The Best 1, 3, 7 and 14 Days Sailing Itinerary in Italy

When you think about the best sailing itineraries in Italy, actually you have open to totally open your mind to see how many possible routes you can enjoy when you start planning your yacht charter in Italy. From the Northern part of the Tyrrhenian Sea, starting from Portofino, the Cinque Terre, and Forte dei Marmi, to the southern coasts of the Sicilian Islands, Italy offers the most beautiful spots, hidden coves, grottos, stacks (known as Faraglioni, actually not only in Capri but also in Lipari, Aeolian Islands) for your sailing route.

How to choose your next sailing route in Italy?

It may seem easy, and actually it is, but the truth is that in Italy there are so many sailing itineraries to choose from.

First of all, have you ever been to Italy? Have you ever sailed in Italy before?

If your answer is yes, you will surely know what I mean when I say that you have tons of options to select, whether it is for a day, a weekend, or a week. 

That’s our selection of the best sailing destinations for your charter itinerary in Italy:

All these amazing places are ideal for different duration of the charter. We always suggest weekly sailing holidays because in 7 days you will surely include all the top spots of the area, without having to give up any of the wonderful views and waters of these incredible destinations.

So, as most of the yachts are available for a minimum of a week and this is precisely the period we strongly recommend to our clients, let’s start with our favorite 7 days sailing itinerary in Italy.

7 Days Italy Sailing Itineraries


1 Week sailing around the Amalfi Coast

It’s a charming experience to live with your family and loved ones. This is not only our favorite list of spots you must discover during your charter in South Italy, but a sample route to enjoy aboard your boat:

  1. Day – Procida
  2. Day – Ischia
  3. Day – Capri
  4. Day – Amalfi and Positano
  5. Day – Ravello
  6. Day – Sorrento
  7. Day – Napoli

Pamper yourself with an iconic picture in front of the Faraglioni in Capri, walk around the lovely streets of Ravello, visit the Blue Grotto and taste the exquisite limoncello made with local Sorrento’s lemons.

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1 Week sailing around Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands, located in the north-eastern area of Sicily, are composed of 7 gems that create an amazing volcanic archipelago and a striking boat itinerary for 7 days in Italy:

  1. Day – Capo d’Orlando
  2. Day – Vulcano
  3. Day – Lipari
  4. Day – Salina
  5. Day – Filicudi 
  6. Day – Panarea
  7. Day – Stromboli

You can decide to embark in Palermo or in Milazzo, but the 7 islands are all not to be missed! Starting from Alicudi or Vulcano, all of them have to be discovered by boat. What are you waiting for? Now it’s time to organize and plan your sailing itinerary in Italy.

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7 Days sailing around Sardinia and Corsica:

Land in Olbia’s Airport and embark in Portisco or Cannigione. Then the list of spots not to be missed in North Sardinia is endless: Cala di Volpe, La Maddalena Park, Strait of Bonifacio, Spiaggia Romazzino, Capo Testa, and so on.

  1. Day – Olbia
  2. Day – La Maddalena
  3. Day – Bonifacio, Corsica
  4. Day – Santa Teresa di Gallura
  5. Day – Palau, Santo Stefano
  6. Day – Caprera
  7. Day – Cannigione

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14 Days Italy Sailing Itineraries

On the other hand, if your plans are for 14 days sailing itinerary in Italy, for sure you can include in your route more amazing destinations combining different regions and areas. Let’s see together which wonderful itineraries we suggest you, that can always be customized as per your demands (weather permitting).


14 Days boat itinerary in Italy – Sicily and the Amalfi Coast

The Pontine Islands, the Amalfi Coast, and the Aeolian Islands are in our top selection of destinations not only in Italy but in the whole West Mediterranean.

Read our suggested route and contact us to book the yacht of your dream with Yourboatholiday:

  1. Day – Roma
  2. Day – Ponza and Palmarola
  3. Day – Ventotene
  4. Day – Ischia
  5. Day – Procida
  6. Day – Capri
  7. Day – Positano and Amalfi
  8. Day – Capo Vaticano
  9. Day – Stromboli
  10. Day – Panarea
  11. Day – Salina
  12. Day – Lipari
  13. Day – Vulcano
  14. Day – Milazzo

The crystaline waters of the spots are stunning and incredible. Whether you embark in Rome, Naples or Sicily, this 14 days sailing itinerary in Italy will surely be one of the most exciting experience of you life.


14 Days boat itinerary in Italy – Circumnavigation of Sicily

2 Weeks to circumnavigate the second biggest island of the Mediterranean: Sicily. With her volcanic archipelagos, cultural sites and charming views, Sicily will meets all your deepest expectations during your 14 days sailing itinerary:

  1. Day – Palermo
  2. Day – Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro and San Vito Lo Capo
  3. Day – Trapani
  4. Day – Levanzo and Favignana
  5. Day – Marettimo and Marsala
  6. Day – Mazzara del Vallo
  7. Day – Agrigento and Sciacca
  8. Day – Marina di Ragusa, Pozzallo, Pachino
  9. Day – Marzamemi, and Siracusa
  10. Day – Taormina, Acireale, and Acitrezza
  11. Day – Messina Strait and Scilla
  12. Day – Vulcano and Lipari
  13. Day – Salina and Panarea
  14. Day – Milazzo

Aboard your yacht you will have access to the hidden gems of an enchanting italian region, discovering turquoise seas and clear beaches.


14 Days boat itinerary in Italy – Egadi and Eolie Islands

The two main sailing itinerary of Sicily enclosed in one: let’s discover this crazy 2 weeks itinerary by boat not-to-be-missed!

  1. Day – Portorosa
  2. Day – Vulcano
  3. Day – Lipari
  4. Day – Panarea and Stromboli
  5. Day – Salina
  6. Day – Alicudi and Filicudi
  7. Day – Palermo
  8. Day – San Vito Lo Capo
  9. Day – Trapani
  10. Day – Favignana and Levanzo
  11. Day – Marettimo
  12. Day – Marsala
  13. Day – San Castellammare dei Golfo
  14. Day – Palermo

Embark in Portorosa or Capo d’Orlando and disembark in Palermo or Marsala, for a one-way charter, to truly enjoy these 10 volcanic islands of Sicily.


14 Days boat itinerary in Italy – Tuscany, Sardinia, and Corsica

Usually the main port for a yacht charter in Sardinia is around Olbia and it could be in Portisco or Cannigione. For a 2 weeks itinerary by boat we strongly suggest to start your sailing in South Tuscany, to cruise all the most beautiful areas of central Italy:

  1. Day – Piombino
  2. Day – Isola d’Elba
  3. Day – Capraia
  4. Day – Bastia
  5. Day – Cruise down the eastern coast of Corsica
  6. Day – Porto Vecchio
  7. Day – Bonifacio Strait
  8. Day – Santa Teresa di Gallura
  9. Day – La Maddalena Park
  10. Day – Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo
  11. Day – Sail North back to Corsica
  12. Day – Isola del Giglio and Argentario
  13. Day – Porto Ercole
  14. Day – Piombino

Share with us your plans and thoughts and let our Charter Experts assist you as you deserve.
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