Vivacious luxury yacht charter Ibiza and Formentera voyages to thrill your crux!

Embarking on a seafaring venture in splendid Balearic Islands – amongst Ibiza and Formentera is surely one to savor for eternity. Transcendent sunsets, searing tourist attractions and magnificent nightlife, this energetic heart of the Mediterranean Sea thrills and engrosses greatly. ‘It’s bay cover, the veiled creek, the typical atmosphere, its rich social life and the gorgeous turquoise tint of water’-a luxury yacht charter Ibiza and Formentera trip, is a must-take for you!

Luxury yacht charter Ibiza and Formentera sail route is its popular ones:

Ibiza and Formentera resembles a vivacious canvas of nature. Its spectacularly scenic landscape and seclude coastline are surely two of this archipelago’s most enticing assets. And with Ibiza and Formentera yacht charter routes being it’s most popular ones, this idyllic paradise is sure to leave a mark in your crux.


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An account on Ibiza and Formentera:

Just 3 miles is the distance between these two islands. By yacht, it takes around 30 minutes or so and by boat, it takes a little more time in a boat. Wind conditions are usually appropriate for yacht sails. And during Spring and Summer seasons, there is a soothing wind flowing across the boat.

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Some travelers say- ‘A luxury yacht Ibiza and Formentera is always special. You can almost feel nature welcoming you as you sail towards it. The prevailing winds add to the onboard luxe ambiance.’

The moment to step foot onto Formentera or Ibiza, you feel as if you are reconnoitering a scenery of the colonial times. Un-spoilt and regal, you get numerous beaches where sunbathing, swimming, and other water sports enjoyment are possibilities.

Usually, luxury yacht charter Ibiza and Formentera trips are safe and enjoyable. But it’s always good to check the weather, tidal and wind conditions beforehand.

Reasons to indulge in luxury yacht Ibiza and Formentera:

In addition to its scenic allure, there are numerous reasons to indulge in luxury yacht to Ibiza and Formentera.

  • Dolphins swimming along your boat…

One of the charming aspects are the dolphins who swim alongside you. It is a very common sight for tourists and the best moment is when they swim with your boat with the beautiful sun in the backdrop.

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In summer times, they are usually in deep waters while in low seasons, they are nearer to the coastline. So, if you want to see them, summer is a good time for a trip on luxury yacht charter Ibiza and Formentera.

  • Sailing across Es Palmador to Formentera…

Es Palmador is a stop before Formentera you just have to make. And most usually do. The place is known for its fun-filled mud baths. It is a popular indulgence many want to take a piece of. Just take a beach ball and play a game of catch and most importantly, make sure you have those shades on.

Then when you reach Formentera, you will be spoilt for choices as there are so many beaches to choose from.

A suggestion- check out its sister beaches namely Llevant and Playa Ses Illetes. You get to see numerous species of exotic fishes and the waters are crystal clear.

If you love food, then Beso Beach is another place to visit. Plenty of laid-back eateries exist. Serving mouth-watery local cuisines and delightful snacks, the food lover inside you will surely love every single bite.

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Apart from the food, Beso Beach is also great for snorkeling enthusiasts.


  • Cave exploring at San Antonio and Port de San Miguel…

Luxury yacht charter Ibiza and Formentera trips allow you to engage in some superb cave explorations between the Port de San Miguel and San Antonio islands. It is known as the ‘Cave of Light.’

One of the popular attracts, it is a cave which is lit up by the sun between 12 and 3. And what a spectacular sight that is!

But to do that, you have to swim and reach as accessibility by boat or yacht is not possible. So while doing so, make sure to use your flippers.

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  • Stand-up paddling around Ibiza and Formentera…

It’s the best way to witness the transparent cerulean waters of Ibiza and Formentera. With the breeze blowing across, simply brace yourselves for a paddling race with your cohort.

  • Sunset yacht charter tours…

The Mediterranean region always has a reputation of sublime sunsets and Ibiza and Formentera are no different.

For this reason, the cruise tours extend in the last few hours just so that travelers can behold the transcendental gaze of the region’s sublime sunsets.

Some of those Ibiza and Formentera yacht charter boats known for doing this are:

  • RIB
  • Prestige 450
  • Sealine

Ibiza and Formentera are 2 of the most stunning vacation destinations around the world. From delicious cuisines, to un-spoilt beaches and ruins which embody the antiquity of this location – it has a bit of everything!

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In these contexts, a luxury yacht charter Ibiza and Formentera just begs experiencing! To get the best deals and yachts, refer to reliable tour planning websites.



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