Yacht Charters with Catering On Board in Miami

Why choose a catering service for your onboard event in Miami?

Catering is a service that goes very well with boat and yacht rental, especially for events that last only one day such as family celebrations, anniversaries, stag/hen parties, or even corporate events.

However, this type of service is also available for longer cruises and sea voyages.



All you have to know about yacht charters with catering in Miami

Mostly known as a glossy and glamorous city, Miami is a melting pot made of people, arts, and cultures. That difference you can easily feel crossing its various districts, each one with its own architecture and character.

Officially born just a little more than a century ago, Miami was made by immigrants who gave the city a multicultural lifestyle.

Today Miami is one of the world’s hotspots par excellence when it comes to recreational yacht charters. This is thanks to an incredible nautical offer and excellent recreational services, a mild climate all year round, and above all, a strategic position to reach the best destinations in Florida (Florida Keys, Everglades National Park, and many more), the Bahamas, and the Lesser Antilles.



Why rely on onboard catering?

Catering for pleasure boats is an added touch of class to an already fantastic experience at sea and makes your stay onboard more comfortable than you might think.

Generally, the onboard catering service offers a variety of pre-set but fully customizable menus that can vary according to the number of people present at the event, the size of the boat, and the length of time spent at sea or in port.

Everything is planned well in advance in order to be able to foresee any particular needs of the guests (special dietary needs, presence of children on board, etc.)

Private chefs have a wide range of cooking styles and are adept at mixing local ingredients with more exotic and detailed cooking styles. The staff, on the other hand, is trained to cope with sudden changes in position, weather, and above all to work in small confined spaces such as a yacht’s galley.

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Personalized menus according to the customer’s needs

The chef’s experience together with the crew ensures a comfortable journey and impeccable service for the duration of the event or your holiday.

In order for everything to go in the right direction, basic requirements such as the safety and hygiene of the food and drinks to be taken on board are kept under control. For this to happen it is necessary to respect the timing of the supply of the galley and it is therefore essential to discuss in time with the customer every aspect of the menu (or menus) that will be proposed on board.

Your chef will personally shop by selecting the freshest, highest quality ingredients available for your charter. The crew will arrive at the private yacht with the food and equipment needed to prepare and cook your selections.

Likewise, a menu of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, is planned at the customer’s request. If you have chosen to make use of a bartender onboard, he will have the task of sending you the menu for approval, making any changes, and selecting the ingredients necessary to satisfy your wishes.


Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep in mind when requesting onboard catering in Miami:

Pay attention to the timing!

Miami is a huge city and sometimes it can also be chaotic, generating all kinds of delays such as traffic or delays in general.

When ordering catering from a company, it is very important to coordinate every aspect with them. From the timing of goods delivery to the exact place where the chef and the crew must be found. Miami’s marinas are huge and numerous and therefore it is easy to run into misunderstandings.

Always keep in mind that everyone is late in Miami, especially on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. A serious mistake can also cause serious delays in the delivery of food or even the cancellation of your charter.

It is therefore essential to discuss everything with the catering companies and specify the place from which the event will take place.


Choose your menu carefully

You must be aware that on a boat (even a large one) the dimensions of the galley and refrigerator are limited and for this reason, it is not wise to carry a disproportionate amount of food on board, which would risk going bad.

It, therefore, becomes necessary to know in advance the exact number of guests on board, to ensure that the exact doses needed for each guest are prepared without risking, for example, that the ice cream runs out!


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