How would the yacht charter market react in 2020 to the Coronavirus? A comprehensive guide. 

The Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, is inevitably affecting also the yacht charter market. Initially, it seemed to comprehend only destinations like South East Asia or a part of the Mediterranean, but today is having a global impact. This will surely change the way we travel, not only by boat and our way, as Charter […]


The best 2020’s catamarans offers in Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is worldwide known for the Emerald Coast and for her heavenly beaches and atmosphere. Despite the nightlife and VIP tourists that visit Sardinia every year, the landscapes are wild and wonderfully naturalistic. Sardinia Yacht Charter Guide Depending on the itinerary that you are planning, you can opt between the airports of Olbia, Cagliari, and […]


2020’s Top Catamaran Offers in the Seychelles

The 2020’s Best Catamarans in the Seychelles Don’t miss the top deals for catamarans in bareboat and crewed in the Seychelles for your sailing holidays in 2020! The Seychelles are outside the hurricane zone and the weather is ideal to cruise almost all year round. Seychelles Yacht Charter Guide Located in the Indian Ocean and […]


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