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Witness the splendor of Sardinia’s principal island via yacht charter La Maddalena (Sardinia)

 ‘La Maddalena feels like another world, a craggier version of the Caribbean. A fairly place hosting heavenly coasts, ‘isolotti’ islands, translucent seas and turquoise lagoons. Its beauty is very unearthly- barely having a footprint to spoil it.’ Irrefutable phrases which seem to be present on every explorer’s lips in regards to this archipelago of 60 islets and rocky formations. Travellers cater to yacht charter La Maddalena (Sardinia) expeditions quite regularly delving into its striking land, granite seascapes, and vivid color beaches.


A look into its history:

The place also has a fascinating antiquity.

  • In the gone by times, La Maddalena was a NATO military strategy naval. It was shut down in 2008.
  • The great Napoleon inundating this place also lost for the 1st
  • It is also home to Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian hero.

Yacht charter La Maddalena (Sardinia) expedition:

Taking La Maddalena (Sardinia) luxury yachts is the perfect escape from the noise and stress of your daily affair.

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‘Pristine beaches with fragments of Pistachio and Lentisk shrubs seem to have lesser footprints as to Crusoe’s island.’

La Maddalena’s shimmering waters and isolated beaches having rocky surroundings seem like a perfect abode for those romantic at hearts.

However, the island is also popular for activities such as boating, fishing, sunbathing. The scenery is impressive with strange looking granite shape formations and the turquoise sea which appears as blue as Madonna’s mantle.

Recommended Port for La Maddalena: Cannigione

Best time to take a yacht charter La Maddalena (Sardinia) expedition:

The best time to make a yacht charter La Maddalena (Sardinia) voyage is during summer. Majority of the tourist services remain shut from October to May.

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Pleasant times for a trip are during May, early June and Sep to early October. The weather is good; there is less rush as in sessions from July to August.

La Maddalena (Sardinia) Luxury yachts and sailboats run regularly, and the prices are somewhat stable for every season.

Usually, these boats leave early and meander across the islets making 2-3 long stops allowing travellers time to enjoy some sunbathing, fishing, and on-shore explorations.

Top 5 beaches to reconnoiter on your La Maddalena (Sardinia) luxury yachts:

It is a fact that for most catering to yacht charter La Maddalena (Sardinia) voyage, their principal focus is on the beaches. And there are quite a few which dot the region, some even having café-bars.

  1. Spiaggia Giardinelli


This is just on the outskirts of La Maddalena and links to the island with a narrow isthmus. The water is clear, the bays are vibrant. And as the sun sets, the ambiance you get is of festivity and enjoyment.

  1. Punta Marginetto


This is one spot which includes a rocky area and gives off a splendid view of 2 mesmeric islands namely Barettinelli and Barettini.

  1. Punta Tegge


This is a gorgeous place especially knowing that it forms from 3 different beaches having a flat and low rocky surface. It also hosts a homonym fort which has its own distinct attraction.

  1. Cala dei Corsari


This is a gorgeous looking bay having numerous sandy beaches and exquisite wind-blown rock creations. There are also numerous military ruins for travellers to witness and take pictures.

Right in its center, there exists the Piscine naturali which is an extension of the sea enclosed by islets. Here the water is so clear that you can actually see the seabed.

Mostly this beach is remote; in other words, it’s perfect for folks wanting some time in solitude with nature. You will find boats available for travellers disgorging their passengers for an hour’s time or so.

  1. Spalmatore


The setting is an attractive curve of sand enclosing in a bay and sloping slowing into transparent waters. This beach consists of gritty sand, small shells and yellow blooms of flowers at the back side of this beach.

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Another lure of this beach for those tending to yacht charter in La Maddalena (Sardinia) expeditions is its seasonal café and eatery cum disco. There also lies a Kiosk bar. But in September, it may be shut down.

These are the 5 beaches which you can include in your splendid La Maddalena (Sardinia) yacht tours.

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To cap it up:

The fragrances of its surrounding and its nature’s exotic colours blend beautifully at La Maddalena. It reflects an un-spoilt surrounding and invites you to spend some time amidst its setting. La Maddalena (Sardinia) yacht expeditions are the best way to do that.

4 good suggestions for yachts include:

  • Sarnico 60 – Incorporates 3 cabins and price range is € 12,000- € 19,000 on a weekly basis.
  • Aramis – Having 4 cabins and price ranging from € 29,000 to € 39,000 on a weekly basis.
  • Miredo – 4 cabins and price is around € 36,000 to € 39,000/week.
  • Jajaro – 4 cabins and cost per week- € 49,000 to € 70,000.





So make your yacht charter La Maddalena (Sardinia) bookings and set up an encounter with one of the Earth’s most regal destinations.

If you are planning your next boat charter in Sardinia contact us to receive our selection of yachts, with the best rates on market and the most beautiful sailing itineraries to live with your loved ones!



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