Top 3 Monaco Grand Prix yacht rentals to witness the greatest fest ever!

Sailing in the regal seafarer in a luxury yacht is a dream to live for many. Almost all Monaco Grand Prix yacht rentals give you the perfect blend of everything. Monaco is now one of the best vacation destinations with a host of casinos, gambling, wine and fast cars. What interests’ people even more is, they can take part to be a lucky onlooker of the prestigious Formula 1 racing.

Monaco Grand Prix has earned the title of ‘Speed’ since the first organized automobile race in year 1929. Since then, till now, there have been 74 races for the world to witness. If you are also planning to be a part of this gala, hire a yacht and sail to the ‘speedy’ moment of glory.


Why sail in Monaco Grand Prix yacht rentals?

“Add the thrilling adrenaline pumping to your French Rivera and enjoy a dreamy vacation.”

With the sea breeze caressing through hair and heart beating like muffled drums, take a sip of the wine as those cars set ready for flag off. And there you witness one of the world’s most prestigious event!

If this is exactly how you want to spend the vacation in Monaco, don’t wait anymore and plan for Monaco Grand Prix yacht rentals. As you stand on the yacht, you can very well see the entire race course. The yachts halt adjacent to the race course giving you freedom to have a better than ever enthralling experience to enjoy.

Yacht charter rentals during F1 Monaco Gran Prix for you to know

Every year during the month of May, when the race takes place, people from all over the world come to enjoy the enthralling experience in luxury yachts. If it is your first time, here are 3 top Yacht charter Monaco Grand Prix information for you to know –

  1. RHINO

“Embrace the luxury of sailing in the popular Riva Domino for an unforgettable memory.”

Prepare yourself to pamper with stunning experience offering relaxation and socialization as well. Enjoy a grand dining area where almost 8 people and accommodate and a lounge where you can sip some good wine while travelling. Along with it, you will also enjoy other amenities like – VIP cabin, paddle boats, Lampuga Air and much more.


  • Cabin – 4
  • Berth – 8
  • Length – 88 feet 8 inches
  • Price – on an average €47,600 for a week

If you travel in this luxury yacht Monaco Grand Prix, it will take a stunning sea route from Monaco, Cannes to Antibes crossing St Tropez and reaching Amalfi Coast.

  1. Harvest Moon

“Treat yourself with warm service and enjoy the Franco life to the fullest.”

Step into wooden paneling salon and sit on royal cream colour sofas while you enjoy a traditional greeting service. This will be the best seven days of your life and make most out of it. Play your favourite song while and groove. Prepare to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix with the favourite glass of wine in hand. Raise a toast for good luck!


  • Cabin – 3
  • Berth – 6
  • Length – 57 feet 8 inches
  • Price – €20,000 for 7

This is one of the best Monaco Grand Prix yacht rentals for one to avail.

  1. Toby

“As Captain Andrea sails, you will travel into the times of adventure wrapped in luxurious safety.”

Navigate a complete vacation by starting from Sorrento, moving to Naples, then reaching the Amalfi Coast, beach hopping in Capri and finally to Monaco. In this entire stretch of 7 days, you will not find even a single moment of dullness.

This Cerri Flying Sport 102 has a contemporary touch which you must enjoy. With water sports, 3 meals, entertainment, wine and all another package inclusive, prepare to have the time of your life.


  • Cabin – 5
  • Berth – 10
  • Length – 107 feet 6 inches
  • Price – €43,000 to €58,500 for 7

As you reach Monaco, get ready to have a gala time watching the race from the yacht.

After reaching the port of Monaco, make sure you are not late. Try to reach as early s possible if that even means post ponding some of the other events in the itinerary. This is because, a fleet of yacht will land on the port to witness the race.

Also, don’t forget your hat and sunglasses!

Get Monaco Grand Prix yacht rentals from renowned travel charter who will help you plan the entire tour perfectly. Also, talk about the extra charges in case there is any. So, plan to set sail soon!



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