Travel around the Tropical Caribbean Islands with a Yacht Charter!

The Caribbean is a collective of several islands on the North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Consisting of almost 700 islands, reefs, islets, etc. the region experiences tropical to sub-tropical climate throughout the year, thereby attracting lots of tourists.

Are you a globetrotter who prefers being solitary even in crowded tourist places? Then, Caribbean sailing vacation is by far the best option.

This island paradise is 2,754,000 square kilometer in area with land area being just 239,681 square kilometer. So, there is no dearth of pristine beaches and tranquil sea waters here.

To discover the splendor of this part of the globe, opt for a Caribbean sailing cruise and traverse the innumerable islands hiding unexplored exquisiteness!

There are around 700 islands in the Bahamas while Antigua has at least 365 beaches. The lush greenery of St. Lucia, the tropical islands, the European panache of St. Martin are sure to fulfill your nautical fantasy. Caribbean sailing cruise allows tourists to choose several destination islands, including these popular ones:

  1. Antigua boat charter
  2. Grenada yacht charter;
  3. St Lucia catamaran charter;
  4. St Thomas;
  5. BVI boat charter;
  6. Puerto Rico; 
  7. St Martin, etc.

Exploring the Spanish Caribbean beauty; Puerto Rico

Sailing trips Caribbean call for cruising along the El Yunque National Forest.

The nearest island to Puerto Rico is Saint Thomas. This is an idyllic destination, since along the Puerto Rican coast; one can explore several secluded islets like Culebra, Vieques, Isla Palaminos, etc. This tropical gem is not far from the British and US Virgin Islands. Your Caribbean sailing cruise can find easy and safe anchorage with exotic marine lives thriving in the water and reefs, and undisturbed white sandy beaches alongside.

Sailing to Antigua

Caribbean sailing vacations call for a visit to Antigua. It is located at the very center of Leeward cluster of islands. Antigua has a stretch of 54 miles of incredibly beautiful coastline.

The best time to visit Antigua is from November to end of July. This island also boasts of its amazing sailing conditions. The climate here varies from 82 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit round the year while temperature falls to 77-degree Fahrenheit during evenings.

Why shouldn’t you miss the British Virgin Islands (BVI)?

Consisting of 25 islands of paramount beauty, the BVI is a must visit destination. One can sail along the shoreline to find turtles. The underwater views of the sunken ships in Anegada can make the voyage even more adventurous.

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Sailing along the wind direction, one can sail to the nearby destinations easily. The place is usually closed for tourism during September.

Explore St Lucia on cruise

A three-day trip to St. Lucia on yacht is a perfect way to experience its beauty. The coastline has impeccable landscapes and the most famous Piton Mountains’ twin peaks which is visible from the ocean itself. One can start from Marigot Bay, and sail towards the west coast to Reduit Beach and Rodney Bay. Pigeon island National Park is another attraction. Sailing to Soufirere, one can view the natural beauty of St. Lucia from the chartered vessel.

Thus, with sailing as the mode of travel, island hopping and navigation through the ocean waters become convenient and exciting. With your chartered sailing boat, and a skilled sailor, the delights of the sailing trips Caribbean can be experienced the best.



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