The Best Sailing Itineraries in the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter Itinerary: One of the most well-known stretches of coastline in Europe, the stunning Amalfi coast line stretches south from the peninsula of Sorrento. Colourful quaint villages cling to vertiginous cliffs as the shoreline winds its rocky way, puncturing the clear azure sea.
Lying at the northern end of the Bay of Naples, the mountainous volcanic island of Ischia draws on the beneficial properties of the hot springs and rich volcanic mud and many travellers with its thermal spas. Additionally, there are some lovely gardens laid out with Mediterranean and tropical plants that are not closed to visitors.

Sailing Itineraries in Amalfi Coast

One of the most popular destinations is the town of Positano. For decades artists, rock stars, celebrities and writers have flocked here. It really is worth the climb up the narrow streets to see with one of the little boutiques offering “Positano Fashion” and have sandals or some clothing made to order.


Towering cliffs and breathtaking scenery itself lies at the mouth of a deep gorge and surround the town of Amalfi. Climb up the steps to visit the stunning Duomo di Amalfi (St Andrew’s Cathedral) which dates back to the 11th century… and there are many other excellent building including the elegant arches of the aptly-named 13th Century Chiostro del Paradiso (the Cloister of Paradise).

Merely the name Capri evokes pictures of a breathtaking island populated by beautiful people enjoying La Dolce Vita. This island has been a tourist destination since pre-Roman times and no wonder: with delights such as the palace of the Emperor Augustus, the Blue Grotto and breathtaking scene it’s simple to see why people are still drawn to this island.

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Because the island has long been popular with the elite, dining and the shopping is of an extremely high quality; after reaching the stores, seek out one of the world class eateries perched high above the sea and drink in the amazing views. Anchor Positano off, land on the private beach of the 5-star resort San Pietro di Positano and get up the lift to the hotel that is perched high on the cliff above. A sunset cocktail on the patio surrounded by actually stunning panoramic views is among the world’s great enjoyments.



Day 1st
Naples to Ischia: Board your mega yacht charter in Naples, a vibrant seaport city built on the slopes of the Bay of Naples with the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, in the backdrop. It’s the perfect place as it has an international airport and many marinas for embarkation for beginning a cruise on the Amalfi Coast. Both pizza and spaghetti were allegedly created here, and the “O Sole Mia” Italian welcome spices the air. Naples offers palaces, numerous historical sites, art museums, and churches including the National Archaeological Museum, thought to be the finest in Europe, and the San Carlo Opera House. They have made Ischia world-renowned as “The Island of Well-Being.”

Day 2nd
Capri – when he seen that he never returned to Rome an infamous jet setting isle that so enchanted Tiberius. Clark Gable and Sophia Loren romanticised Capri eternally with the movie “It Started in Naples.” The town of Capri is nested in the cliffs of a spectacular limestone coastline that offers a dynamic ambiance of boutiques, trendy eateries and chic bars and spikes out of the sea. amalfi-coast-sailing-guide


A spot to see and be seen. Sixty five caverns punctuate the cliffs of Capri, and a major highlight is the “Blue Grotto” which is entered by boat through a small passage and 65 feet below sea level. Reflections of light bathe the stalactites in a kaleidoscope of silvers and turquoises creating a magical journey through ruins and the tunnels.

Day 3rd
Positano – Inhabiting a spectacular stretch of shoreline, Positano is an old fishing hamlet populated with sand splashed cafes and boutiques. A great isle for kicking back and enjoying the seashore and water sports. The Galli Islands lie just offshore, and we’ll stop here for lunch.

amalfi-coast-itinerary-7-days amalfi-coast-itinerary-10-days

Day 4th
Amalfi – Rich in history and myth, Amalfi is the land of everlasting Spring. Hercules buried his beloved nymph “Amalfi” here as it was the most wonderful place on the planet. An old seafaring center in the 9th century, the Cathedral of St. Andrew still remains. A stroll through the city shows museums, convents, piazzas, fountains, and historical churches. A trip to the Emerald Grotto is a must – you row through a marine cave with amazing stalactites and stalagmites (many of which are submerged) and the environment are draped with a myriad of golden and emerald hues.

Day 5th
Sorrento – is perched on a terraced ledge over the sea, surrounded by countryside of citrus groves and olive trees. A labyrinth of alleys and steps and lovely beaches and the picturesque seaport join the village beneath. Sorrento has been attracting tourists since Roman times and its name hails from the mythical mermaids who tempted his crew and Ulysses in the Odyssey with their siren’s tune. The city has lively shopping, an unspoiled old quarter, lovely walks, and pizza you could purchase by the meter. sailing-amalfi-coast

Day 6th
Pompeii – A day trip to Pompeii from the ports of Naples or Sorrento is highly recommended. Excavated over the years, it is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world, giving a whole view of a Roman town with basilicas, baths, its temples, theaters, and gladiator training stadium.
Paestum: A train trip from Sorrento will bring history enthusiasts with one of the best collections of Greek temples everywhere on earth to the finely preserved ruins of Paestum.

Day 7th
Naples – Disembarkation




A tour for an unforgettable day at sea, of the wonders of the island aboard a sleek yacht. Opt for a deluxe picnic on board, or you can select to quit at a beachfront restaurant to sample traditional dishes for lunch. Hop off for a walk through Positano, or spend your complete sail on board for an unforgettable day on the Mediterranean:
– Departure in Marina Grande
– Tour of the Isle of Capri by sea, with stops at the famed sea grottoes
– Sail to the Amalfi Coast, with a stop at the Li Galli islands for a swim
– Arrival at Positano
– Return to Capri

A classic sail. You can not say you have seen Capri unless you have sailed its dramatic, craggy shoreline, with luxurious villas tucked into the exuberant cliffside, sea grottoes dotting the shore, and water of a thousand shades of turquoise. Round the isle, and let the view of the towering Faraglioni sea stacks take your breath away…sailing-itinerary-amalfi-coast

Departure in Marina Grande for the island tour by sea, passing Tiberius Jump, the Faraglioni sea, the Coral Grotto, and the White Grotto stacks.
Lunch at one of these waterfront restaurants: Torre Saracena, Il Riccio, or La Fontelina.
When it’s not as crowded the tour continues through the afternoon with a stop at the Blue Grotto. Return to the port of Capri, and a farewell toast


Do not restrict yourself to Capri! Visit Ischia, Capri, and Procida and revel in the thermal baths, fishing hamlets, and renowned Blue Grotto for a Gulf tour that is complete.
Tour of the Island of Capri by sea
Sail to Ischia
Tour of the isle of Ischia by sea, with a stop for a swim in the thermal baths
Lunch at a beachfront restaurant to sample the traditional island cuisine
Tour of the island of Procida by sea
Return to Capri



Southern Italy conceals many wonders to understand sailing. One of them is near the city of Naples, to it at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, and the exquisite Amalfi Coast together with the Aeolian Islands, in Sicily. Additionally, this region is frequented by yachts and sailors. The landscape of caverns, high cliffs and villages on the hillsides is exceptional. We motivate you to understand this part of the Italian shore with this 10 days sailing itinerary in the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, embarking in Milazzo, main port for the Aeolian Islands.

Day 1st
The first stop is scheduled in Volcano on the Southwestern part of the isle between the magnificent bays; lunch rest and from here we move to the faraglioni in the channel between Vulcano and Lipari, relax. In Porto Pignataro, rather in the afternoon coming in Lipari. From this instant it’ll be possible to follow gastronomic and ethnic routes, including visits to local producers cellars to taste the typical malvasia. Then and follows dinner in the restaurant to taste the Aeolian cuisine. We end with tasting of well-known and outstanding pastry store on the isle.amalfi-coast-yacht-charter-itinerary

Day 2nd
First stop in the lovely Bay of Cala Junco and to the isle of Lisca Bianca for a swim among its amazing waters. In the late day is anticipated to return to port to procure a spot in the roadstead or buoys. Dinner at typical restaurant in Panarea, or Raja locale constantly in vogue, where the nighttime continues until morning between glorious Mediterranean surroundings and the musica ricercata entirely typical of “Raja”.

Day 3rd
Relaxation time after seeing the tiny settlement of Ginostra and immediately placed South of Stromboli. In the evening potential passage by boat under the Sciara del Fuoco to notice, the glorious volcanic explosions, at nighttime with matches and lapilli. Explosions, happen at periods of about 15 minutes, typical of the so called Strombolian action, exceptional on earth of volcanoes.


Day 4th
Breakfast shortly and in rada departing for Salina, about 20 miles. Along the way, stop for a toilet at a Bay of Panarea, it continues for the first break and Salina is anticipated in the lovely Bay of Pollara; following relax and lunch. From this perspective, you can find the growing of vines for the creation of Malvasia di Salina. Dubbed Capo Faro, you reach the enchanting town of St. Marina where you will dock in pier at the new Marina in the state. Following earth actions arranged and tasting of the best Malvasia. Ends with dinner at one of the eateries of the Aeolian Islands.


Day 5th
Navy coach transport to Punta Lingua, where you are going to taste the famed granite bar with real fruit “Alfredo”, found in the quaint and historical hamlet of language. It’s part of sharing and the Harbour continued to sail along the southwest shore of the isle. Break the “three stones” for a toilet; late morning departure for Tropea, Calabria and then cruise to the Amalfi Coast.

amalfi-coast-itinerary-10-days amalfi-coast-itinerary-suggestions

Day 6th 
Ischia, is the third largest Italian island after Sicily and Sardinia.
One of the six municipalities, Ischia, broken up into fractions of Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte, is the best known and went. Ischia grew under the Aragonese Castle and is a quaint fishing hamlet.

Day 7th and 8th
You sail along the shore of the island of Procida. Pause for berthing and a toilet in Procida. Procida island of quiet; is the least populated of the three islands in the Gulf of Naples, and possibly for this reason has still maintained unchanged the appeal of yesteryear, with its straightforward and pastoral houses, set in an architectural statement that’s the typical Mediterranean flavor. This is the reason it was constantly beloved to artists and poets, the most famed of all is without doubt Elsa Morante who establish her most famous novel “L’isola di Arturo”. The historic center of Procida is the hamlet of Terra Murata, perched around the fortress of D’avalos who dominated the isle to the 18th century from the 16th century. The hamlet, surrounded by walls for defensive purposes, with a spectacular location, within the Citadel and Benedictine Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo. Vivara is a little island within walking distance- is linked to Procida by a bridge- an actual retreat uninhabited, who got the acknowledgement of natural reserve.

Day 8 and Day 9th
Departure from Procida, sailing southwards in the direction of Capri, where luxuriant gardens and sumptuous villas and exclusive boutiques switching. A heaven in the centre of the sea adored by the early Romans. More unobtrusive, rather, is the other side of the isle, Anacapri, another town on the isle. Is a stop in the famous Piazzetta of Capri that teems with tourists and outside tables. From the square on which stands the feature Bell Tower with majolica clock leads to the medieval part of Capri: amid the houses and the narrow roads from the times, Palazzo Cerio Museum stands now. Dinner in one of the many local restaurants, quaint bed or on board and after breakfast we cannot lose, then the conventional tour of the island to see with bays, coves and inlets. He leaves for a visit to the Blue Grotto, thus named for the colour of its incredible limpid and clear.


Tourist destination par excellence, consistently for its natural and artistic beauties and its customs, Sorrento is a leading Centre for amount of services offered and even the best known and made throughout the Peninsula Sorrentina ..a little history:
The Foundation is traditionally credited to the Greeks and is connected, but Sorrento was first settled in the italic individuals, Etruscans and then by 420 b.c., was significant to the sway of Osci. During the disaster of Byzantine rule in Italy, Sorrento obtained autonomy with Dukes and the archons under the supremacy of the Dukes of Naples, subsequently as a Duchy, constantly fighting with Amalfi, Salerno and the Saracens. Sorrento followed since the bundles of the Kingdom, not without conflicts and rebellions, particularly at the start of the aragonese period. In 1558 the Turks took and plundered it; in the winter of 1648 the city claimed valiantly l’assedio di Giovanni Grillo, General of the Duke of guise.
The town demonstrates the orthogonal road layout of Roman origin, while 16th century walls surround towards monte. Another marine villa is “Villa of Agrippa Postumus”, under the present “Hotel Syrene. The villa was constructed by unlucky-nephew of Augustus.

Day 10th
The Amalfi Coast yacht charter itinerary ends with the disembark in Naples Port.


Tourists who want to spend their time on board a luxurious charter yacht on Amalfi Coast will love getting lost in the world’s oldest and most amazing hamlets, while experiencing the incomparable and unforgettable emotions of exclusive clubs and their beaches, restaurants. For those seeking bigger (and necessarily busier) retreats by the sea, the very best choice is Vietri sul Mare, where ample stretches of sand washed by the waters of the Gulf of Naples are within reach and welcoming.

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A private yacht can bring tourists seeking a more secluded experience to the coves and bays concealed along the coast like pearls in a carton, like the beautiful beaches of Baia, Crespella, along with Vietri’s and Albori’s Marina. True works of art are also the enchanting shores around Positano, including Arienza, Marina Grande and the refined and booked Laurito, and exclusive one, perfect for travellers looking for enjoyment is ’sed by Fornillo.


Just off the coast is a group of rugged outcroppings seeming as if they were at a stroke’s reach. Bigger and better-equipped beaches are those of Marina Grande and Castiglione di Ravello, in addition to the less famous one of Atrani, washed by crystal clear waters. Maiori and Minori are home to the oldest seashores and hamlets of the Coast. Nerano, Cetara, Amalfi and Praiano are lesser-known locations of the Shore featuring the same exclusive relax and welcoming shores, expecting visitors at the underside of steep rugged stairs. While the sun keeps the bathers warm until late in the day here, transparent waters wash during your yacht charter Amalfi Coast.



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