coastline of Dubai.



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Dubai Yacht Charter Experts

Come sail with us to the aquatic extremities of Dubai. Treat your visuals to the majestic Burj Khalifa as it dawns out of the horizon as you approach Dubai’s shores. Our team of proficient crew and sailors on board will suffice to every need of yours and ensure that you have a trip of a lifetime.

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