Visit Palau in luxury yacht charter this to relive an extraordinary experience

Palau (Sardinia) is located in an Archipelago. It is built on more than 200 limestone islands. Despite many footfalls, the island has retained its pristine beauty. Crystal-clear water provides a visibility up to 150 feet. Sailing to Palau in luxury yacht charter opens up world of options to explore the island in a unique way. Yacht chartering Sardinia lets you explore several uninhabited islands and experienced dive boats reveal the secret of the underwater world.

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Palau (Sardinia) is the mecca for divers. Government is working to rebrand it as one of the most favoured tourist destination. With number of tourist pouring in every year in Palau (Sardinia), their Government wants to slow it down and focus more on development of the place as high-end ecotourism destination.

5 top benefits

Booking Palau in luxury yacht charter has its amazing benefits:

  1. They are ideal for a small group of friends, family, divers, film crews and honeymooners.
  2. Maintenance of privacy to the hilt.
  3. Private charters offer you the option to customize the schedule as per your will.
  4. A private charter sails off at around 7:30 AM and anchors to shore 4-5 hours later.
  5. You can beat the crowd and go off to the diving site much before others and enjoy a day to remember.

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If you are visiting Palau in motor yacht charter, your vessel will have you the following amenities:

  • Fuel
  • Palauan yacht captain
  • Dive guides, tanks, weights
  • Chefs
  • Rental dive gear and permits cost extra

Diving in a typical dive day consists of 2-3 dives a dayAs the crew is kind enough, they would take you to secret spots for snorkelling.

Tourist statistics of Palau in motor yacht charter

In Palau (Sardinia), footfall of tourist was 160,000 in 2015. There was a drop in the footfall in November 2016 with total inflow of 128,536 tourists. Half the total number of charters was sailing to the island. This lowered tourist footfall. Government took a conscious decision to control tourist and rebrand the destination as ecofriendly. Government founded a Shark Sanctuary to protect the species and visitors pay green fee at the airport. However, in 2017, it seems to be once again ranking as one of the most preferred yachting spots.

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Best season to schedule a trip to Palau, Sardinia

You will enjoy Palau in luxury yacht charter during February to April because of the bright sunny weather. Rest of the year experiences mild sunny weather interlaced with daily showers. The climate is equatorial with presence of humidity. Tropical storms with rain and strong winds are a regular feature during the months of June and November. The island is frequented by Typhoons most of the times; however, the frequency is little less during February and April.        

Pack your loosely fitting tropics friendly clothes while visiting Palau in yacht charter. Make note of stuffs like sun-hat, scarf, light sweatshirt, a raincoat or umbrella for the tour is provided in yachts. Equipment for snorkeling in the reef like water shoes or rubber sole shoes is available on your chartered vessel.

You must cherish each day at Palau in luxury yacht charter with fun activities like Kayaking, night diving, swimming at Jelly Fish Lake and spear fishing among other.

Carry out Kayaking on the uninhabited islands of Ngeruktabel and Eli Malk surrounded by coral uprises and mangrove forests. Rent an underwater camera for the tour to Palau in yacht charter.

Night Diving takes you 50 feet underwater only to find coral reef bursting with neon colors. They lose their sheen during sunlight and look pale though. You will come face to face with octopuses, blue basket stars and sharks staring right at your face!

Discover the adventurous streak in you while swimming in Jelly Fish Lake. Get yourself thoroughly inspected of sand and dirt before you take the plunge into the lake.

Spear fishing does not have any official operations, however, with a spear gun and $10 permit you can try it out.

Palau in luxury yacht charter gives you an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience of secret underwater world along with its inviting natural beauty. Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit this place in Sardinia at least once.



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