Travel Guide for Sailing in Mykonos for an exciting holiday on the waves!

Mykonos, the intriguing islands: it seems everybody adores Mykonos, countless folks, lovely nightlife, restaurants, shopping, and its atmospheric beaches, and happily spread the word about how fantastic everything is. And there are just as many who love to criticize and complain, warning anyone who will listen not to visit Mykonos because it’s overcrowded, overpriced, and excessively commercialized. With so much talk, whether by equally excited detractors or exuberant buffs, it’s no wonder Mykonos is the most famous of all of the Greek islands. Well, Mykonos gets loads, yet its popularity continues to soar.



Sail Mykonos for an exciting holiday on the waves of the Aegean Sea

I think there’s a very simple reason: sailing in Mykonos has fantastic visual appeal. Watch the video about sailing in Mykonos I’ve published in this article, and it’s simple to see why millions of folks wish to go there. Professional photography helps, without a doubt, but similarly, enticing pictures of the isle’s breathtaking sights and scenery have appeared for several years in hit films, travel publications, lifestyle websites, fashion and design magazines, and social and news media all around the world. Heck, I’ve been to Mykonos more than every other area in Greece, yet these videos make me feel like dashing back.


It presents fantastic views of what have made Mykonos a household name over the past five decades: beaches, bougainvillea, brilliant white buildings, charming churches and chapels, the Little Venice seafront, the photogenic pelican, the striking Alefkandra windmills, the unbelievable blue skies, and turquoise seas, the breathtaking sunsets, plus much more.

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However, there’s that matchless beauty and alluring aura that make folks dream of sailing Mykonos.

“The all-white Cycladic architecture, in combination together with the blue color of the sea and skies, creates really beautiful scenery,” the narrator notes, adding that the 25 Mykonos shores — “fairly a big number” considering the isle’s small size — are all “amazing, with golden sand and crystal clear blue water.” They may be jampacked with rental sunbeds and umbrellas, also, however, they still appear so damn enticing!


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Nevertheless, “the fact is it is the most exciting destination in Greece as people here love themselves 24 hours a day, non-stop.” Mykonos, he reasons, is “a destination which has made Greece well-known all around the world.”

Even if you’re able to get there only briefly, whether, on a short stopover, a day tour, or a cruise en route to a different island, Mykonos is definitely worth seeing. There like it, and that’s a great thing, too.

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Top shores to sail in Mykonos:

Those beauties of course pertain to the shores of the island that are considered among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and beyond. However, there are a few of them that are much less understood, thus, you can end up having an absolutely private swim and suntan session! Those little Mykonian secrets are worthy to find and this is why we decided to share them with you!

The seashore of Tigani: Take the street to Kalafati up to Agia Anna constantly having the sea on your own right. You will find the shore right opposite when you see Drakonissi. Because the shore offers no facilities whatsoever, have a lot of water supplies with you.

Fokos beach: A remote, tranquil beach perfect for relaxation and nudism if you’re into that.

Kapari beach: Small and sandy stretch located after the beaches of Ornos and Agios Ioannis at the western side of Mykonos. You can drive up to a particular point after which walk downhill in the trail till you get to the coast. Accessibility is somewhat difficult but utterly rewarding. Sunset time over there will soon be unforgettable to you.

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