How would the yacht charter market react in 2020 to the Coronavirus? A comprehensive guide. 


The Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, is inevitably affecting also the yacht charter market. Initially, it seemed to comprehend only destinations like South East Asia or a part of the Mediterranean, but today is having a global impact.

This will surely change the way we travel, not only by boat and our way, as Charter Broker and Charter Agency, of assisting our customers, knowing and learning how to deal with these new situations.


This is the reason why, our author Giulia Di Leo, Founder of Your Boat Holiday, has decided to investigate how the yacht charter market would react in 2020 to the Coronavirus.

This article arises from the will and the need to inform all parties, not only our new and repetitive clients. Therefore all those who are part of this nautical and tourism market: charter operators, shipowners, central agencies, locally operating staff, crews and so on.

How would the yacht charter market react in 2020 to the Coronavirus?

We immediately began to feel a change from the first cases of Coronavirus in Europe and the first restrictions put in place by governments, receiving calls and emails not only by all those customers who had already made a booking and therefore are preparing to charter this 2020’s season but also by all those who were choosing the boat and were about to pay the first deposit.


All we could do was inquire with all travel insurance companies and their available policies, for both European and worldwide citizens, sharing all this info with clients and partners. In the meantime, the SARS-CoV-2 continued to expand (or rather, to manifest) in the rest of Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc.

All this has generated very stringent measures, together with social distancing (especially for those who have and love to travel) but necessary to fight this global disease.

What were the first signs and consequences of the Coronavirus on the yacht charter market?

Initially, the immediate reaction of all customers who had already booked a charter was to ascertain the cancellation policies or to ask to be able to move the dates later in 2020 or possibly in 2021.
Obviously this depends on both the place of departure and arrival of the customer.
Talking instead of customers who were still in the evaluation phase, many preferred to take some time to decide what to do and see how the situation evolve, also in consideration of the flights and all the necessary movements.

What are the most common questions asked by our clients? How to respond comprehensively?

We selected the questions usually asked by customers about yacht charters and Coronavirus and all the related info:

  • What will happen if we or the rented boat are not allowed to travel due to the Coronavirus?
  • Is it possible to rebook my charter to another date?
  • Does my charter have the flexibility to change dates due to Covid-19?
  • What Covid-19 specific cancellation policies to you apply or offer?
  • What type of travel insurance do you recommend for Coronavirus?
  • Is it possible to pay with a credit card to access their insurance?
  • Is it possible to reschedule my yacht charter in 2021 because of the Covid-19 disease?

Here the most frequently asked questions about yacht charters and the Coronavirus:

Due to the Coronavirus, the charter will have the possibility to move the dates of the charter with the same boat or another similar one within season 2020 (upon availability in our fleet) or season 2021 by paying any difference if applicable. In case of moving the charter dates to 2021 season the charter should be fully paid upon written charter date revised agreement.

With most of the charter operators:

  • For already booked charters it is possible to change your dates;
  • It is possible to cancel the charter and a voucher will be issued to the customer;

How have the booking terms and conditions changed? What about the cancellation policy?

To let all our customers, new and repetitive ones, better understand how the yacht charter market works and its rules, we started explaining the payment conditions normally in use and then specifying how they evolved because of the Coronavirus global break.

Check all the info about yacht charter prices per country here:

Yacht charters payment terms updated because of the Covid-19:

Usually, the payment terms for yacht charters are the following:
– 50% of the charter rate upon signing the contract, so when you confirm the booking;
– 50% (balance) of the charter within one month before departure;

In some cases, the payment conditions could be an initial 30% and then the remaining 70% of the charter rate within 45 days before embarkation.

Because of the Coronavirus, for many Charter Operators, the payment terms changed, to facilitate customers to continue booking charters, as follows:
– 20% of the charter upon booking confirmation;
– 30% of the charter rate within 30 days before the embark;
– balance at embarkation;

Yacht charters cancellation policy updated because of the Coronavirus:

About the cancellation policy, it normally involves the possibility of recovering the money in case the boat is rented again. In the event that this does not happen, and so, if the boat should remain free for the period initially rented, the client would lose the first 50% canceling the charter within 30 days before the departure or the full amount, canceling the booking after the payment of the balance. In any case, the Charter Operators, through the intervention of Your Boat Holiday, it is always available to move the dates in case there is the possibility.

Now, because of the SARS CoV-2, also known as Coronavirus or Covid-19, the cancellation policies are more flexible and allows clients to reschedule the charter, moving the dates, in case of:

  • Proved ban of flights to and from the destination country;
  • Official travel ban/restriction advisory from the charterer’s country or the destination country;
  • Closing of borders of charterer’s country or destination’s country.

The charterers will have the possibility to move the dates of their charter with the same boat or another similar one within season 2020 (upon availability in the fleet) or season 2021 by paying any difference if applicable. In case of moving the charter dates to the 2021 season, the charter should be fully paid upon written charter date revised agreement.


Let's see all the terms country by country, by the single operator:

We decided to investigate and resume here all the updated conditions because of the Coronavirus for yacht charters bookings all over the world, broken down by country and per charter operator.

By doing this, all our customers will be able to launch all the availability checking for booking in progress and new ones, and all the charter operators can update them through this dedicated article.

How will the yacht charter market, customer relations and our assistance change after the Coronavirus?

Being able to travel and to do it safely, have always been and from now on it will be even more crucial in our lives. We are doing everything to make it even more simple and enjoyable again.

As Yacht Charter Experts, both brokers and central agency, we have always wanted to provide the best-personalized assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, putting our customers in ideal conditions to rent a boat and to do it safely. Safely and therefore trusted, serene, shareable and enjoyable.


We have always operated not only as experts in nautical tourism but putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, anticipating every question and providing all the answers and services requested.

From this year, 2020, which we will surely remember for the spread and defeat of the Coronavirus, Your Boat Holiday will continue to operate maintaining its standards and assuring its customers greater guarantees, insurance, and constant information and updates.

We are pleased to ensure the sanitization of yachts and common areas, the health conditions of crews and staff and that all regulations are respected in compliance with the law.

Your Boat Holiday will update booking terms, payment conditions and policy cancellation, negotiating and putting all her efforts to reserve to her customers the best deals on yacht charter market, constantly in contact with clients. shipowners and agencies.

We are striving to provide you with the best possible support and 24/7 assistance during this period, working remotely and without any service interruptions. Please be assured that our teams remain available to answer your questions and assist you with any clarifications and services you may need, as you deserve.

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Booking your catamaran charter within March 2020 you will surely have access to early booking discounts aboard brand new multihulls, fully equipped, from 4 to 6 cabins. 

Reserving your charter with Your Boat Holiday you will receive 24/7 tailor-made assistance and the best deals.

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