Sailing guide in Taormina you need before you start packing your bags

The ‘Sicilian Pearl of Europe’ – that’s how it is known to the world. Rich in grandeur and spectacular views, Taormina is a destination that will offer you beauty, culture, history and all the external elegances a magical place can possess. Located on Sicily’s eastern coast, this hilltop city is the neighbor of the active volcano, Mount Etna. Floating along Mediterranean waters will give you an ultimate experience of this magnificent picturesque. Here is your comprehensive sailing guide in Taormina, Sicily.

How are the yachting conditions Taormina?

The warm and pleasant Mediterranean weather makes it a favorite destination for nautical tourists across the globe. During summer, winds blow from NE or NW around the Aeolian Islands. However, you might sometimes encounter calm sea breezes from any direction.

Avoid sailing in winter months as strong gregale affects the entire island and it becomes unsafe on waters. Early summer and spring often welcome gales, so, sailors need to be careful with their itinerary during these seasons.

On the whole, yachting conditions Taormina are quite favorable if you visit this place on summers. There will be constant weather forecasts to ensure your safety.

What are the things you would see?

Here’s your list –

  • Ancient architecture including Greek and Roman buildings standing next to each other
  • Exquisite food at world famous restaurants
  • Beautiful churches
  • Wide variety of shops
  • Walls from the medieval era

Above all, the remarkable Greco-Roman Amphitheater, Teatro Antico di Taormina is a must see which is used even today.

#Do you know?

The romantic backdrop of this legendary amphitheater has inspired the pens of Truman Capote, D.H. Lawrence, Goethe, Ovid, and others. Most of their writings have the essence of Taormina.

In the words of Domenico Dolce,

“My favorite scent memory is the scent of the Sicilian sea.”

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Here’s a tentative Taormina sailing itinerary

Charter a yacht or a boat and start your sail from Isola Bella from central Taormina. The rhythm of splashing waves will take you towards your next stop, Grotta Azzurra. You’ll be fascinated, how the hue of blue can embellish a landscape.

Don’t forget to explore the rugged coastline of Capo Taormina. Next is the Gulf of Giardini Naxos where a dip in pristine waters of Grotto del Giorno will refresh your mood, health, and spirit. Your Taormina sailing itinerary must include all of these variant exquisites.

Continue to yacht along the coast of Bay of Mazzaro, Bay of Mermaids, finally coming back to the natural reserve, Isola Bella.

3 more points of interests on your Taormina sailing itinerary –

  1. Torre dell’Orogio – This clock tower is a major attraction of the city. While the structure was constructed in the 12th century, the clock dates back to 17th 
  2. Castelmola – A village to make you feel vintage. Castelmola is few of those places on Earth which offer the most incredible panoramic seascape and landscape. Besides, this place stands as a witness of history as Greeks, Arabs and Romans have conquered and left their marks during the past 2000 years.
  3. Morgana – Specialty of this lounge is that it gets a new look every year which is inspired by landscape, artisans and culture of Sicily. Make sure; you taste the amazing libations prepared using local ingredients of this island.

Prepare your Taormina sailing itinerary after a good research on the places so that you don’t miss any Sicilian trait.

More on sailing guide in Taormina:

Once you charter a yacht or boat, these are the major benefits you can enjoy.

  1. If you are interested in sailing, learn the basics on boats along the bays.
  2. The crew will offer delectable cuisines on board.
  3. You can relax and swim in crystal clear waters of the Med.
  4. No language barrier for international tourist. The crew is fluent in English.
  5. Expect ultimate luxury and comfort aboard.

You will get a variety of options to charter including sailboat, catamaran, crewed charter, bareboat, gullet, luxury yacht and more. These will also provide you with a sailing guide in Taormina.

Facilities on a luxury charter:

  • Cabins and berths
  • Air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi
  • Dinghy Dodger
  • BBQ
  • Bar
  • Safety gear
  • Life jackets
  • Flybridge
  • Equipment for fishing and watersports

Facilities and yachting conditions Taormina vary with different charters. Make sure to choose according to the number of guests you have and your budget.

Today, Taormina quenches the thirsts of modern wayfarer as well securely holds yesteryear’s luxury. Experience the poetic beauty of this place more during your visit with this sailing guide in Taormina.



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