The Best Way to Celebrate Easter

In the world there isn’t a unique way to celebrate Easter: every country has its own traditions and beliefs and this occasion gives a different value.

Easter Traditions

In the countries of Northern Europe, for example, Easter is celebrated with the arrival of Spring. Sweden and Finland on Palm Sunday are blessed with popular branches with white gems. The ritual that children perform the week before Easter has medieval origins: dress up as witches and distribute their letters in exchange for candy. Typical food for the Easter holidays in Finland is the “Pasha” made of cheese and the “Mammi”, a rye pudding. In Sweden, they eat colored hard-boiled eggs. In Denmark, the houses are decorated with flowering branches and painted eggs, in Easter Sunday the entire family gathers for a cold buffet and the children get the chocolate bunny.


Church bells in France remain silent until Good Friday as a sign of grief for Jesus Crucified. The children are told that they fly away to Rome before returning Sunday of Easter. When they are ringing the bell children begin the search for chocolate eggs hidden by their parents before the festivities.

The Easter fires burned hand with pieces of wood or with a large lens are German custom. In Germany, in fact, it is the flame of the “sacred fire” as Easter tradition, while the ashes are scattered in the gardens by farmers, are the propitious omen for the harvest. Cakes and dishes typical of the festival are the lambs and chocolate egg donated to children from a bunny named “Osterhase”.

In Israel, they celebrate two events: the Christian Easter and the Jewish holiday of “Passah”. During Holy Week there are processions and through the various stages of the life of the Cross. The Jewish holiday of “Passth” begins on the Thursday before Easter and remember the exodus of the Jews in Egypt and lasts seven days.

How to celebrate Easter 

What better solution than celebrate Easter 2016 in the heart of the Mediterranean, enjoying the awakening of the Spring season and its fruits? Or basking in the tropical sun of the Caribbean? Outside of the best-known circuits, there is a wide range of proposals, often known only to insiders or to “apasionados”. Going on vacation is not only an opportunity to leave the usual places and routines consolidated over
the working year, but it can become an occasion to explore paths completely different, where not regenerate only physically, but also emotionally, intellectually, and, why not, spiritually. The best solution is sure to combine the two primary elements: the Earth and the Sky, but without giving up the comfort and functionality of a yacht.




Choose the destination that you prefer, maybe having a look on your Bucket List, and customize your sailing itinerary, combining all the areas and hidden coves that you would like to discover! Be sure to have the right crew on board and to receive all the assistance for your unforgettable cruise to celebrate Easter! How can you do this, planning step by step every detail? Contact us and share with us all your preferences and needs, we’ll take care of your, your family, and your loved one’s necessities for the perfect Easter celebration by the sea!

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