The Best 1, 3, 7 and 14 Days Boat Itinerary in Greece

How do sunny cruises along with Greece, lulled in tranquil azure depths, tempt you?

You can be considering a vacation, be it with your family or with that special someone. It might be a reunion of friends or a solo leisure tour. How does a voyage sound; draped in adventures, off the coast of Greece

While Roman and Byzantine reign followed that of the Greeks, these islands have also been ruled by Venetians, Napoleon, and lastly by the British. Along with a rich history, the smaller islands also offer tranquillity. You can even be on the hunt to scoop up a bit of adventure here; though you should not miss its cuisine, which is another exquisite offering from Greece

Try dishes like Pastisada, Sofrito, Bourdeto, and others during your sailing itinerary in Greece; while that of seafood is another vast horizon to explore. Well, do not forget to try the wine; a flavor basked in Greek sun, making it quite distinct from its Italian or French counterparts.

Leisurely sun basking, a bit of tan, heavy platters, a share of adventure, and a fair dose of history, Greece yacht charter offers et al.


How to choose and plan the best boat itinerary in Greece?

Greece is synonymous with endless possibilities of sample sailing routes to select. Thousands of islands that compose striking archipelagos: the Cyclades with Mykonos, Paros, and Naxos; the Ionian Islands with Corfu, Lefkas, and Kefalonia; Athens and the Saronic Gulf; the Dodecanese with Rhodes and so on.

Have you ever sailed in Greece before? And where? How long was your previous charter? 

Actually, it would be very difficult that you enjoyed by boat the whole Greek sea, so let us propose to you the most beautiful sailing itineraries in Greece that you can experience with Yourboatholiday.

Starting from the standard duration of charter, we present you our suggested and favorite boat routes in Greece for 7 days of sailing:

The best 7 days sailing itinerary in Greece: the Ionian

1 Week sailing around the Ionian Islands

  1. Day – Corfu
  2. Day – Paxi
  3. Day – Lefkada
  4. Day – Ithaki
  5. Day – Cephalonia
  6. Day – Zakynthos
  7. Day – Corfu

If you want to know more about it, read carefully the below and check this useful article: Ionian Islands

  • Corfu

The second-largest of the Ionian Islands, this isle is tied to the fabled tales and history of ancient Greece. One of the naval superpowers in ancient Greece, the landmass has been a strategic post for every conqueror of Corfu. Cruising off its coast can be exciting, with sites like the Achilleion, Kaiser’s Bridge, and more to visit. This Island also houses archaeological sites like the temples of Artemis and Hera, Kardaki temple, etc.

  • Paxi

Paxos and Antipaxos are the largest islands in Paxi, which is essentially a cluster of islands. Antipaxos offers some of the finest wines and also 2 of the best sand beaches in the Ionians, making it a must-stop destination for voyagers. Paxi also has an interesting myth about its origin, which attributes Poseidon, the sea god, as a creator of this island.

  • Lefkada

An island connected to mainland Greece via a floating bridge and causeway, Lefkada is one of the smallest of major islands in the Ionians cluster. While you should not miss this floating bridge while cruising past the isle, it has rich mythical stories to offer too. Often related to Aphrodite, the goddess of love; this island is even linked to the poetess Sappho’s suicide.


  • Ithaki

Though every island has a fair share of history to serve the palate of visiting seafarers, Ithaki is a landmass richly contested by historians as the mythical Ithaca. Home of Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s Odyssey, ancient Ithaca has not yet been confirmed as the same island. Interestingly, archaeological findings flag both Ithaki and Cephalonia as possible sites for Ithaca.

  • Cephalonia

Largest of the Ionian Islands, it is 6th largest among all the Greek Isles. Along with layers of archaeological findings, this island is also regularly mentioned in ancient Greek history. The importance of this isle and its archaeological findings make many historians believe this to be ancient Ithaca. Voyagers cruising through the Ionian seas should not miss visiting this island.

  • Zakynthos

Even though Zakynthos has deep historical roots, it has come to be known as a favorite tourist destination filled with restaurants, clubs, pubs, etc. Be it a couple faring through the Ionian seas or a crew of friends on a fun-filled voyage; it is the most preferred spot to party.

The Ionian Islands is traditionally known as the Heptanese, which refers to 7 islands. The last landmass on the southernmost tip of the Ionian Islands and Greece is known as Cythera. Situated towards the African mainland, it is not counted presently as a part of the Ionian Islands.


Cruise Outings in the Ionian Islands 

While even the mention of Greece reminds of a sun-bathed country with its rich history, Ionian Islands offer no less. Cruising through on a boat of choice, flitting across powdered beaches basked in apollonian glory, diving into the plethora of historical narrations; the Ionian Islands offer more than the perfect sailing experience.

Striding into the mythical past of ancient Greece can be well-expected while voyaging with the Ionian Islands sailing charter. What comes as a plus is lush greenery, pristine beaches, and rugged mountains; old cities born out of wizened civilizations. When you go for the week sailing itinerary in Greece, spare some time to imbibe the cultural horizon that is Greek in its entirety. While the historic Old Town of Corfu must be visited, you should also cruise by it to capture a captivating, scenic delight of colors. The view can be quite mesmerizing, not just for this town but for others too. Scattered over quaint hillocks, the picturesque towns are a sight to remember.

Top selection of yachts in the Ionian Islands:

The best week boat itinerary in Greece: the Cyclades

Oh yes, we are talking about Mykonos, Ios, Paros, Tinos, Naxos, and all the other gems that compose the Cyclades Islands. It’s almost impossible to remember ALL the names of the thousands of wonderful Greek islands. Even if you decide to visit Greece every summer, choosing different locations every year, it would probably not be enough to discover all the hidden wonders of this Mediterranean country.

The Cyclades Islands can be reached by boat directly starting from the Islands (the main bases are Paros and Mykonos) and also departing from Athens.

Here are our suggested sailing itineraries both from Athens and from Paros:

1 Week sailing around the Cyclades Islands from Athens

  1. Day – Alimos, Athens
  2. Day – Kea Island
  3. Day – Sifnos Island
  4. Day – Paros Island
  5. Day – Serifos Island
  6. Day – Kythnos Island
  7. Day – Cruise from Kythnos to Athen

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7 days sailing around the Cyclades Islands from Paros

  1. Day – Paros
  2. Day – Kamares, Sifnos Island
  3. Day – Folegandros
  4. Day – Santorini
  5. Day – Amorgos
  6. Day – Mykonos
  7. Day – Paros




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