What about a cruise trip on board a catamaran in the Tyrrhenian sea as your next summer holidays in 2021?

If you are tired of the classic kind of vacation and you are searching for a new experience for your next journey in summer 2021, follow us along with this short article. We plan for you a two-week tour through the heart of the mediterranean sea, discovering fantastic locations onboard a catamaran.

We will sail across two of the most famous Italian locations: the Amalfi coast and the Aeolian Islands.

Where are they located? 

Both of them are in the south of Italy. The Amalfi Coast is about 50 km south of the city of Naples. Landing by plane here, you can reach the Costiera by car. You can also quickly get there by high-speed train from all the main Italian railway stations. The closest train stop is placed in Salerno, just 20 minutes far from your destination.

The Aeolian Islands are an archipelago of seven volcanic islands placed about 15 km off Sicily’s north-east coast. Generally, it would be best if you embarked on a ferry to get there, but this is not our way. We will rent a catamaran!  

What a catamaran exactly is? 

For those of you who never rented a boat, an explanation is helpful and needed! A Catamaran is a kind of vessel made by two hulls joined together by a bridge. The hulls house the guests and crew’s cabins, while the bridge is where the boat controls are. It usually has both sails and engines, letting you decide what kind of power. 

A catamaran is more significant than a classic single-hull boat and offers more space on board. The shape also makes the boat more stable while sailing the sea. This is an aspect to consider for those who have no experience of sailing.

Can I sail the catamaran by myself?

The answer is: maybe! All the rental companies ask you for a sailing license when you make your reservation. If you (and people you sail with) don’t have one, you will need a skipper. A skipper is a person able to govern the boat and also provide you with useful advice. His main goal is to let you relax and spend your time on board in safety. Do not worry about it! Almost every company can provide you with a professional skipper if you need one! It would help if you asked him. For our kind of trip, we recommend a serious and reliable rental company. Our choice is Sicily Boat Rentals, which offers its customers the best solutions for boat tours and crew expertise.

Let’s start sailing!

Our trip starts in Naples, where you get on board the catamaran and possibly meet the skipper. On the day of departure, be sure to reach the pier in time. Another important tip! Don’t overcharge your luggage! Space onboard must be shared, and too much stuff can cause misunderstanding and logistic problems. 

After a short brainstorming, you’re finally ready to enjoy the trip!

What are the most beautiful locations you won’t miss?

During the first week, you will sail across the Amalfi coast. There are too many places that are worth a visit here for just a week, but some of them are unmissable! These are our choices:

  • Visit the famous and beautiful city of Sorrento;
  • Do shopping in Positano, known as “the most charming city of the world”;
  • Taste some “Limoncello” in Amalfi. Limoncello is one of the most famous Italian liquor;
  • have a breath-taking view of the entire costs and sea from the Cimbrone villa’s gardens;

The second week will dedicate to the discovery of the Aeolian island.

Here you are going to enjoy relaxing days between sunbathes and dips, charming sunsets and beach night parties, tasty local lunches and dinners, discovering every day new hidden coves! 

What are you waiting for?

With these few lines, we hope you get inspiration for your next journey! If we made you curious about a trip onboard a catamaran for summer 2021. Don’t waste your time! Ask for any information to 

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