The Ultimate Guide to Sailing Holidays in Italy

The main problem for anybody planning a visit to Italy is that it’s impossible to see all you desire in one trip! This leads to the largest travel planning mistake that most people make in Italy. Actually they make an effort to see too lots of things in too short a time. Please, in order to leave a relaxing and unforgettable holiday, consider that overloading your itinerary is one of the best recipe for tension.
We understand why you do it and we sympathise, but let’s repeat: dashing your Italian vacation is a surefire way to destroy it. Fortunately, the solution is simpler than you think: narrow down your focus and split your time accordingly.

The rhythm of any yacht charter in Italy, that’s, how long you spend seeing what you came to see and experiencing what you came to experience, is just as significant as what you experience and see. Actually, you could just book a trip to Rome and spend two weeks without getting bored hanging out there. To be able to assist you get an idea of the way to budget your time in some of Italy’s most popular yachting areas, we composed for you this article to let you evaluate the most striking destinations for charter in Italy. After many years of traveling in Italy, thanks to the Italian Yacht Charter Managers in our team, to the ownership and manage of several sailing and motor boats in the country, we’ve honed the rhythm of these sailing itineraries to perfection. Don’t hesitate to crib them use them as a base to generate your own custom itinerary, or as is. In this case, the where isn’t important; it’s the when that issues. As always, we’ll be waiting with questions, in the form and contact’s page.

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Yachting Holidays Italy remains one of these rare encounters in life – like a perfect spring day or the power of first love – that can never be overrated. There are bright isles and electric blue surf, glacial lakes and igneous volcanoes, rolling vineyards and urban landscapes harbouring UNESCO World Heritage sites than just about any other nation on Earth. Few places offer such variety and few visitors leave with no fervent urge to return. Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe due to the range of distinctive experiences and destinations you can have within its borders. There are numerous destinations, to get a taste of what experience true Italian culture, and the distinct regions of Italy have to offer!

There are a slew of destinations for a week sailing holidays in Italy, if you actually have a week to spend in Italy, you are obligated to find some areas that fascinate you and motivate you to wish to explore, and here are a couple of suggestions to inspire your bareboat or skippered sailing holidays Italy. With colourful towns and its enchanting villages, Italy is the ultimate destination for a perfect romance.

Italy is enjoyable to sail from spring to autumn. Many prefer to research it in May or September, rather than in active July and August. With all that Italy has to offer in the way of dreamy landscapes and a sense of vibrant and rich history, it is no wonder it’s remained one of the world enduring charter holiday destinations.

Italians enjoy their country so much who can blame them, and that most of them tend to vacation at home. The food is not so substantially worse than elsewhere. Italy is both amorous and social, so whether you’re intending to sail with a group of family members or buddies, or with your partner, your Italian yacht charter guarantees a holiday which will surely exceed your expectations all.

The Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter


Explore Italy’s glamorous Amalfi Coast, stopping off at the isles of Ischia and Capri and Positano to soak up the ambience that is chic and indulge with some extraordinary dining experiences.

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Calabria, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands


The Aeolian Islands are recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will have the ability to research Tropea’s fascinating volcanic landscapes for yourself, in fact Tropea, located on the western coast of Calabria, is together with Milazzo and Portorosa, one of the main ports for the Aeolian Yacht Charter, that definitively includes the most beautiful Islands of Sicily and South of Italy.

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Sardinia and the Emerald Coast


After Sicily, the second largest island of Italy. A vacation sailing Sardinia reveals one of the Mediterranean‘s treasures. This area of Italy, both wild and quiet at exactly the same time, rustic and classy captures some of the most extreme and stunning landscapes of the coast.

The islands of Salina, Stromboli, Panarea, Lipari and Vulcano are part of a volcanic chain which starts with Mount Etna and endings with Vesuvius, near Naples. When they were included in UNESCO World Heritage list, their beauty and unique characteristics have been officially recognised in the year 2000.

This really is where you could admire a perfect sunset on the top of an active volcano, while lava flows a few meters away from you in case you are looking for “once in a lifetime” moment. You’ll undoubtedly fall in love together with the little Mediterranean towns, while enjoying the sun and the sea in an ideal yachting holidays Italy.

By chartering a yacht in Italy, you choose one of the very best approaches to find all the wonders this beautiful country provides. Whether you decide on a romantic getaway on the Italian Riviera or a luxury yacht on the posh Costa Smeralda on Sardinia, you will soon find sailing holidays in Italy is among the most exquisite experiences you can have aboard your sailing yacht or catamaran.

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Because of big islands and its long coastline, there is lots to explore on your sailing vacation. When approaching the Amalfi Coast, you’ll have an opinion that its brilliant towns are carved into the towering hills that are tall. The biggest Mediterranean island, on Sicily, you are going to dive into a journey full of decadence, romance and charm that’s the Italian South. Obviously, it generally does not matter whether you select for bareboat charter or skippered sailing holidays in Italy; your encounter will abound in sights, tastes, and aromas. While taking a look at the smoke lazily appearing from the Stromboli volcano, on its black sand beaches, you can sunbathe. Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites – more than 50! What better solution to find a nation than through its culture and architecture!



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