The Ultime 6 Spots not to be missed when Sailing in St Barts

This is probably the best Caribbean island for yacht charter where you are going to find large sailing yacht racing regattas which are the largest private luxury superyachts in the world. St Barts is also known as St. Barths, St, Barth, or St. Barthelemy is a stunning yacht charter location that is growing in popularity every day. The island is getting popular for yacht charters because of its convenient location and it is roughly midway between two major sailing centers which are the Virgin Gorda and Antigua.

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Top sailing itineraries in St Barts

Saline Beach (Anse de Grande Saline)

This can be found along the southern coast of the island and it is among the most stunning stretches of sand and sea which is among the best beaches in the Caribbean. You will get many stunning activities to do right from the parking area, you will then hike over the hill to reach a protected cove and as soon as you emerge from the sand dunes, you will be mesmerized by turquoise, cobalt blue water. The beach is also the best spot for sunbathing and you can bring an umbrella if you want shade. You can also ride the waves when the wind is up.

St. Jean

This is located in the heart of the island and it is the most popular tourist area outside of Gustavia with boutiques, stunning restaurants, and shopping plazas. St. Jean’s Bay beach is a stunning crescent of white sand which boast of great swimming spot and natural coral reef. The beach is a perfect spot for parents with children with numerous water sports centers where you can rent snorkel gear, windsurfers, other beach toys, and surfboards. You can also visit the Nikki beach Saint Barth restaurant which features white sunbeds lined up along the sand.


Gouverneur Beach (Anse du Gouverneur)

This is a secluded curve of soft white sand which is backed by green hills and it is an island favorite but it still looks pristine and private. The water is typically a calm and great spot for swimming. The beach has a parking lot which is close to the sand but it is quite small and you can bring a beach umbrella if you prefer shade. 


This can be found along the island’s western shores and it is a two-street fishing village which is also known as the straw village because the women from the established island families creates straw hats and crafts from the palm fronds. The highlight of this village is the Inter-Ocean museum which is home to a collection of over 9,000 shells. You will also get to enjoy the calm waters of the Corossol Beach is used by the local fisherman as a port of call.


Kitesurfing at Grand Cul de Sac Beach

One of the top things to do in St. Barts during St. Barths charter is to visit the shallow bay and the crystal clear water of the Grand Cul de Sac which is ideal for water sports. This is the spot where kitesurfers congregate and if you are a beginner, there are kitesurfing school nearby that offers lessons that you can learn a few pointers from. The island is also a great spot for windsurfing and kayaking which is popular here. You can also relax at some of the restaurants which fringe the narrow beach.

Snorkeling and Diving the Nature Reserve of Saint-Barthélemy

This is a marine reserve that is divided into five separate zones around the island which is mainly for the preservation of the fragile marine ecosystems. There are many dive sites which lie within the reserve boundaries which is marked by white buoys. Some of the wildlife that you can spot here during snorkeling are turtles, spotted eagle rats, reef sharks, and many stunning varieties of coral. You can also dive to Kayali which is a superb 30m deep wreck dive where you will get to see conch, schools of tropical fish, and lobster. You are not allowed to dive into the reserve’s high protection areas as well as fishing.


Festivals when sailing in St Barts

There are many festivals and events that you can experience in St. Bart. The island is famous for the St. Barts’ Film Festival which is a meeting place for regional filmmakers to screen and discuss their work, this festival is held near the end of April.


There is also St. Barts’ Music festival in January where top-level musicians from around the world come to participate in this stunning event. There are many carnivals and celebrations that you can participate in which starts in February. There are other popular festivals that celebrate sporting events like windsurfing and St Barts boat rental.



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