Want to See the Magic of Miami from Your Chosen Vessel?

To all sea lovers out there, the City of Miami is awaiting your arrival!

This city was nicknamed The Magic City as it saw rapid growth from 1,000 residents to approximately 5.5 million dwellers in 110 years.

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The sun-kissed shores along with art-deco beauties make for a mesmerising backdrop and perfect cruising destination. Miami offers the best sailing time during winters; however, summer is ideal for different water sports. Therefore, don’t miss out on this bravura of an island which was once a mangrove swamp, and now, receives 15 million tourists every year.

Choose an ideal Miami yacht charter to explore this extravaganza.

Here are some vessel types you can easily select:

  1. Catamarans: Crewed & Bareboat

Known as divers’ paradise, opting for Miami yacht rentals is the best option to swim and enthral in the exquisiteness of Miami waters. Sailing on that sleek catamaran and exploring the dainty beaches are something you are going to cherish your whole life!


Glide through and discover the extraordinary beauty of Miami and its surroundings like Biscayne Bay in crewed catamarans that come with undreamt-of luxury. While the sous-chefs serve you with mouth-watering delicacies and local specialities, the rest of the crew ensures you witness the marvels and unscathed marine fauna and flora of this Cuban island effortlessly. However, one with the desire to cruise alone to the unknown territories can hire bareboat catamarans and explore all the white sand beaches on self-jurisdiction.

  1. Motor Yachts: Crewed

While you are sailing in Miami – make your journey aboard carefree and amusing! Crew members of motor yachts are incredibly professional, experienced, and trained. You do not need to concern yourself while cruising along the coastlines of South Beach, Ocean Drive, etc.


Port of Miami has been the ‘Cruise Capital of the World’ for the last two decades. It houses the largest cruising ships and is honoured as one of the busiest cruise lines. So, you can envisage the magnum opus that Miami holds!

  1. Sailboat: Skippered & Bareboat

Few cities are there in the world, which are as sanctified as Miami concerning nature’s exquisite beauty. Aquamarine waters and sparkling shores along with an extravagant array of escapades, the peaceful stretches of Miami and scenic paddles of Virginia Key are a sight to behold. Sailing in Miami becomes a more enticing experience with a skippered sailboat for the journey. You don’t have to worry about your travel time or huge expense that catamarans entail. Your captain can socialise with you better on sailboats as it is quieter and can control his/her boat from its stern.

However, you can also opt for a bareboat sailboat if you desire to unravel the unknown/known splendour of this Cuban turquoise water on your own.

Miami is your new vacay spot!

The neighbourhood to Miami Beach, the South Beach glitters with astounding nightlife. Quirky and trendy beaches, historic art-deco architectures, and fine dining on the oceanside, this one is going to be a joyous cruising experience for all Miami yacht charter guests.



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