Travel Restrictions Update for Yacht Charters in 2021

This article is a complete guide about restrictions due to Coronavirus, country by country, constantly updated and with all the useful info, details, limits,  and suggestions to organize your yacht charter vacation in 2021. Our Experts and Brokers monitor the situation around the world, checking the latest news and government measures, to reserve you the best assistance.

First of all, let’s talk about the 2020’s Charter Season, analyzing what happened and how we dealt with it.


What have we learned from 2020?

Every country on every continent has lived peak times of infections and lockdowns in different months of the year. Each country with its own experiences and reactions to the Covid-19 epidemic.

All this has created real chaos in terms of restrictions on travel, flights, and the organization of holidays. But what united every country, in every part of the world, was most people’s desire to travel and enjoy quality time with their family.

As soon as it was possible, for the Mediterranean Sea, let’s say that everyone started again to plan their vacations between the end of May and the beginning of June 2020. In less than ten days, there was a boom of bookings, especially for catamarans, for August’s two central weeks.

Our partners and all certified operators in the Yacht Charter Market, together with our team, have taken all the appropriate measures to respond effectively to the Coronavirus pandemic, allowing our customers to experience, as far as possible, an “almost normal” holiday.

It was more complicated for all those who had planned a boat holiday overseas or at least not on their continent. For these cases, most of the Charter Companies allowed the customers to reschedule the charter, postponing the date, or issued a voucher valid for one or two years.


What do we expect from 2021?

We are in the autumn/winter period of the year, certainly the most critical in this particular historical moment. But it must be said, even the second in which we are now learning how to live together and adapt to the presence of the Coronavirus.

That’s the reason why we know we will be able to enjoy the holidays even better. Indeed, the precautionary measures already adopted will be maintained. We will surely be able to travel, easily than a year ago, by flight, land, and sea, and we also hope to more distant destinations. Surely all shipowners and charter companies will be able to offer even more ad hoc services. If we had already planned a charter, most likely we will finally be able to enjoy it and if we dreamed of doing it, we will choose where and how. 

If you want to find out what measures allow you to enjoy a yacht charter safely, and what we expect from 2021’s charter season, updating travel restrictions country by country, read the whole article carefully.

Covid-19 Measures for Yacht Charters:

Indeed, all the precautionary measures already adopted in 2020 will be re-proposed and guaranteed to protect customers and all the staff:

  • Sanitation of boats and of all equipment and material made available to customers;
  • Use of anticontagion protection for the whole crew;
  • Coronavirus self-certification;
  • Social distancing;
  • Comply with international anticontagion regulations when sailing outside national territorial waters.
  • Comply with the regulations for travel within the Region and between regions;

Why should I book my 2021 yacht charter now?

You know that booking a holiday in advance offers many advantages, first of all, the economic one. The famous Early Booking Discounts start from a 5% discount up to 30%, closing your deal with Your Boat Holiday and are valid approximately up to about four months before embarkation (the percentages and all references are purely indicative, vary from case to case).

And why, this year, in particular, could it be so convenient to do it now? The reason is straightforward.

Unfortunately, during 2020, many people either could not make the booked charter or chose not to, wanting to avoid the risk of contagion. For the 2021 season, the number of rescheduling from the previous year is immense, and many boats got booked and therefore no longer available.

So for 2021, the probability of not finding the boat you were thinking of for that given period is high, risking to give up the holidays of your dreams once again.

Why should you book your 2021’s yacht charter with YBH?

All of us will be ready to face another charter season, allowing you to experience your holidays in the safest but also the most carefree way possible. As a certified yacht broker with years of experience, we are here to assist you as you deserve, reserving only the highest quality services, transparently, without surprises, and guaranteeing only the best, always at your side.

Your Boat Holiday works closely with Yacht Owners, Charter Operators, Captains, and crew members, Marinas, to support you from selecting the boat to customize the itinerary, restaurant bookings, and activities reservations. Choosing a Maritime Agent, as we are, for your 2021’s yacht charter means to be protected, means always receiving the right advice, means no detail left to chance.


Travel restrictions update for yacht charters in 2021

Our company provides private yacht charters worldwide and want to update our customers and followers in the best way, informing anyone of any destination. Many countries of the world advise against travel during the outbreak. Use the Covid-19 Checker to understand your risk and keep track of global travel restrictions.

What would happen if I couldn’t travel again this year?

No worries. If by chance your country of origin, a country of stopover, or the country of destination implements government restrictions due to the Coronavirus, Your Boat Holiday will be happy to assist you in protecting your booking and the amount paid.

YBH has established fruitful and long-lasting cooperations as Broker and as Fleet Manager only with trusted and certified Yacht Owners, and with some of the most important international Charter Companies, demonstrating appropriate knowledge of agreements and all the charter processes.

Our managers will take care of your case, studying every term and request, and put experience and transparency at your service.

We will make sure that you can postpone your rental, aboard the same boat or, if possible, another one of your choices, in compliance with the contract and the terms accepted together with the Yacht Owner, at the booking time.

If you have special needs related to the change of booking or postponement or the use of any advance or the total amount paid, contact Your Boat Holiday directly for personalized assistance.

Educate and protect yourself and others

Make sure you practice good hygiene by washing your hands frequently, maintaining social distancing whenever possible, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze and make sure to discard the tissue immediately.

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