2017 Top Selection of Luxury Yachts in Amalfi Coast for Exclusive Charters

It all begins with you. No two yachts and no two customers are the same, so we listen to your thoughts and realise your needs first and foremost. It’s the beginning of a relationship which permits US to match our understanding of their crew and the luxury yachts in Amalfi Coast to your expectations. We walk you through your selections, giving you honest, clear guidance in response to any questions or concerns which you might have.

Whether it’s finding a deserted shore and developing a setting worthy of a Hollywood film or simply ensuring your kid has their favourite cartoon character featured in their own cabin to make them feel at home.

Why to Charter Luxury Yachts in Amalfi Coast with Us

We’re structured to generate actual teamwork, with brokers taking time to share their knowledge and experience with each other so that each customer benefits from several heads rather than just one.

The team is managed by agents which have been instrumental in shaping the industry: establishing a code of conduct & contractual practices as well as working with specialists on the most recent regulations. This tradition has empowered Your Boat Holiday to acquire an unrivalled reputation for exceeding expectations at every level.
The term may also refer to motor yachts, sailing catamarans, modern or classic yachts in addition to yachts. Normally a high-end yacht is a private boat that’s over 80 ft (~ 25 metres) in length and is, well.., luxurious. Luxury yachts in Amalfi Coast (Italy yacht charter) are vessels designed with yacht charterer or the yacht owner ’s pleasure and complete relaxation in your mind. There are as many distinct ideas about yachts as there are owners who possess them or designers who design them or ‘yacht spotters’ who dream about them. There has been a renaissance of all things related to yachting, including luxury yacht design, yacht construction and chartering in the past five years.

Chartering a Yacht is the Perfect Way to Experience an Exclusive Vacation aboard Luxury Yachts Amalfi Coast

There’s not any better method to experience an unsurpassed taste of liberty, sophistication and style than on a luxury yacht. Crewed luxury yacht charters may cost no more than an exclusive resort or cruise on a ship, yet unlike a cruise ship or resort you have control, supreme seclusion and independence. Friends and family and you will be the only guests aboard the luxurious yacht and also the ones that are only the crew need attend. The service is friendly and professional, personalised.

These boats can vary vastly in function, fashion as well as size. They can be classic, motor boats, sailboats or ultramodern, rapid or displacement preparation. The largest and most lavishly appointed super yachts, however, often be power boats. Powerboats may be can garnished with bouquets of fresh blooms and have the size as well as stability to provide saloons decorated with art fruit bowls and sculptures.

The interior saloons are spacious and tastefully decorated and the private cabins are large with individual ensuites, which often contain washrooms. The decks are made with overflowing space, perfect for sunbathing and other outdoor activities.

Luxury boats are also usually equipped with water ‘toys’, for your amusement. Kayaks, windsurfers, water-ski jet skis, and dive equipment, to mention a couple, are not uncommon. The biggest super yachts could also fit fitness centers, sub bay, a chopper pad and theatres. Every charter boat has its very own speed boat (tender) to take guests water skiing, ferry passengers ashore to the beach during the day or to dine out during the night.

Luxury sailing yachts are impeccably appointed, experience sailing machines. You need not really know how to sail. A complete charter crew is appointed to sail your luxurious boat, professionally and safely for the best sailing vacation.

Charter luxury yachts Amalfi Coast is rapidly becoming a popular way to enjoy spectacular scenery, excellent service, and incomparable independence to explore exotic coastlines and ports – all in comfort and style.

Nature and history embrace each other to make a magical itinerary for you. Charter guests are quite simply spellbound by the spectacular terraine and also the itinerary options for researching these well-known locations from the comfort of your very own yacht.

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It’s fronted by the city of Naples, Mount Vesuvius and the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum (both entirely destroyed by means of an eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D.). A few miles from the coast lay the breathtaking islands of Ischia and Capri.

The Amalfi Coast yacht charter is celebrated around the planet for the exceptional beauty of its landscapes. Lush green Mediterranean flora colours the slopes of the surrounding hills and cliffs.

The weather is amazing in May, June, and September, and if you’d like to avoid the crowds of people who arrive in the warmest months of August and July, you also might prefer to come in Italy in this period.

For nature lovers, fauna and the flora are at their most beautiful in late March and throughout April. October has a special charm. Given that the place is flooded with visitors at this time, individuals who opt to travel off-season is going to have the opportunity to get to know the people, and also the places, at their most authentic.

Our Top Selection of Luxury Yachts in Amalfi Coast

Charter Luxury Yachts Amalfi Coast: O’MEGA
Price from 550.000,00 Euro per Week
14 Cabins – 28 Guests
271 Ft – 82,5 M
Amenities: Jacuzzi in Master Cabin, Jacuzzi on Deck, Bicycle, Exercise equipment, Kosher, Special Diets.
Crew has a separate heads and shower.


Luxury Yachts in Amalfi Coast: MOONLIGHT II
Price from 550.000,00 Euro per Week
18 Cabins – 36 Guests
280 Ft – 85,3 M
Amenities: 3D Cinema, registered RYA training centre for personal watercraft, Health & Beauty Center fully equipped, Elevator, Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, Helipad,
Zero speed stabilisers, Water Toys.


Luxury Yachts Amalfi Coast: MARTHA ANN
Price from 600.000,00 Euro per Week
7 Cabins – 12 Sleeps
230 Ft – 70,2 M
Amenities:Air Conditioning, WiFi connection on board, Deck Jacuzzi, Gym/exercise equipment, Lift (Elevator), Air Conditioning, Stabilisers underway, Stabilisers underway, Jacuzzi (on deck), Gym, Stabilizers at Anchor, Water Toys.


Luxury Yachts Amalfi Coast: ALFA NERO
Price from 475.000,00 Euro per Week
6 Cabins – 12 Sleeps
269 Ft – 82 M
Amenities: Alfa Nero has a large infinity swimming pool with a glass aft end. The floor of the swimming pool can be raised to offer a safer depth for children – or raised completely to become either a dance floor or a helicopter landing pad.

Charter Luxury Yachts Amalfi Coast: ANNA
Price from 500.000,00 Euro per Week
6 Cabins – 12 Sleeps
220 Ft – 67 M
Amenities: At anchor Stabilizers , Helicopter Landing Pad, Gym, Tender Garage, Steam room, Dip Pool, Swimming Platform



Luxury Yachts Amalfi: VICKY
Price from 550.000,00 Euro per Week
238 Ft – 72,6 M
6 Cabins – 12 Guests
Amenities: Jacuzzi (on deck), Helicopter Landing Pad, Beach Club, Gym, Spa, Swimming Pool, Tender Garage, Swimming Platform, Lift (Elevator), Piano, AC, Deck Jacuzzi, Gym/exercise equipment, Wifi aboard.



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