The Ultimate Guide for Norwegian Fjords Yacht Charter

Seeking a unique destination for your summer yachting holiday? Attempt the fjords of Norway, chosen by National Geographic as the very best environmental tourist attraction.

Some of charter yachts will soon be available this summer to learn more about the breathtaking landscapes and spectacular scene are found throughout this Scandinavian country. Get the best tips and recommendations for your Norwegian Fjords yacht charter.

There is nowhere in the world rather like Scandinavia; and there’s nowhere in Scandinavia rather like Norway. A once in a lifetime yacht charter destination, Norway is unbelievably beautiful.

An apparently remote destination, Norway has for ages been recalled for its Vikings days. Stretching to the Arctic Sea from Skagerrak, Norway is a mysterious country filled with vast stretches of calm, picture-perfect landscapes; like its majestic fjords, glaciers, forested hills, the Arctic tundra, river valleys, towering peaks and much more. Balancing out its natural beauty, Norway is a sanctuary of Scandinavian buildings, cosmopolitan cities and cultural environment. Roam through its cities, and you’ll find a warm, welcoming individuals, cobblestone roads, delightful eateries, along with a wealth of bars. The real charm of Norway, nevertheless, is its recognisable vibes. Wherever you go in Norway, the state as a whole boasts a small town feel; and Norwegians know how fortunate they are to have it. In reality, as you’ll probably after you visit do, Norwegians commonly leave Norway settle down and just to return there. They would like to view the remainder of the planet, but once they do, they quickly learn that — in Norway notably — there’s simply no place like home.

Attempt Norway. There are innumerable reasons to go there, including a few of our favourites, listed below.

Do you want to charter Yacht in Norway and cruise the fjords?

Norway is filled with sensational landscapes
From apparently hopeless fjords and vast green space, to mountains, ice fields, glaciers and rugged shores, Norway is nothing short of an all-natural power station. Due to its different land forms, its beauty equals some of the world raved-about travel destinations.

The fjords are reason enough to see
Who doesn’t desire to see the fjords of Norway? Some of Norway’s fjords have been dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The sun always rises
Above the Arctic Circle, in northern Norway, you can see the sun 24 hours a day. At midnight, sunrise” that is “ is in the summer, leaving loads of time for exploring, climbing and boating.

It’s one of the best spots to view the Northern Lights
Finest spotted in winter and autumn, the Northern Lights are a sight to be viewed in northern Norway.

In Norway, adventure is encouraged
For Norwegians especially, nature is a part of life — one they have a passion for researching. Determined by the seasons, travellers and locals alike could be found cycling hiking, white-water rafting, dog-sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, sailing and more. They do so for good reason; Norway wonderful strengths are its gorgeous landscapes.

Exciting waters, good facilities, the abundant variety and exceptional coastal scenery of Fjord Norway is a well-kept secret.

Whatever you are looking for, you will find what you are seeking in Fjord Norway. The isles out to the west have been popular with boat enthusiasts for a long time, with their beautiful, rugged scenery and sheltered, enchanting harbours.

Several businesses in the area rent motor boats and sailing boats out. Old sailing ships have been fitted out for tourists, and boating holidays are available that include a skipper who knows the area well.

Should you pick a kayaking trip, you get closest to nature. Out at the shore there are canals, skerries and myriad small islands. There are many great lakes that are ideal for wilderness canoeing adventures should you prefer fresh water.

Norway Yacht Charter represents a great way of detecting this incredible nation and its breath taking natural beauty. Nature fans on this particular Northern Europe Yacht Charter will feel as though they were sailing in eden, cruising the fascinating fjords, taking in the midnight sun of the summer and the impressive glaciers.

The fjords of Norway supply a great basis for a development of exciting charter itineraries for unspoiled cruising in safe waters and, together with the wide selection of activities on offer, are the most noticeable natural characteristics. The endless leisure and sports activities to undertake during a Norway yacht vacation include fishing, cycling, horse-riding, sledging, kayaking and canoeing, hiking hunting or wildlife safari tours. Furthermore, Norway offers its visitors cultural heritage and services, museums, galleries, exceptional facilities and insight into the fascinating Sami culture.



Stavanger is the fourth biggest city in Norway, boasting a composite of old and new historic impacts as well as house to Norway’s oldest cathedral: Stavanger Domkirke seen in the heart of the city. Stavenger offers rich cultural life and a lot of opportunities for shopping, great dining or simply strolling through the enchanting roads. Sun- lamb trotters, riped tomatoes and other exotic food traditions are ample in restaurants and pubs with an international flavour.



Bergen offers its visitors a lively cultural scene and is celebrated for Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, the Fish Market, as well as the encompassing mountains, as well as its fjords, including the breathless Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord. In Bergen you’ll see just about everything from tea rooms to epicure fish eateries, from small bistros to discotheques, pubs and clubs. There are numerous boutiques and stores, amazing sightseeing possibilities and attractions that include the Edvard Grieg Museum at Troldhaugen the Floibanen Funicular and Fantoft Stave Church.



Sognefjord is the longest fjord of Norway,with one of its arms, Naeroyfjord, being on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Sognefjord is situated at the center of Fjord Norway and activities in its region include hiking the Jostedalsbreen Glacier or walking from cabin to cabin in Jotunheimen National Park. This hiking paradise has a sizeable selection of courses to select from, for both seasoned and inexperienced adventure seekers.



Situated not far from Bergen in the heart of Fjord Norway, the staggering Hardangerfjord is world’s third largest fjord and second biggest in Norway. It is well known for fruit trees blossoming in the Folgefonna Glacier, the Vøringsfossen Waterfall and also springtime. Here visitors see the Barony Rosendal, a historic estate and manors or on a Norway luxury charter yacht could incorporate a lovely Hardanger National Tourist Route hike.



Oslofjord is an inlet in the south east of Norway, stretching from Faerder and Torbjornskjaer to Langesund to Oslo in the South in the North. It refers to an extensive selection of waterways, although it’s not a fjord in the geological sense. Every single island in the innermost part of the fjord boasts its own identity and history that is distinctive. Hovedoya, Nakholmen,Lindoya,Gressholmen, Bleikoya, and Langoyene are the most renowned islands.



Oslo is Norway’s capital with exciting city life and superb accessibility to the great outdoors. The most famous attractions consist of the Opera House the Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park along with the Viking Ship Museum. The Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park supplies 63 acres of installments by international artists, together with museums, eateries and also a panoramic view of the city. The modern downtown waterfront place has a fantastic mix of museums restaurants and elegant urban living.



Situated close to Stavanger, LYSEFJORD is distinguished for the mountain formations of Kjerag and Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock). Top actions for yacht charterers here would have a hike to the top of the Preikestolen or researching the Kjerag Mountain. Should you dare, you can stand on Kjeragbolten – a rock wedged in the crevasse, dangled above an 984 in the mountain -meter deep abyss. Hengjanefossen Waterfall is also a breathtaking natural wonder to see.



Mystic tales and lively colours spring to mind when thinking of ‘The Northern Lights’.
The best places are above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway.

Norway is a country of only five million people and an outdoor lovers paradise with such activities as glacier trekking, hiking, fishing, kayaking cycling and white-water rafting are accessible to its visitors. The perfect method to navigate through its fjord system is undoubtedly in the summertime when the sun never sets, particularly via boat.


Day 1st
Bergen has an abundance of attractions. Spend meandering the streets, admiring the quirky cafes, excellent seafood restaurants and the just beautiful panorama offered from the very top of the old funicular.

Day 2nd 
Following an overnight sail along Norway’s west shore, pass the Alnes lighthouse to arrive in the vibrant fishing port of Alesund. Its brightly coloured townhouses and quaint harbour combined with its art nouveau architecture has really made it one of Norway’s most popular haunts.

Day 3rd 
The cruise to Geirangerfjord is among the very scenic in the world; enjoy steep cliffs, deep fjords and dramatic waterfalls. Geirangerfjord is one of the most visited villages in the region as a result of its natural wonders. Make sure to find time to search the Brudesloret, and the hamlet, Friaren and Seven Sisters waterfalls.

Day 4th 
Cut through Norway’s dramatic fjord system to arrive in the ancient city of Trondheim – Norway’s once capital city. Viking King Olav Trygvasson founded the city over 1,000 years ago. It really is a pretty reminder now. Cross the wooden bridge that is old to marvel at the restored wooden buildings in Bakklandet or play golf with an oceanfront course.

Day 5th
Olden is a quaint hamlet set in the heart of the fjords amidst rolling green meadows and the valley that is Oldedalen. It is flanked by near-vertical cliffs and glaciers that are imposing. Visually beautiful and steeped in history, Olden is the Norwegian fjords at its finest.

Day 6th
Sail to arrive in the tiny village of Flam. Lost in the midst of the Aurlandsfjord, Flam is set to a backdrop of sky-high glassy water cliffs and also a sleepy, wooden hut -filled village. Head ashore and enjoy lunch under the watchful eye of Norway’s deepest gorge and steepest mountains. After lunch set sail for Gudvangen, place in the Nærøyfjord, a branch of the Sognefjord. It truly is the most narrow navigable fjord in the world. Gudvangen has changed very little over the years enabling visitors to get a taste of life in a fjord village that was conventional.


Enjoy a leisurely sail passing scenic waterfalls, deep gorges through narrow fjords. Arrive in time for lunch, before leaving the radically beautiful nation of Norway, some souvenir shopping.

Sailing Yacht Charter in Norway is associated with exuberant liveliness, skerry gardens, beaches, secluded nature or endless fjords – Norway can offer locations lots and peaceful nature getaways of life. Heavy – gusts that are down and flat winds, you can encounter both while sailing through one of the long fjords. This is really an area for seasoned sailors.

The Lofoten islands in the north of the country offer a scenery of exceptional beauty. You can observe seals and whales, in the event you are lucky enough. The midnight sun between may and July is a special encounter. We recommend an excursion to the National Park Anerdalen on Senja island, where you locate endless woods, up to 500 year old pine trees and with some good luck a reindeer.

South of Bergen, the shoreline is incredibly rugged, the fjords are only spectacular, with many isolated islands. There are a lot of mooring facilities, typically sidewise at a jetty. No difficulties with space anywhere. The place is well protected, with short spaces between anchorages or marinas. Mooring fees are pretty low.

Fornebu Marina is just another good starting point for Norway yacht charter. The Marina is located in the innermost Oslo Fjord. With an overall length of 100 km and 40 embedded islands, this fjord supplies plenty of variety, making it a perfect sailing area.



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