Sailing in Sardinia Has to be in Your Vacation List!

Sardinia yacht charter evokes a sense of euphoric bewilderment in the hearts of countless travel enthusiasts around the world.

With its pristine beaches where turquoise water washes one’s feet, Sardinia has been a favourite travel destination for the who’s who of Europe for centuries. It offers a gratifying experience with sprawling architecture and splendid natural allure augmenting each other.

Its multifarious ecosystem comprises –

  • Pearly white beaches
  • Dense forests
  • Sky-touching mountains

Sardinia is often fondly referred to as a ‘micro-continent’. You may stop over and relish all these wonderful offerings while sailing in Sardinia.

Your to-do list! Vessel options and places to go –

A more contemporary traveller will find a boat rental in Sardinia the best way to unravel the mysteries that this island has to offer.

Vessels –

  1. On that note, crewed or bareboat catamarans are the first things that immediately come to mind.
  2. Next to catamarans, motor yachts are also quite spacious and comfortable. They have been the chosen vessels of luxury and speed for travellers who come to experience cruising in Sardinia.
  3. Sailboats are the oldest modes of water transportation. The uncomplicated design and smooth operation of these vessels are significant contributors to their enduring popularity to this day.

Places –

Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is inarguably one of the most coveted travel destinations in Europe, with even celebrities flocking here in scores every year. However, that was not always the scenario even 50 years ago. Since then, some of the leading companies in Europe invested heavily in developing this virgin piece of aqua-centric beauty.

The scenic view is unparalleled with a gradient shift in the colour of the sea and stunning beaches, coves and inlets of Cala di Volpe, Golfo Del Pevero and Punta Capriccioli. Sailing in Sardinia through these breath-taking beaches is an experience of a lifetime.

Golfo Aranci

If you sail around 20 miles south of Costa Smeralda, you’ll find yourself on the shores of the gorgeous fisherman’s village of Golfo Aranci. It has all the conveniences of Costa Smeralda sans the hefty price tags. Golfo Aranci is known for its panoramic view of the sun-kissed waters of the Gulf of Olbia. The sunsets on its quaint beaches such as Cala Sabina and Spiaggia Bianca have arrested the hearts of one and all who have had the good fortune of spending an evening here. For the adventure seeking souls, scuba diving is also an attractive proposition. Furthermore, Golfo Aranci is one of the few places where you can watch a pod of bottleneck dolphins in their natural glory.


Located just off the northeast coast of Sardinia, the small island of Tavolara is an ideal place to end your epic naval journey on a boat rental in Sardinia. Although almost half of the island is restricted by military usage, the other half offers more than enough to keep you hooked for the entire day. Apart from its pearly white beaches, Tavolara is also quite well-known for its endemic flora and fauna reserves.

As this year comes to an end and you look forward to new beginning in the coming year, make sure you get boat charter Sardinia in your holiday list!



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