Yachting in Italian Riviera – Explore the Ocean Waters on the Perfect Vessel!

Sweeping south from the glamorous Cote d’Azur up to the charming Tuscany, Italian Riviera combines the antiquity with the magnificence of natural beauty.


Synonymous with the Liguria region of Italy, this crescent-shaped Mediterranean coastline is divided in the eastern and western half. While the eastern part, known as Riviera di Levanter, is more of a resort hub with elite resort towns lining the beaches, the western Riviera di Ponente has a coastline strewn with golden sands. The atmosphere here is animated and laid-back with enrichment of Italian flavor in every structure.

First thing’s first –

What are the hotspots to hit when you are yachting in Italian Riviera?

  1. Portofino – An elegant Locale that will charm your wanderlust soul.
  2. Cinque Terre – A secluded place that comprises 5 small villages.
  3. San Remo – Glamorous town by the seaside.
  4. Ventimiglia – A coastal town known for its gorgeous botanical gardens.

Now that you have all the places sorted, how would you go there?

Sailing in Italian Riviera with your chosen luxury vessel –

Crewed Motor Yacht

Be it a week-long cruising or just a day-long sail around Italian Riviera, a motorboat brings the quintessential speed needed to reach various destinations in the shortest time. Besides, it efficiently reaches the remotest of destinations that do not have proper anchorages for other yachts. Hence, hiring a motor yacht would mean you can reach the undiscovered nook and cranny of this crescent-shaped coastline while yachting in Italian Riviera.


Go for the crewed services to have the ultimate cruising experience. Crewed motorboats include the methodical expertise of a proficient captain, steward, veteran chefs who are masters of Italian cuisine along with other assistants.

Crewed & Bareboat Catamaran in Italian Riviera

Catamarans surface as the first choice when planning to cruise through the shallow Mediterranean waters. Their dual or multi-hulled structure is perfect for providing stability in this region that is also marked by sharp cliffs underneath the water. Catamarans have wide decks that give ample lounging space on board.


For those intrigued by wanderlust and exploration, go for bareboat catamarans. Take charge of the wheels and cruise seamlessly. Just make sure to have your sailing license ready to hire these bareboat services.

Skippered & Bareboat Sailboat

Imagine an immensely articulate watercraft with lavishness and heritage reflecting in every detailing – yes, that’s a sailboat.


These yachts are marked by their flawless white masts with multiple sails. If perfection had a definition, it would be the sailboats. Go for boat charter in Italy on a skippered sailboat and witness the magnificence while you relish in the languid sail. Let the worries rest with the skipper on board and lose yourself in its grandeur.

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However, when it comes to sailing in solitude, or with your loved ones in complete privacy, we suggest you charter a bareboat sailboat. It would bring you all the spectacles of a sailboat accompanied with seclusion not known to your regular life. Plan your own itinerary for sailing in Italian Riviera, arrange for your food and explore self-jurisdiction safely aboard these bareboat vessels.



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