Sicilian tourist ports overview: Have you ever sailed in Capo D’Orlando?

How many Sicilian marinas do you know? Sicily offers its boaters a good number of marinas located along the entire coast. Today we are talking about Capo D’Orlando, one of the main ports in north-eastern Sicily. Follow us as we discover this seaside town and the wonderful destinations that can be reached by boat from here.



Where is this marina located?

As mentioned, Capo D’Orlando is located on the northeast coast of Sicily island, about two hours by car east from the regional capital, Palermo, and about two hours by car from Catania airport. Despite the considerable distance (the tourist port is about 185 km from Palermo airport), the port management organizes, at the request of its customers, transfers to and from the airports.



What services does Capo d’Orlando offer?

Choosing to set sail from the Capo D’orlando marina gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Sicilian sun and sea and to take advantage of the first-rate services of this superlative Sicilian tourist port. Located in an enchanting setting, it faces the splendid Aeolian Islands and behind it an immense natural area consisting of two large parks: the Nebrodi park and the Etna Park. Finally, it offers the perfect location to set out to discover Sicilian artistic, landscape, and historical treasures.

Specifically, the Capo D’Orlando marina has 553 berths served with connections to running water and electricity, sanitary facilities and wifi, a service station equipped with a bar and restaurant, and security service, active 24 hours a day which also includes the area for car parking.


What does Capo D’Orlando look like?

The village of Capo D’Orlando looks like a quiet village typical of this ​​Sicily area. Walking towards the central street you can appreciate the presence of low houses and shops of all kinds. There are exclusive boutiques, alongside numerous bars and small trattorias, where you can enjoy the local specialties based on fish. Walking through the town streets offers peace and relaxation feelings, it allows you to get in tune with the tranquility typical of the inhabitants of this beautiful village.

Not to be missed is undoubtedly the sanctuary of Maria Santissima which is located on the top of the Capo D’Orlando mountain, reachable on foot through a picturesque staircase interspersed with pretty streets surrounded by nature.

Near the sanctuary, there is a belvedere from which you can extend your gaze towards a wonderful panorama that ranges from the village view to the colors of the sea and the pristine nature of the Aeolian Islands that stand out in the background.



What are the beauties in its surroundings?

Already mentioned above, in the hinterland, there is the wonderful Nebrodi Park, known for the variety of flora and fauna of its woods, lakes, and mountain villages. It is worth a visit, as well as the tasting of its typical products.

Also on the coast, a few miles east of Capo D’Orlando is Tìndari, a hamlet of the Patti municipality, rich in history, archeology, and natural beauty. Impossible not to mention the archaeological area where the beautiful Greek amphitheater of Tindari is located. The structure dates back to the 4th century BC and was used by both the Greeks and the Romans.

From a naturalistic point of view, on the other hand, the Marinello lakes are unique. It is a long stretch of sand that extends towards the sea and in which some small saltwater lakes are set. A unique landscape that gives its best when viewed from the hills behind it.


Which Sicilian destinations can be reached by boat from Capo d’Orlando?

Obviously, there is no limit to the Sicilian destinations that can be reached from this tourist port. Everything will depend on how many days you will dedicate to your charter and your adventure.

Said that Capo D´Orlando Marina is the ideal starting point for a trip to the Aeolian Islands which are located right in front of your boarding, arranged as to form a large Y in front of the northern Sicily coast.

They are a series of volcanic origin islands and each of them has its own particular charm. We talk about: Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi.

The Aeolian Islands have enchanted travelers from all over the world and are a major tourist attraction for the clarity of the seabed, the natural environment, the two active volcanoes of Stromboli and Vulcano as well as the characteristic villages and the friendliness of the inhabitants.

Another great tourist destination not to be missed is certainly Cefalù. A town overlooking the sea and appreciated for its typicality and cultural and architectural beauty. A wonderful example of this is its cathedral, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.

The beaches here are certainly not far behind. One of the best is the Cefalù Lido, which stands out for its crystal clear waters and its golden sand.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention Palermo, a wonderful city and main Sicilian center. The possible attractions here are many and range from culture to art to architecture, up to the beaches that surround it, among all we mention that of Mondello, a real gem not far from the city center.

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