Visit the stunning beaches while you enjoy your Greece Sailing Holidays Paros

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” True! The beauty that nature beholds will not only treat your eyes but will also be an ecstasy to your senses and your soul. This is exactly what Greece Sailing Holidays Paros has in offer for you!

If you are looking forward for a trip that will unwind your mind and unleash the desires which secrets inside you, there is no place better than Paros. Be it a family vacation, honeymoon, friends trip or for couples to redefine love and togetherness again, Greece Yacht Charter Paros will suffice you with these the best.

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Now, to help you plan your yacht trip with utmost perfection, there are 4 things that you must include

  1. Enjoy the great food while sailing in Yacht
  2. Tan yourself with a golden bliss
  • Spend quality time with your loved ones
  1. Visit the stunning beaches in Paros

Though we cannot help with the first 3 things, but for the 4th one, you will get a perfect idea here. Enjoy the glamour of the beaches around you and make memories to cherish forever in your Greece Sailing Holidays Paros.

Paros Beaches

Guess in your trip, how many beaches you can visit? Its 38! These 38 breath taking beaches will offer you tranquillity to quench the thirst consuming beauty. These are the stunning beaches that you can cover. But what if you don’t find time? To make the choice easy for you, check out the top 5 beaches you simply must visit.

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Here they are –

  1. Golden Beach

This is one of the best Paros Beaches that you must visit, else your trip will remain incomplete. This 700 meters long organized beach is perfect for windsailing. So, if you want to get down from your yacht and enjoy this place, it is best to come at dawn. You can sit and gulp down some amazing beer and have some food from its local bars. Moreover, another stunning event that happens here is the windsurfing cup event!

  1. Santa Maria:

This extremely organised beach will give you the ultimate combination of fine golden sand and emerald water; this is nothing less than a dream! You can spend the entire day sipping beer and having some authentic Greek food from the shacks.

  1. Fykia

This is a secluded beach and is perfect for couples to hangout. It is best of its beauty during summers. Hence, if you want to spend some quality time with your partner, there is nothing better.

  1. Ambelas

Just 5 km from Naoussa, this beach is dedicated to the fishing village. Talking about fresh seafood? This place has a great variety to offer. It is best if you take the fresh catch, go back to Greece Yacht Charter Paros and ask the chef to cook it for you. After all, sailing in the Aegean Sea, sipping great wine and dining on the fresh seafood spiced with authentic Greek flavours is nothing short of dream!

  1. Marchello

This beautiful rocky cove beach in the Parikia Bay will take your breath away. Just one thing, this is certainly not a place to visit with your family, after all, it is a NUDE beach! But if you are going with friends, then this should be on the top of your Paros to-do list.

So, if you miss this in your Greece Yacht Charter Paros. The beach has very smooth and polished granite rock boarding with fine sandy coastline and crystal clear water. This is in the huge bay of Naoussa and is perfect for a family outing!

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Other Paros beaches

Sandy beaches:

Paros will never fail to surprise you! All of its sandy beaches are different in one way or the other. Starting from the sand texture to water and how it is organized, all these beaches are perfect for a long romantic walk or taking a dip in the sea. Here are some of the other sandy beaches you can visit.

  • New Golden Beach
  • Parasporos
  • Monastiri
  • Krios
  • Logaras

Pebble beaches:

Rocky beaches have a wild beauty in them. With the smell of sea and shells everywhere, these rocks showcase themselves as elements of astounding attraction. When in Greece Yacht Charter Paros vacation and looking for some adventurous exploration, these beaches are just perfect for you.

  • Glyfa
  • Xifara
  • Tripiti
  • Kladia
  • Karotiri Aliki
  • Kalogeras
  • Agios Fokas
  • Agia Irini

Other beaches

There is something subtle yet sensual about the raw beauty of nature. All these beaches are not that fancy with shack and party, but one thing they have in ample is the unadulterated version of ethnic Paros.

  • Agioi Irini
  • Molos
  • Agios Nikolaos
  • Agio Anargyri

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So make your Greece Sailing Holidays Paros as perfect as they can be and enjoy the luxury of living amidst the waves in a stunning Yacht!



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