Super Paradise Beach Club Mykonos

Want to party in Mykonos? Spend a day at the Super Paradise Beach Club!

One of the most incredible and transgressive spots in Mykonos, Super Paradise Beach is among the most beautiful and famous beaches on the island. Known above all for its alternative parties by the sea, it is a place where fun and excess are the order of the day, but also a bay with breathtaking colors.

In short, a unique environment in which to spend a day out of the ordinary!



Party location all summer long!

Super Paradise Beach’s reputation as a place for partying and fun is well deserved. If you arrive here in the morning, the bay will seem quiet and relaxed but as soon as the afternoon clears and the sun begins to set, the atmosphere changes dramatically and the beach turns into a real open-air disco.

The crazy parties that are held on the beach all day make it the most popular destination among young people but also among numerous VIPs who do not miss the opportunity to be immortalized here.

What area of ​​the island is Super Paradise Beach Club located?

The beach is set in a small but deep blue cove surrounded by hills with incredible views and crystal clear sea. It is located along the southern coast of the island, about 6 kilometers away from the center of Mykonos city.


A beach with little room for inhibitions…

It is no coincidence that Super Paradise Beach Club is considered the most alternative and non-conformist beach on the island. In fact, it is good to know that Super Paradise Beach is open to nudism, so much so that in some places it is almost an obligation.

It is also the favorite of gay tourists who find themselves on the right side of the beach, where the club with swimming pool is located, while the rest of the beach is occupied by an eclectic crowd who enjoy themselves with or without clothes!

Super Paradise beach became famous in the 1960s when young hippies met here during the summer to practice nudism. Today it continues to be very popular with party-goers, the gay community, and even celebrities. However, Super Paradise Beach is open to everyone. During the day the atmosphere is in fact quiet and relaxed and even families can admire its breathtaking beauty while enjoying the soft golden sand or a bath in its turquoise waters.


The Super Paradise Beach Club

Super Paradise Beach Club is designed as the most open, multicultural, and diverse place on the island and always guarantees plenty of space and excellent customer service.

Featuring a lifeguard on duty, a boutique, a beach bar, and a restaurant, Super Paradise Beach is the perfect place for an exceptional day at the beach, first chilling on large loungers overlooking the sparkling sea, enjoying the sun, and diving into the sparkling waters, then dancing at the music of the most incredible DJ sets in all of Mykonos during endless parties. 

The beach service is one of the highlights with waiters ready to spoil you with fresh fruit juices and salads, coffee, snacks, imaginative cocktails, and cold sparkling champagne on request.


Why is it convenient to get to Super Paradise Beach on a boat?

Those who decide to spend even just a day in the beach club must book well in advance, as places are limited and the demand is really high especially in the highest season months (July and August).

The rest of the beach is no exception. On hot and sultry summer days it can in fact fill up with people to the point of unbelievable!

Arriving aboard a yacht or a boat will guarantee you instead of an exclusive view of the bay, no crowding problems, and above all a preferential lane to access the beach club!

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