Vacation Mode On! What’s Italy without Sailing in Sicily?

“Without Sicily, Italy creates no image in the soul; here is the key to everything.”

Separated from mainland Italy by the Strait of Messina, Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean measuring excruciatingly close to 10,000 miles. A juxtaposition of sky-reaching mountains and a tranquil Tyrrhenian Sea offers travellers the best of both worlds. Therefore, this holiday season; it’s the best to go for sailing in Sicily.

So, where would a luxury yacht in Sicily take you?

  1. Vulcano

Sicilian extravaganza usually starts with a relaxing day on Vulcano Island for most travellers. This small volcanic island is an end point of the famous Aeolian island cluster. It is located around 25 miles northeast of Sicily and can be reached in less than 2 hours of sailing in Sicily. The black sand beaches with the occasional hot springs scattered around its periphery are bound to leave an enduring impression on any traveller. A therapeutic mud bath is often on the to-do list of most tourists here.

  1. Filicudi

Located about 40 miles northwest of Vulcano is another attractive destination for travellers, Filicudi. This island with an area of just 3.7 sq. miles is a haven of serenity and natural magnificence. It has been largely populated by various civilisations throughout history but had lost prominence somewhere in the middle. This place has been recently rediscovered by many eminent creative personalities, which has done wonders to the tourism industry indeed. A day on this idyllic island can be spent roaming around the remnants of the Bronze Age at Capo Graziano or spending time in its olive gardens or vineyards.

  1. Stromboli

As the home to one of the 3 active volcanoes in Italy, Stromboli generates a fair amount of tourist interest. Fondly nicknamed the ‘Lighthouse of Mediterranean’, Stromboli is reachable by a luxury yacht in Sicily with relative ease. Its raw magnetism has led to its inclusion in many threads of popular culture, with Jules Verne’s seminal piece ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ finding its conclusion here. A sailing trip to Stromboli leaves a different taste in your mind with its volcanic tours around Mount Stromboli and roaming around the dusky pink Aeolian inns.

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  1. Portorosa

The next logical stop in the sailing itinerary of Sicilian islands is the marina of Portorosa. It is the largest marina in the Sicilian mainland and holds immense significance in its geopolitical setting. Portorosa is a town painted in the brighter shades of colour palette with numerous navigable canals circumventing it. With a surreal view of the Mediterranean, one can easily spend an entire day on its magnificent beaches. A trip to Mount Etna, just a 2-hour away, is also on the wish list of many travellers in this part of the world.

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Sailing in Sicily…

Doesn’t the phrase itself invoke a sense of poetry in you?

This place is true to its heritage and even till date has not lost its culture of yesteryears. Make sure you go here so that you can experience a ‘real’ vacation!



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