Why is St Barts the Caribbean Superyacht Destination par Excellence?

Saint Barthélemy or, simply, St Barts is the favorite destination of the wealthiest, eager to moor their megayachts in a location that, despite its great success, remains typical and characteristic. St Barts is in fact the stereotype of the Caribbean island par excellence, unspoiled, beautiful and sometimes wild, but with a quality level of facilities and services far above the average.

Set amidst beautiful scenery of picturesque beaches, world-class restaurants, designer boutiques and a cosmopolitan vibe, St Barts’ success is self-explanatory.


But what are the reasons for this success? Leaving aside the meteorological aspect, which obviously enjoys an exceptional climate in the Caribbean for most of the year, here are, in our opinion, the winning features that St Barts can boast:

Caribbean soul, European style and above all “duty-free” shopping

St Barts is part of that group of islands known collectively as the French West Indies or the French Caribbean, which also includes St Martin, Guadeloupe and Martinique. We can therefore say that these are real “slices” of France located in the tropics, a crucial aspect that differentiates them not a little from the other Caribbean islands.

St Barts in particular has always enjoyed strong influences from France, especially linked to the Mediterranean lifestyle and the official language spoken, namely French.

Being under the protection not only of France but also of the European Community, the islands enjoy political stability and respect for public order.

On these islands it is possible to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean without giving up, for example, functioning and modern roads and infrastructures, a higher standard of living than elsewhere in the Caribbean or the best medical facilities in the Lesser Antilles.

Another fundamental aspect concerns food. Everywhere in the French Caribbean, visitors can easily find foods that are characteristic of Europe, such as excellent bread, wines and cheeses and the same chain stores and brands found in France.

Last but not least, St. Barts is a duty-free port and therefore offers fabulous opportunities to bargain on luxury products and brands and chic boutiques, as well as vintage wines, jewelry and beachwear.

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Beaches and nature at the top in the Caribbean super yacht destination par excellence

Those who can’t wait to lie on the sand can easily be accommodated in St Barts. On the island there are no fewer than 17 beaches in total whose waters lap the coast of the island, each offering something slightly different from the others.

The beaches of St Jean, Gouverneur and Saline are the best for relaxing in a quiet and secluded place. Above all, the latter is one of the best beaches on the island but, it must be said, nudism is practiced here.

Even those who love to sail the waves of the sea will not be disappointed. Anse Toiny is the wildest beach on the island and offers good surf breaks, while Anse de Lorient is more suited to more experienced surfers.

A very good alternative is to anchor off the coast of Anse de Colombier, which boasts calm waters perfect for diving and snorkeling. Without great difficulty you will get to know the turtles that surely swim not far from you. In these waters it is also possible to come across gray reef sharks, sea eagles and various tropical fish.

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Gustavia and its large marina

Gustavia is the small capital of the island and its port is known for attracting the highest concentration of superyachts in the Caribbean. The large capacity is noteworthy, with the space needed to accommodate up to 60 yachts up to 200 feet long in the inner harbor, as well as another 100 berths in the outer waters.

The elegant capital of Gustavia is also home to many world-class restaurants and famous designer boutiques. The main street, Rue de la République, is lined with colorful shop windows and relaxing cafes. All the biggest fashion brands like Dior, Hermès, Cartier, Armani, Vuitton, Bulgari are all here, sharing the space side by side and taking advantage of the existing duty-free status.

In general, there are more than 200 boutiques in St Barth’s eight square miles, some of which are capable of selling exclusive limited edition items and available for purchase only on the island.

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Restaurants and clubs for all tastes in St Barts

Not even the culinary offer disappoints expectations. There are over 80 places on the island ranging from quirky beach bars and cafes to more elegant five-star restaurants. The typical menu is obviously based on fresh fish and traditional French or local ingredients. St Barths is known for hosting some of the best chefs in the Caribbean, who generally try to adapt traditional French cuisine to the tropical climate. Among the several dozen good places to eat on the island we recommend the Bagatelle, for excellent French dishes, and The Sand Restaurant of the fantastic Eden Rock.

Even if you are looking for nightlife you are in the right place. Between cocktail bars, discos and beach parties, it is not difficult to find a place to have fun until the early hours of the morning.

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St Barts: Important and prestigious nautical events

With a population of just 35,000 inhabitants, there is a real sense of community on the island and the crime rate is extremely low.

There are also many initiatives in the nautical field: every year numerous and prestigious nautical and sailing events are held such as the St. Barths Bucket, the St Barth Cata Cup and the New Year’s Regatta, as well as more local events such as the St. Barts Christmas Village in Gustavia.

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