Where Will You Go? Sailing in Mykonos is Bliss!

Sailing in Mykonos can be your next big thing as this is a place where you can feel the bliss of nature at its best! Mykonos boasts off a cosmopolitan atmosphere combined with ancient Greece’s charm and culture, making it a compelling destination to start cruising in the Cyclades.

Heads-up on Mykonos

  • This island, popularly recognised for its ‘St-Tropez meets Ibiza’ style summer parties, spreads over an area of 105.2 km2.
  • Greek mythology has it that Mykonos was created from the petrified bodies of giants whom Hercules killed.
  • Lying between Paros, Naxos, Tinos and Syros islands, it is home to around 10,000 Greeks.
  • With its highest elevation at 1,119 feet, Mykonos offers a Cycladic maze to the travellers.

Here are the places where luxury yachts in Mykonos will surely take you!


At approximately 23 miles south of Mykonos, Naxos is the largest Island in the Cyclades group. Between Mykonos and Naxos lies the sacred Delos Island, Greece’s chief archaeological site. Provided you start sailing early in the morning, you can stop here for a few hours to explore this land of religious importance. You can also go swimming in the alluring Med waters here.

When you reach Naxos, the first thing to strike you has to be the Portara arch, a gateway to Apollo’s unfinished temple. It is said that Apollo’s energy still dominates its doorway, and if you make a wish, you can even feel the pull working to fulfil your wish. Also, you should try the local Naxos cheese and Horta along with seafood served when sailing in Mykonos.


A short hop from Naxos, Paros is just 6 nautical miles of sails away. The Island also boasts of two major harbours, the port of Parikia on the west coast and Naoussa on the north coast. Naoussa, also a fishing harbour village, is the most beautiful of its kind when you enjoy a Greece yacht charter. That makes it a photographer’s dream with picture perfect white-washed houses and a maze of narrow lanes. Cruise on one of the luxury yachts in Mykonos to witness spectacular views unfolding.


From Paros to Serifos is a long pleasant voyage. Sailing 35 miles west of Paros, you will reach the large crescent bay and the Livhadi harbour. Since this island has not been visited by many tourists, it is still resplendent with natural beauty all around.

Do carry your camera if you don’t want to miss the enthralling beauty revealed by the narrow picturesque streets marked by signboards. While getting back to your luxury vessel, opt to walk barefoot on its sandy beach.


21 nautical miles up the North from Serifos is Kithnos Island. If you drop your anchor on the north-west, it will be the pretty Loutra harbour, close to some of the best thermal springs.

When sailing to west coast of Kithnos, there’s a fabulous Sandbar bay located at Fikhiada that opens up to a little islet. This bay is well protected by the Meltemi and Southerly winds through small hills.

Do not miss out on these beauties while you are sailing in Mykonos! For surely, you wouldn’t want to be deprived from witnessing nature’s true self which unfolds on this part of the world. 



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