Yacht Charter in Pollara – Live like a Sicilian in this Sleepy Little Village

Sicily is a rare fusion of flavors. Few places in the world mix calm and enticements as effortlessly as this island mooring of Italy’s boot. In Goethe’s words – ‘To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.’ And within Sicily falls the island Salina. This tryst you’re going to have is with a striking silent little village in western Salina – Pollara. A yacht charter in Pollara will leave you mystifyingly in love with this little village.

Snug to the west of Malfa, this little village is where you can enjoy Sicily for what it is. Minus the marathon of honking vehicles, modern buildings, the crowd – Pollara is all about you and pristine unadulterated rustic charm.

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Reaching Pollar by yacht:

The best way is a yacht charter in Pollara to moor right onto the village. It has a proper harbor for you to dock or moor up at. If you’re looking for luxury, then a yacht is your best choice.


Rustic Charming and Quietly Enchanting:

This village takes its isolation into its stride and so should you. That is what this place is all about. It’s safe to say that Pollara does have a certain deserted look to it. But it is ‘Safe’ and the locals indulge in soirees with tourists. You will not feel out of place at all. Instead what you will feel is it growing on you with its cobbled streets and to its sandy coves with a blanket of the sea over it.

Thing is, this little village by the sea is that you will not feel like a tourist at all. Other than the absence of the Italian essence, you can roam around, stroll through the shops and enjoy being more of a native than someone who is on a tour. This is the magic of Pollara – it leaves you to yourself.

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A Quiet Mediterranean Rendezvous:

To take your experience to the next level, go for a canoe or catamaran rentals Pollara. The beaches are unlike most other ones you’ve come across in your journeys so far. As clear as waters can be, this is a perfect place for a lazy swim basking under the warm Mediterranean sun.

From the village or town proper, a walk down the stones and places will lead you to the beach most of which is languidly underwater. You will notice the stone houses built into the cliff face.

Catamaran rentals Pollara is a must for visiting numerous such stone houses built onto remote sections of the cliff facing the sea – a perfect getaway for privacy. Enjoy a calm evening with the typically Sicilian cuisine mooring your catamaran a bit off the shore. To repeat, Pollara is what you make of it and how you get the best of it by indulging in its secrets and your caprices.

Delectable Cuisine:

Sicilians have one of the best cuisines around with a subtle mix of flavors beyond the cucina Italiana. So, overdoing your taste-buds with fresh-caught tuna, olives and oil and an overdose of mozzarella straight from the dairy – this is a perfect breakfast to start up your luxury yacht charter Pollara.

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So, indulge in the Sicilian culinary treat Arancini with warm Mozzarella oozing from inside it. Then, finish it up with a traditional wood-oven pizza topping with sun-dried local tomatoes, olives and what not. Take a bottle of Veltliner wine to the luxury yacht charter Pollara to spend the night away gently swaying over the starry night sky on the water.

Yacht charter Pollara in Salina, Sicily

A trip to this reluctantly beautiful village with its small cottages dotting a few stony steps away from the sea is to indulge into the ‘Sicilian’ Sicily. The seclusion is only fodder for your imagination; make the best of this rustic village-town. Stroll through, leisure on a strip of balcony over the blue & red sunsets, bask in the sun floating over the crystal waters and indulge in a cuisine as fresh as any can be.

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A Yacht charter in Pollara is personal indulgence into the finer reveries of life, into the rustic charms minus the hurried metro senses. Heal yourself with leisure and dissipate your fatigue in the dormant shy beauty which is Pollara, Salina.



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