What about a Sardinia Crewed Yacht Charter for your Luxury Holidays in 2017?

What is really unique about a luxury Sardinia crewed yacht charter? The list continues on and on, but the most emotional characteristic may be it’s the sole holiday you’ll ever take where you get both the control of calling all of the shots as well as the pampering of an all inclusive vacation package. Whether you pick a motor boat or sailboat charter you’ll be on the excursion of a lifetime.

Opportunities are you reserved your flight and hotel online or through a travel agent then anxiously awaited your holiday. You fly to a certain airport then perhaps rent a car to use public transportation.

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When travelling aboard a luxury motor yacht charter with crew in Sardinia the encounter is totally different. First and foremost you are not limited by geography and you also don’t need to be worried about reserving a hotel for every city you see. Your luxury suite travels with you along with your personal chef and butler. In addition to that, all of your closest friends and family can come along.

Luxurious yacht vacation packages that also include a flight to the departing port can range between weekend excursions round the world, as in the Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas to week long travels to the Mediterranean sea. Usually the Caribbean is reached via Miami and European Islands and those in the Mediterranean are reached by several different departure cities. The all inclusive excursion is yours for the designing. You pick where you will cease and how much time you’ll remain. There aren’t any other passengers to accommodate other than those you have invited so the choice is yours. 

Carribean? BVI? Seychelles? Maldives? No! What about a Sardinia Crewed Yacht Charter for your Luxury Holidays in 2017? 

The Tyrrhenian Sea is a sea place in the Mediterranean. It is located west of Italy, between the mainland as well as the islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica. In the northwest it borders with the Ligurian Sea, in the open Mediterranean it crosses over in the south as well as on the east and it’s joined through the Straits of Messina to the Ionian Sea. The sea has an area of 231,000 km ² and is about 3600 m deep. In the Tyrrhenian Sea there are a great number of isles. The Tuscan coast of Italy lies off, and consists of the main islands of Elba, Giglio, Giannutri, Monte Cristo, Capraia and Gorgona. There are also the tiny islands of Formiche di Grosseto, Meloria, Scoglio d’Affrica, Cerboli and Palmaiola . The Pontine Islands (Ponza Islands) are located on the southern shore of the Lazio area and are just a few miles away from Naples. The island group includes Ponza, Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene and Santo Stefano. Farther south, in front of the Gulf of Naples, are the islands of Ischia, Procida, Capri and Vivara. 

What’s It Like Aboard a Sardinia Crewed Yacht Charter?

Imagine the finest resort with the greatest restaurant in the city at your disposal 24/7 and you only begin to see the luxury of a privately crewed yacht charter Sardinia. Now you’re becoming nearer to the luxury of a private charter.

Accommodations are not the only aspect of luxury. Service that’s top notch and available around the clock increases the overall experience. A well trained and experienced crew is constantly at your disposal. This includes the skipper, a first mate, the finest chefs, and discretely efficient housekeeping services. After experiencing such service you will wish to take the crew house with you so that you can expand the luxury of this sort of journey. That’s what luxury yacht with crew Sardinia means. 

Make a date with high-end by taking an internet tour and reserving one of the finest sailing vessels on the sea. Your next excursion will be the standard by which all others are measured.



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