What is APA in Charter Yachts – Advanced Provisioning Allowance

What is APA in Charter? The Advanced Provisioning Allowance: No longer a mystery.

APA, the Advance Provisioning Allowance, will be provided to the Captain before the start of the charter to cover fuel and supply prior to your arrival. The APA is supplied to the yacht in cash, by credit card or by wire transfer before your charter to enable the Captain to obtain fuel and provision the yacht in accordance with your demands. In the event the funds aren’t sufficient, the Captain will advise and request that you pay accordingly. In the event the APA fund starts to run low during the charter, you might be requested to replenish the fund in order for your charter expenses can continue to get paid on the way.

Check-out is necessary after disembarkation. At the conclusion of your charter Your Boat Holiday, your Yacht Charter Expert, will confirm the yacht accounts, after receiving the amounts from the Crew, to be able to ensure no mistake was done. Your Boat Holiday will remain available to answer any questions which might have and produce the planning process simple in addition to exciting.


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