Uncover the Mysteries of the Aegean with Cyclades Islands Cruise

How does the Aegean entice you? The magnificence of the mythical Cyclades Islands!

An archipelago that was inhabited even around 4,000 BC; Cyclades Islands are treasure troves for not just the history-buffs but also the adventure-spirited souls. With a total of around 220 islands forming this archipelago, most are uninhabited. The name itself can be traced to the geographical formation of these islands which circle the sacred Isle of Delos.

The best bit of sailing through the Cyclades is that it opens up a plethora of options for cruising tourists. You can be an adventure enthusiast or might be looking for a quality vacation with your family, or on the hunt for a private vacation with your partner; Cyclades Islands offers something for everyone.


While the cuisine is mostly Greek, the islands themselves evolved through an amalgamation of the former with Anatolian and other cultures. Prominently uninhibited beyond ancient times, you can opt for Cyclades Islands sailing charter to find your little cove away from the bustle of modern life.

A few large islands which are partially inhabited offer tourist attractions in plenty; serenity doused in history being its primary appeal.

Top 8 Isles of Cyclades Islands

  1. Santorini

The most famous isle of this archipelago, your Cyclades Islands sailing cruise should include Santorini. A volcanic island, it also houses picturesque houses and churches, a volcanic black sand beach, and multiple viewpoints.

  1. Mykonos

Known as a partying island, Mykonos records well over a million tourists every year. It also houses some of the best beaches in the whole of the Greek Isles.

  1. Delos

A small uninhabited island, it is a destination you should not miss while on your Cyclades Islands sailing vacation. This island was considered sacred during the ancient times and is filled with beautiful ruins you can explore. It has some of the most prominent temples in Greece, the most famous being one dedicated to Apollo.

  1. Paros & Antiparos

Paros is a famous island known for its marbles from ancient times. It also has a fishing village and a well-hidden mountain village, which you can also visit. Antiparos, a landmass just in front of Paros, is a quaint isle offering nothing but serene relaxation on its beaches.

  1. Naxos

It is the biggest of the Cyclades Islands with a sizable population. The island is strewn with beautiful beaches, and while chartering sailboats in Cyclades Islands, you should also visit its central city Chora, mountain village Filoti, etc.

  1. Syros

It is the most densely populated island in the Cyclades and also functions as its administrative center. The city is quite picturesque, much like most of Greece, and the view is mesmerizing from the cruise.

  1. Milos

It is also a volcanic island primarily famous for its beautiful coastline. The cliffs hanging off this island are awe-striking, while numerous interesting shapes and rock formations dot the coastline too.

  1. Andros

For hikers who want to stretch their legs a bit while on their voyage, Andros is the perfect island. Your yacht charter Cyclades Islands to this isle also offers a relaxation spot at the sunny beaches. It includes a shingled beach and quite a few sand beaches.

Cruising through the Aegeans: The Ancient Mysteries of Cyclades Islands

Opting for sailing rentals in Cyclades Islands and embarking through the Aegean Sea can be one of the most intriguing experiences in life. While the famous islands already offer innumerable archaeological wonders and historical memorabilia, you should also take time to explore the Greek cuisine.

While it can be quite challenging to visit all the islands in this archipelago, the picturesque settings can be quite beckoning. Its quaint little villages and towns have a cubistic appearance, making them one of the most beautiful sites in the whole of Greece.

Private Cruise Line Charters

Though many vessel options are available for Cyclades Island cruising charter, you must understand the difference among available options to choose the most suitable yacht.

  1. Bareboat yacht

In the simplest of terms, bareboat refers to a package where you will just be provided with a yacht without any crew. Understandably, a vessel for the brave-hearted adventure lovers, this option requires proper navigational skills.

  1. Skippered yacht

A captain accompanies the yacht in this option, though there are is no crew involved. Offering a private cruising experience, these yachts are good options for couples who do not want to be disturbed and prefer to keep a distance from too much company.

  1. Crewed yacht

In this option, the yacht is provided with a full crew led by its captain. Any voyager who does not want to bear the responsibility of navigating should go for this option. Lack of responsibility opens up the option for more of leisure, maybe even a tan aboard the deck in the bright Greek sun.

Bareboat Charters for a Voyage across Cyclades Islands

Any seafarer looking for a vessel charter sans the worries of sailing through unknown sea routes is offered a sailboat. However, if you have a valid license, you can also go for the bareboat service as your Cyclades Islands sailing charter.

  • Bareboat Monohull Sailboats while Cruising through Cyclades Islands

These boats offer 1-5 cabins and can stretch between 30 and 50 feet in length. A convenient vessel with the ease of handling, monohull is an excellent option to sail through the islands, especially for someone not adept at seafaring.

  • Bareboat Catamarans for Voyages through Cyclades Islands

Bigger vessels often used for long-distance cruising, catamarans are quite comfortable too. These must be booked for a minimum of 5 days and offer a fair share of privacy as covered yachts.

  • Bareboat Motorboat Cruise while Sailing the Cyclades Islands

These are the fastest yachts, being the motorized option. However, as much as one would simply go for this option to enjoy the thrill of speeding, you need a valid license to book these yachts.

Crewed Sailboats to Cruise through the Cyclades Islands

A comfortable option for cruisers who do not want to bear the responsibility of navigation; these yachts are accompanied with a full crew. Important to note, this can feel a little crowded though it is the safest option, especially if you are not adept at navigation, or even a bit rusty.


Types of Motorboats for a Voyage through Cyclades Islands

  1. Crewed motored vessels

These vessels are not just fast; a crew accompanying it ensures that you need not worry for anything, from cuisine to furnishings and luxury. With the charted course handled by experts, you can simply relax on the deck and enjoy the blue depths around.

  1. Crewed catamarans

One of the finest of options, a crewed catamaran is an epitome of ultimate luxury. Sip on your wine or enjoy a tan while your crew takes on all responsibility of guiding you through, aboard your Cyclades Islands sailing charter.

Innumerable islands strewing the Cyclades make it an exciting place for every voyager. With a history in its abundance across the Greek Isles, a boat charter in the Cyclades Islands opens up the horizon for privacy, exploration, and adventure too.




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