Sailing in Zakynthos for Creating Beautiful Memories

Known as the Flower of Levant, Zakynthos (nicknamed as Hyrie) forms the south-western footprints of the Greek mainland. With white sands providing precise contrast to the Prussian blue waters and embarking lush green foliage in the backdrop, Zakynthos is famous for transpiring a yachting dream into its deserved reality.



This Greek island is dubbed as the perfect destination for sailing enthusiasts. Sailing over alluring cerulean water and exploring the coast on a Zakynthos yacht charter or a sailboat is an experience which will be imprinted on the mind of an individual.

What makes this place a sailor’s paradise? To know, keep reading.

Ideal Weather for Sailing in Zakynthos:   

The sailing session starts from the month of April and ends in November. However, May to September is ideal for visiting.


The remarkable climate makes sailing in Zakynthos in a yacht, a sweet spot for tourists. The weather and wind condition is quite predictable and soothing, especially in the autumn and spring season.

Gentle winds blowing from the south-west side at a mild pace of 10 to 25knots around noon makes this place titillating, especially for people wanting to hire a yacht for a nice time with family and friends.

Places to Explore:

  • Shipwreck Bay

When sailing in Zakynthos, one should never miss an opportunity to visit Shipwreck Bay. The sandy bottom provides a good anchorage. This is an exposed cove which got the name from a Freightliner which is still there in the Navagio beach’s limestone gravel.


  • Blue Caves

Another world-famous place is the Blue Caves which is accessible only by boat. To reach there, an individual can anchor a yacht in the bay of Agios Nikolaos. While sailing in Zakynthos, one can watch loggerhead turtles travelling towards southern beaches, mainly to Laganas for laying eggs.


From Zakynthos to Other Beautiful Places:

What’s interesting is, one can charter boat in Kefalonia which is hardly 11.5 miles or 10 nautical miles. However, its capital Argostoli is about 40 nautical miles from Zakynthos.


Here, the village Fishkardo turned to an international center for yachting grasps the attention of tourists. Agia Efimia is another place that is known for its safe anchorage, attracts a lot of sailing crowd.

Spending Time with Loved Ones in the Ionian Sea:

The calm and clear water of the Ionian Sea is one of the safest places in this world for sailing. Moreover, the geographical placement and lushest beauty along the coast makes Zakynthos a unique and intriguing place to explore on a yacht.


Still thinking about renting a luxury yacht?

Don’t think anymore! Make plans today and avail the best Zakynthos yacht charter and create memories that will last a lifetime.



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