What are the Nautical Sector Forecasts for 2022? A Sold Out Summer!

According to various surveys, passion and interest in boating holidays are growing more and more. In fact, if the 2020 season, albeit burdened by the precarious international situation, had already closed with a marked recovery by brokers, search engines, and professionals, both in order and in charter reservations, especially of catamarans and sailboats, the 2021 and 2022 seasons are definitely confirming this trend with requests that in some cases even tripled compared to the same period of the previous year.



What were the prerequisites?

As we said, the last nautical season, which started really badly with a strong brake pulled due to the uncertainty after the lockdown period, the relative difficulties in moving between states and the provision of services in tourist ports, had then gradually managed to recover up to record a decisive recovery in the last part of the year.

Certainly, however, we cannot speak of a positive season. 2020 closed with critical issues, especially in the charter sector, where the contagion fear played a fundamental role and the bookings from abroad were especially lacking.

However, the encouraging signs and indicators of a rapid market recovery were not long in coming and the entire nautical sector, from shipbuilding to travel brokers, resumed vigorously, registering a growing interest in both the purchase and rental of pleasure boats.

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What are the main reasons for this booking boom?

Certainty of a safe holiday, away from the crowds and inside your own personal “bubble”. These are mainly the reasons that are pushing many tourists to discover this “new” way of enjoying their holidays.

The boat, from the smallest sailboat to the most majestic of yachts, is increasingly seen as one of the best solutions to avoid the risk of contagion without giving up the desire for holidays in freedom.

In fact, it ensures a feeling of fun and the light-heartedness of an adventure lived in the middle of the sea but at the same time guarantees that you have your own space and privacy. Certainly not trivial factors in a time when health is at the top of our thoughts.

Among tourist types, those who seem to be most attracted to a boat holiday are mainly families, reassured by the guarantees offered and looking for a peaceful environment. Not least, however, are the companies of friends, who like the idea of ​​being able to move freely from one beach to another and between one port and another.

In short, these reasons are increasingly pushing the sector which, even before the summer, records an increase of 30% in bookings compared to 2020 and seems to want to grow further.


How have customer requests changed?

Naturally, the habits of those who rent a boat have also undergone changes. If before Covid customer requests to charter companies were oriented towards the search for tours, experiences, and events, today the boat holiday is instead understood as to be lived as much as possible while remaining on board, with a consequent booking decrease in the tourist sectors closely related such as restaurants, tourist guides, and nightclubs.


What are the most popular destinations?

Most of the bookings made so far come from veterans of this type of holiday, perhaps in possession of a boat license and, as we said, often in the company of their family. However, tourists who approach this experience for the first time are also growing, as demonstrated by the great demand for boats with professional skippers.

At the moment, in Europe, requests are focused mainly on the Mediterranean, which is the master, with Italy, Greece, and Croatia among the most popular nations.

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