When the Sea Beckons, Arrive at US Virgin Islands Sailing

Let’s share a story first –

The James couple was planning to celebrate their 35th marriage anniversary in a unique and intimate manner. Sailing the US Virgin Islands with their immediate family members was their plan. These islands comprising three primary domains – St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix are known for their turquoise blue waters, endless powdery beaches, and tranquil atmosphere, (November through April are the best chartering months) in the Caribbean

Sounds interesting, does it not? Well, this summer, you too can sail with those westerlies in a crewed motor yacht and enjoy the water lapping up on your yacht as you anchor it in the US Virgin Islands

The islands to visit –

If you are sailing in the US Virgin Islands, then start from the main US island of St. Thomas. With the capital city of Charlotte Amalie, this town is known for its fine dining and impeccable fashion range. Pick up a souvenir for memory.

Next, sail east to the island of St. John which has the very famous Virgin Islands National Park along with 22 self-trekking courses and plenty of beaches. As you sail from St. Thomas, don’t forget to check out the beauty of Christmas cove, Thatch Bay, Lolik Islands, and Red Hook. (Magen’s Bay provides a place to anchor for the night).

Now, with the crewed motor yacht that you received from sailing in the US Virgin Islands, follow the trade winds and reach out to St. Croix. Once you reach and spend some time on the pristine beaches of St. Croix, sail around East End and set up a mooring at Salt Pond Bay. As you take a round trip, a stop at the bustling Cruz Bay is a must!

Why is sailing the best option in the US Virgin Islands?

There are multiple reasons that will make you fall in love with yachting in the US Virgin Islands. Those taking the air-route will miss out on these fronts!

  • The bays are replete with dead corals and the coves are tangled in mangrove roots, making the beaches a sight to behold.
  • Francis Bay, Maho Bay, and Caneel Bay are anchorages for an overnight stay. So from beach camping tonight parties to water activities (snorkeling), you are in for some gala time! Ample reason to choose sailing services in the US Virgin Islands.
  • Anchor your yacht at the bay and check out the ‘must-visit sites’ during the day. At night, enjoy a warm bath and a taste of local delicacies ruffled up by your crew.

For reserving your choicest crewed motor yacht, do make it a point to book in advance. The idea of a yacht charter in the US Virgin Islands can get an ideal form only if you have every aspect well planned. What are you waiting for? This fall – make Caribbean seas your destination! 



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