Trellis Bay or Foxy’s – Plan your New Year’s Eve in the BVI

If it is the terminating week of December and you are planning to rent a yacht to the British Virgin Islands, then your only reason should be visiting New Year’s Eve in the BVI. Recognized as the biggest New Year celebration the planet can imagine, it specifically invites its guests to two places – Foxy’s or Trellis Bay.


Make your choice –

Both the parties held at Trellis Bay and Foxy’s are quite different from each other. For people having children in their group and eager to witness those Mocko Jumbies garbed in their vibrant costumes, Trellis Bay is the place for you. In addition to the party, this seaport offers an ideal blend of breathtaking views with some traditional Caribbean folklore.

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The other group looking for some adult entertainment with never-ending booze and merry-making must rent a catamaran for New Year’s Eve in the BVI to Jost Von Dyke. The place serves every boozy with some excellent collection of wine and beer.

Both parties extend from Christmas till New Year and therefore, visitors must make a comprehensive study before opting for a destination of their choice.

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Trellis Bay –

If your senses incline towards Beef Island on the eastern verge of Tortola then get ready for Trellis Bay. Veterans recommend spending a week at Trellis Bay extending from Christmas to New Year. Visitors sailing in from the USA, UK or Europe will have an option of hiring Luxury yachts for New Year’s Eve in the BVI.

This party includes a litany of activities to last the evening. Beating drums and folk music will lure you to get down from the yacht and stroll to the venue. Local Fungi Bands make for some fantastic tunes. Known for combining different musical styles, Fungi reflect historical storytelling or political satire through its songs. Shake a leg or two!!! It’s worth the music.

Another major attraction of New Year’s Eve in the BVI is Aragorn’s fireball. It is a unique event that takes place along the perimeter of Trellis Bay. Artist Aragorn lines up the pinwheels that encompass bits of cardboard and lots of firepower. The sparkles are a glory sight, and one can sit back and enjoy it from the deck of his yacht.

The final touch of Luxury yachts for New Year’s Eve in the BVI is complete with some mouthwatering delicacies. Mackerels and Sardines comprise the main attraction; you can even lay hands on that burning roast and top it up with some drinks. Children have an amazing time as well with a plethora of water activities along the coast.

Foxy’s –

It is perhaps the biggest celebration in the entire globe. Foxy’s on Jost Von Dyke is a place to be on your catamaran for New Year’s Eve in the BVI. They celebrate the “old year’s night” which rings the bell for New Year.

Celebration at Foxy’s takes place at two levels – beach level and upper crust. Depending on your bookings, your place of celebration will be allocated.

  • At the beach:

Merrymaking on the beach comes alive with some Caribbean BBQ and wine of prime quality. This includes fresh fish, ribs, and chicken with green vegetables as toppings. Anchor your yacht at this indented coastline and plunge yourself in the joy of New Year’s Eve. Evening party starts at around 6:30 P.M. and takes an entry fee of around $20 per person.

  • On the Crust:

Visitors who make early bookings for New Year’s Eve in the BVI yacht charter treat themselves to the VIP party area. Moreover, people making elite reservations will enjoy grandeur with Champagne and a multi-course dinner. As a VIP you will have total access to the beach party as well as the upper-crust area.

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All amenities of a VIP pass includes in the package. Foxy will himself attain guests pouring classic spirits while boozing away. A standard registration fee stands at around $500 per person and is worth every penny.

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For the visitors –

New Year’s Eve in the BVI is an experience of a lifetime. Experts recommend making all bookings well in advance. VIP tickets are sold out even a couple of months before the event commences. So, make arrangements as per need and have a blast on Trellis Bay or Foxy’s on Jost Von Dyke.

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