Santorini Yacht charter experience: Ultimate solution to your adventurous and dreamy vacation

It will not be incorrect to mention that famous poets have written spectacular poems about beauty of Santorini Island. This tiny Greek Island is a fantabulous example of beautiful sunsets, combinations of blue, red and gold colours which are soothing mergers under striking skies of Santorini. Who would not like to visit this beautiful island, especially when you have added-on adventurous water sports to enjoy with Santorini yacht charter experience?

But before you finalize your journey, let’s review Santorini yacht chartering of “The Pompeii of the Aegean”:


1.     Motor Yachts

Santorini Island is known as a dreamy destination because of the perfect romantic view from motor yachts. Booking private motor yachts lets the couples to experience some of the ultimate destinations like

  • Santorini Caldera
  • Ancient Thira
  • Vlychada Marina

And so on….

These places cherish your private and romantic moments and enhance your love towards each other with dreamy private yacht experience.

Some of the popular motor yachts in Santorini are:

  • Name: EVO Marine 76

Berths: 8

Price: 4,700 Euros

  • Name: Aicon 67

Berths: 8

Price: 3,700 Euros

  • Name: X-Treme

Berths: 6

Price: 4,200 Euros

[All these prices are in approximate figures]


2.     Day cruises

Daily cruise will enhance your Santorini yacht charter experience by visiting different islands of Santorini in Cyclades and Mykonos. This will entitle as a unique experience for visitors to cherish magical moments while enjoying cruise journey. From romantic beaches to the villages, visitors can complete their day around Santorini Caldera by fishing and diving in crystal clear waters surrounding this entire island.

Some of the options available in day cruise are:

  • Name: Charter M/Y Primatist 33

Berths: 6

Price: 2000 Euros per day

  • Name: M/Y Cruiser 560

Berths: 6

Price: 3,100 Euros per day

  • Name: Catamaran Day Cruise

Berths: 14

Price: 1,600 Euros per day

[All these prices of Santorini yacht chartering are in approximate figures]


3.     Sailing yachts

Sailing yachts in Santorini are perfectly suited for visitors who like to spend their vacations with some adventurous touch in the same. With availability of sailing yachts in Santorini, visitors can plan around with their knowledge and experience about yachts. From luxury sailing yachts to economical options, visitors will encounter their yacht journey from Aegean to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

  • Name: Chapter 4-Cabin Catamaran

Guests: 4-12

Price: 3,600 Euros

  • Name: Lagoon 500

Berths: 10

Price: 13,500 Euros

[All these prices are in approximate figures]


Honeymoon and wedding yacht experience

Well, this serves the most luxurious and expensive segment of Santorini yacht charter experience. As a matter of fact, Santorini Islands are famous for its natural winds and non-dominate nature of the same that allow tourists to visit this place at any time of the year. With such an amazing combination of magnificent segments, how cannot someone plan their honeymoon or wedding under the open sky on this island? The feeling of getting married at Santorini yacht charter is a dream of many couples in the world.

Even if you follow simple traditions and rituals of wedding, luxury is still served by the beauty of this island and crystal water witnessing such a pure and dreamy event.

Santorini yacht chartering journey generally involve these following activities as per the request of guests:

  • Private sunset tour
  • Catamaran sunset tour
  • Power Cat Sunset cruise

And such tours offer following features:

  • Luxurious indoors and outdoors areas
  • Two crew members
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Rick barbeque meal
  • Snorkelling Equipment
  • Master cabin and two cabins with king size beds

With mentioned activities and services provided by Santorini yacht chartering, every visitor leaves this place with unforgettable memories that will always cherish their mood. Who doesn’t want to spend their vacations amidst such rich natural beauty? With busy schedule and fast life of cities, individuals tend to forget that their life needs some alone time and a break too.

So, if you want to pursue that extra time for yourself and for your partner, then Santorini yacht charter experience will help you cherish the same. Do not miss this opportunity and rather book your favorite charter as per your requirement at the earliest. Once done, prepare your itinerary and make sure you visit all the amazing places. Give your photo frame kept on your desk a new picture and a memory of yacht charter in Santorini.



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